Signal Urchin Rostrum - Solo Spanish Guitar -

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  1. i have see him before in San Francisco :D he was amazing, he played the most evolved
  2. I really like this, its different from what you usually play John. Er different picking..still awesome.
  3. i have an acostic guitar can i still learn all this type of guitaring on it??
  4. i think the name of the song is writen in latin
  5. by the way, this song is absolutely beautiful
  6. so true! ;D
  7. i listen to this song like 20 times in a row. i always post your videos on bulletins on myspace i LOVEEE how you play. :] its fantastic!!!!
  8. i agree 100% love it superb thank you for shareing with us:).
  9. You amaze me. You are an inspiration for an inept like myself to get off my arse and learn.
  10. Brilliant.
  11. Thank - you, John, for posting such a beautiful performance. This song wraps itself around me and comforts me. Of all the music saved to my favorites, yours are the songs I keep returning to. The way you make love to that guitar, your girlfriend must be jealous...
  12. ily!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Amen!
  14. kinda reminds me of Bach Prelude
  15. guitar takes me away .........................
  16. am going to dedicate this to a chick :) , might even learn to play it someday :)
  17. Why is he wearing HEADPHONES? What is he listening to as he plays?
  18. looool!!!! :)))))))))))
  19. Aww, you are so sweet, with that serious face and the enormous talent in your hands and your soul! ;-)
  20. Complimenti bellissimo valzer classico,eseguito egregiamente.Ciao!*****.
  21. You rock man, never give it up, you are a star.
  22. amazing stuff man!!
  23. @deyssler92 rest in peace to your father. may god be with him, and good luck on learning that, i am sure you will learn it fast :)
  24. amazing bro when i feels sad or angry. i listen your music :)
  25. I want to know how to play like this so i can play for a certain someone in my life :) and make her heart cry with happiness :)
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