She-Ra 200X

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A She-Ra based on the Masters of the universe 2002 series style with designs by members of This is a teaser of a fan project by myself for the fans. This was done with Toon Boom Digital Pro.

  1. Seeing this video always makes me shed a lonely tear for what could of been and for what who knows if it ever will be 😿
  2. ...................ok
  3. ikr y would they cancel the 200x show he-man and she-ra was my childhood favorite cartoon i had every single toy
  4. @SirMhytos most of the "remake" are shit! examples? he-man, V-series, Planet of Apes, Ford thunderbird 2002, Ford Cobra 2006 (ok this one is not the worst case), Bayformers, pyscho, and other. Just a few a acceptable and fewer better than the original. And He-Man is really between gay and steroids its really violent or non reason, th eoriginal one, was far better you will see with the pat of the years which one will keep on the generations minds! ,
  5. I had a She-Ra lunchbox when I was little... I wonder where that thing went? LOL
  6. slapper
  7. @SirMhytos new ideas my ass, looks like a over the top japanese anime
  8. @primohomme Again, the healing powers were cool, but the sword transforming wasn't that bright. At one point, she turned it into a net and threw it away! It was just too easy of a plot device. But again, I'm mainly talking about the companion characters. I guess its the fact that the show was aimed at the "My Little Pony" and "Barbie" crowd had quite a lot to do with it, but really, sometimes they were just too ... "lite" or something.
  9. hahahaha my sister loved this cartoon..and i he-man...sheeeesh what happened to cartoons and imagination? poor kids these days.
  10. great job,man!
  11. I used to love she-ra, it'd be interesting to see it redone like this XD
  12. Realmente me quedé con ganas de que introdujeran a She-ra y a unos cuantos personajes más en He-man 200X
  13. @skornd713 yeah I hear that... i hear thundercats is re booting...but for animated movie.. as for mazinger it was huge in japan and south america.. chck it out..kind of like gigantor.. GI joe was ehhhh but i agree...same as to watch but as a fan living through that time..i was disappointed.. at least we have the dark knight and the new superman reboot to look forward to.. : )
  14. @SirMhytos they never did and never will and i dont know if anyone know this but the reason He-Man got cancelled after 2 season was because when it premier it aired on Fridays on Toonami @ 6pm (if memory serves me right) and when they moved it to Saturdays well it fail in the ratings. this is the reason why i moved to anime...they have much better stories, they have a theme and better overall characters
  15. "by the power of the honor of grayscal" classic lines form epic cartoons..oh miss my childhood
  16. @TheGreatCommission79 This isn't the exactly the best cartoon of that age.. But this is still 100 times better then the shit that is on today. As I have a little sister at the age of 6, I'm forced to watch todays cartoons every now and again.
  17. @TheGreatCommission79 That's really funny, I'm in Best Buy the other day and was thinking the same thing, G.I. joe, He-Man, Transformers, everything up to Boy Meets World JUST in case I have kids....cause who the hell knows where tv will be in a few years from now, kids will be like what are Cartoons....god tv is sad.
  18. they should have put she-ra in the 2002 series, am i right?
  19. SHE RA SHE RA!!! LOL if they make a movie i want to be she ran lol ahahaha
  20. Whoever did this did an excellent job! I wish that they would do a remake of She-Ra using the new digital technology we have for shows. I am sure it will look awesome. This is just a teaser and it is pretty cool. Great Job!
  21. How I wish we could return to the simple days when He-man and She-ra ruled the box!!
  22. @TheGreatCommission79 u r extremely right !
  23. They were.The story was leading to the release of Hordak and the introduction of Princess Adora who was captain of the Horde army. She would have learned about her past, rebel against Hordak and become She-Ra. Unfortunately the series was canceled before all this.
  24. Im SHE-RA and i need sperm to rule!
  25. Ah...if only. a She-Ra remake would have been AWESOME.