Show Me Your Genitals

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A song for the ladies by Jon Lajoie.

  1. It's amazingly hilarious how offended people get at this video, when if you actually paid attention and watched interviews with Jon lajoie, you'd know that he was making fun of guys who are perverts and always think about sex, but people aren't intelligent enough to understand that....
  2. I'm a woman and this song is hilarious. It's obviously a parody of nasty guys who only want girls for sex. My friend and I sing this all the time and it's funny because it's actually how most guys think. He nailed it with this one 
  3. i would pay money to see the most hardcore feminist react to this.
  4. lol womans rights
  5. Joe Weller Anyone ???
  6. I was walking around my school saying "show me your genitals" to myself, and some random kid yelled "YO GENITALIA!!"
  7. 27,417 Feminists watched this video
  8. If you are a man and you think that way THUMBS UP!!!
  9. Bet he's swimming in it now xD
  10. Why cant you make fun of womens rights? Because you cant make fun of something that doesn't exist
  11. Even though I am all for feminism, This song makes me cry with laughter every single time I listen to it! Soooooo funny!
  12. Am I the only one who thinks he's dressed as quagmire ???
  13. Why are you idiots joking and making fun of feminists? Men.... -_-
  14. why is this video so fucking hilarious lmao god the internet is a great place. ppl need to learn that this was put intentionally as a joke. take a chill pill jeez lol
  15. 27,000 people are only good for 3 things: Cooking Cleaning vaginas 
  16. I was watching porn and randomly remembered this song lol. I hadn't seen it in over 5 years lol
  17. You need Jesus 
  18. I am a girl and I find this hilarious, all you woman's right people are just flame-y boys or bored girls it's obvious he isn't serious xD
  19. women are equal and deserve respect... just kidding they should suck my dick
  20. i just realized this is fucking TACO lmfaoooooooooo
  21. I agree, the only reason I have any say in anything is because of well massive vagina! SHOW ME THE KITCHEN!!! I MAKE A MEAN LASAGNE!!! MY FEMALE PARTS ARE THE BEST!!
  22. Like this guy would ever get a girl
  24. Just a reminder that I can do good sex to you.
  25. Fuck everyone who reads this.