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  1. "It sounds like" deadmau5. Well, "not exactly"... but it does...
  2. like if your watching in 2015 
  3. Like if you're watching in 2015.
  4. my favorite...and your? 
  5. I wish the vocals were him...he was a way better singer than she is =( and you can hear his vocals, too..
  6. Holy hell people, this is not "Dubstep" it is Progressive House. Skrillex has never made "Dubstep" he founded his own genre that is known as Brostep.
  7. Im watching this again in 2015. Anyone who watch this in 2015?
  8. Awesome
  9. This is soo beautifull!! im so happy skrillex made a dance song (dont get me wrong, i looove dubstep beats!!!) also, this song has ALOT of refrences from "kill everybody"
  10. I hate to be that guy but...I Miss This Skrillex
  11. Anyone notice the troll face 1:61 besides me?
  12. beautiful
  13. Este es el soundtrack de mym alk4pon3 :DDDDD
  14. Мемные дельфины сосут писюй
  15. one of the best from skrillex. enjoy it . share it. love it.
  16. Não conhecia essa música 
  17. yeaaaahhh
  18. Wow its not a 100% dubstep XD different :P
  19. Vou comentar em português pq n tem br nenhum nessa porr.a
  20. Nice to hear some nice and easygoing progressive house from Skrillex. I needed a break from that complex-electro-step he usually makes haha
  21. Como se llama este tipo de subjenero de la electronica? por favor ayudenme :(
  22. 69:69
  23. Love it :D
  24. this song rrminds me of my girlfreind
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