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Oye, Israel: El Señor nuestro Dios, El Señor uno es. Dt 6:4

  1. adonai elohe
  2. check astrotheology in bible before you post comments 
  3. It´s so beautiful! 
  4. yafa tafa.. shloma yafa
  5. Father Yahweh I love you!!!
  6. :´)
  8. names of JESUS.,almighty,author and finisher,beloved,branch,bread of life,bridegroom,bright morning star,carpenter,chosen one,chief cornerstone,door,emmanuel/Immanuel,eternal father,faithful and true witness,first born,GOD,head of the church,high priest,apostle,holy one,hope,,image of the invisible GOD,JESUS,judge/ruler,KING of kings,lamb of GOD,Adonai,El,el elohe yisrael,el elyon,elohim,el el olam,el roi,el shaddai,JEHOVAH,YHWH.yah,or jah " I a'm",the one who is self-Existent one.
  9. Shemar Israel Adonay Eloheino Adonai Echad
  10. Sound like arab
  11. shalom ! kadosh kadosh kadosh
  12. Happy Jewish New Year to you and yours! ~:o)
  13. Shema Judio
  14. BEAUTIFUL!! ~~ Isaiah 53 ~ The Mashiach Yeshua is there atoning for sin!!
  15. Baruch Hashem Adonai Echad
  16. It is the most important prayer now and forever.
  17. YESHUA HAMASIACH is, was, and will ALWAYS BE THE YAHWEH ELOHIM. the LORD YESHUA is the LION of the TRIBE OF JUDAH and HE is, He was and will always Be THE KING of ISRAEL and KING of ALL KINGS. you are the child of the devil. you speak of BLASPHEMY...I rebuke you satana satanasos you have no power here or anywhere. you have been defeated and have been trampled on. get thee behind satan.
  18. JHWH ECHAD . Przepiękne