Shawn Mullins "Beautiful Wreck"

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Music video for Shawn's song directed by Jake Hatley.

  1. This song just defines codependence.
  2. I feel sorry for the man who never had a woman this song epitomizes; gotta Love her, all the while knowing it isn't going to last and it isn't going going end well! " When you go too far. Beautiful Wreck you are!" You've never really been in Love!
  3. Love this ....Charles, Sorry no lyrics though !!!! 
  4. <3
  5. you know she's hot when she manlges her hair and she's still a 10
  6. I may have lost count , But I've never given up on you!
  7. :-)
  8. god i love this song...
  9. Love it - love him - love the video!
  10. To Shawn: Thank you Shawn, for the best memory I have of my friend Jessica the summer she Introduced me to you at your appearance at Ann Arbors "Summer Music Festival at Top of the Park" 2007 Your acoustic performance was and continues to be GREAT! I am glad to have found you! ( This time it was my 21 & 23 yo Daughters found you here!)
  11. I'm right to assume that the brunette in the 1st half is the same blonde in the 2nd half, right?
  12. 2:58 The chick is like, "this song blows. SHUT UP!" Haha
  13. @shumirules1 Who's lady gaga?
  14. @shumirules1 because he isn't a sellout, and with that said, the records execs don't push his music as hard like gaga and so on because he doesn't kiss ass.
  15. ♥ ∞ love ∞ ♥ ~ ♥ ∞ trust ∞ ♥
  16. This guy looks like Lieutenant Dan from Forest Gump...
  17. Another great singer nobody hears about! Not a one hit wonder after Lullaby. Just keeps getting better!
  18. I've lost count on the times I've given up on you.
  19. Shawn is too good not to be recognized...I love him and listen to him so very much...what is wrong with those people that can't do the same.....listen to public radio and independent radio... Find the best of the best....thumbs down to commercial radio!!!!!!
  20. god this song was made for my ex girlfriend...
  21. Shawn Mullins is an amazing singer songwriter.......this is one of my favorites.......reminds me of someone special in my life. One of my absolute favorite songs.......
  22. Oh, I'm just going to HAVE to borrow "persqueeter" some time!!! If I didn't have a bad back (I'm an Old, grateful to have been around when music sounded like MUSIC), I'd literally be ROTFL right now. LOLOL Thanks for the chuckle!
  23. Does anyone know who the hot blonde with the mohawk at the end of the vid is?
  24. This song doesn't come on my radio anymore. D: