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  1. this song rrminds me of my girlfreind
  2. This isnt dubstep..
  3. This sounds like deadmau5.
  4. aqui é huehue br a zueira nunca acaba ;-;
  5. *kock knock knock* Penny? 
  6. name of the singer please!?
  7. 1.25 speed is great!
  8. Hey, I'm 16 and I produce dubstep and.... Hey, where you going? stop scrolling away damn it!
  9. I remember this sounding much better in my head. Is there any good remixes of this song?
  10. Dafaq llevo años escuchando esta musica y ni sabia que era de Skrillex .-. <3
  11. The beat is sick but song is really gay factor. 
  12. good~ -///-
  13. one of his best song... since a long time i wish a person ''opens up a little bit more'' with me :)
  14. My god so many adverts. Stop spamming people.
  15. show poha
  16. muy linda canción ojala sigan así chicos es una muy buena banda de dubstep!!!! xD
  17. The only thing that is sub par about this video... is the fact that 240p is the highest quality :/ 
  18. All i ask of you, all i ask of you, is to make sure that you lock the door.
  19. <3
  20. *knock knock knock* Penny! *knock knock knock* Penny! *knock knock knock* Penny!
  21. Sounds like Deadmau5's synths.
  22. 0.0, oh shit!! how did you draw that? shit looks realistic!!!!!!
  23. bye
  24. your welcome.
  25. Ahhh, ok. Me too : 8==_==D a penis cut off ...