Show Me Your Genitals

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A song for the ladies by Jon Lajoie.

  1. Rapeist Alert
  2. I'm offensive and I find this woman.
  3. No I don't have feelings, cuz feelings are gay 
  4. Its hard to not be controversial about this. Especially with hard-core females. XD
  5. to the person that said I wish feminists would see this, hello. I'm a feminist. obviously this is a joke and I can take a joke. if this was serious I would flip a table but it made me laugh
  6. I have got to watch this video at least once per day. Knock knock, who's there? It's me, wondering why you're not naked. 
  7. Women are stupid and I don't respect them, That's right I just have sex with 'em,
  8. thats so true...
  9. Holy shit people, He made this just to make people laugh. And I would say he did a pretty good job at it LMAO
  10. This is like blurred lines
  11. Preach.
  12. I wish feminists saw these videos!
  13. +damasta44 it's a joke you dumbfuck nigger.
  14. This video may be inappropriate for some users. I click on " I understand and wish to proceed." And still doesn't let me watch... 
  15. This song is just stupid. Half of it didn't even rhyme. It's a really poorly written poem made by an attention whore.
  16. People might get offendee by this, but the truth is, all men think like this deep inside. XD
  17. Sneak this song into a feminist convention....
  18. >not understanding meta-humor
  19. I cry everytime , this song just touches my heart
  20. I remember I came across this in high school back in 2008....Nostalgia
  21. 2011 memories
  22. Jesus Christ...GET OFF MY INTERNET!!!
  23. what are genitals?
  24. virgin
  25. Fucking middle school good times