Show Me Your Genitals

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A song for the ladies by Jon Lajoie.

  1. +Rorschach Kovacs I bet V would say "show me your genitals" to any random man he sees.
  2. most famous 240p video
  3. >not understanding meta-humor
  4. NSFW If you have any self respect, you will not click this link. On the other hand, if your personal standards are more relaxed, and you are interested in seeing what may be the whitest rapper in the history of white rappers, feel free to click this. #IThinkHeMayBeCanadian #ThisIsWhatCanadiansAreLikeRight ? #NSFW
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  8. Its hard to not be controversial about this. Especially with hard-core females. XD
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  10. I wish feminists saw these videos!
  11. This is like blurred lines
  12. Every woman should hear this song its the truth
  13. This will be my wedding song
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  19. He made me cry
  20. Once a youtube sensation, now plays taco on The League :)
  21. Women are only good at three things: Cooking Cleaning Vaginas
  22. I garantee all the dislikes in this song are by Women 
  23. I have got to watch this video at least once per day. Knock knock, who's there? It's me, wondering why you're not naked. 
  24. This song made me discover this amazing comedian...bitch