Show Me Your Genitals

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A song for the ladies by Jon Lajoie.

  1. lol womans rights
  2. 27,417 Feminists watched this video
  3. The media brainwash is big on this one!! Am Christian BTW, so gaters you may hate! 
  4. +JonLajoie can I use this song as my official theme song sir? It fits so well with my personality for some reason, but I dont know why.
  5. Like this guy would ever get a girl
  6. Is this Taco from the League?
  7. Probably gonna get a lot of fucking hate for this but fuck it! This ones for you +Jazmine Lee enjoy!
  8. You need Jesus 
  9. Women are good for only 3 things: 1.Cooking 2.Cleaning and 3.Vaginas.
  10. Even though I'm a girl this is hilarious
  11. +Rorschach Kovacs I bet V would say "show me your genitals" to any random man he sees.
  12. is this the guy from the league?
  13. He probably has a small dick
  14. Wanna hear a joke ? Women's Rights hahahahahaha
  15. Send this video to your crush without context.
  16. Lol this guy never gets any
  17. xDD
  18. 27,000 people are only good for 3 things: Cooking Cleaning vaginas 
  19. I garantee all the dislikes in this song are by Women 
  20. I'm a woman and I think this is funny because he's obviously not serious.
  21. NSFW If you have any self respect, you will not click this link. On the other hand, if your personal standards are more relaxed, and you are interested in seeing what may be the whitest rapper in the history of white rappers, feel free to click this. #IThinkHeMayBeCanadian #ThisIsWhatCanadiansAreLikeRight ? #NSFW
  22. song name plz?
  23. I don't know if he was for real, or was trying to be funny 
  24. I just realized that this is taco from the league