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  1. Anyone notice the troll face 1:61 besides me?
  2. This is soo beautifull!! im so happy skrillex made a dance song (dont get me wrong, i looove dubstep beats!!!) also, this song has ALOT of refrences from "kill everybody"
  3. "It sounds like" deadmau5. Well, "not exactly"... but it does...
  4. my god, what happened to this skrillex? 
  5. holy crap 240p seriously skrillex.. cmon bro 
  6. this song is what everyone sends to me just because im penny thief -_-
  7. This isnt dubstep..
  8. The first 40 seconds sounds like kill EVERYBODY lol
  9. PennyBirdRabbit :3 <3 
  10. Like if your watching in 2015
  11. This song is absolutely horrible.
  12. Recuerdo hace tiempo que te prometi y todavia no lo he cumplido Todo lo que pido de ti........
  13. Holy hell people, this is not "Dubstep" it is Progressive House. Skrillex has never made "Dubstep" he founded his own genre that is known as Brostep.
  14. Skrillex is a fucking genius!
  15. I hate to be that guy but...I Miss This Skrillex
  16. hey yo skrillex this music is cool but you could ad a second "all i ask of you all i ask of you...just drop it up a little bit more..just drop it up a little bit mooore" one more time at the last one that penny sings
  17. This really is the only Skrillex song I can appreciate ^^ Great music for in the kitchen I can imagine... That's all I can say.
  18. WOOOOOW, That's amazing !!!!' <333333333333 Soooo beautiful <3
  19. There are more songs like these ? more calm and relaxed ?
  20. Love this song so much!!! But yall mind chhecking out my channel? I made a 2015 song c:
  21. +Skrillex what is your favorite song that you made so for and btw...i LOVE your music. Keep it up
  22. I've been hearing this song for years... Did Skrillex originially create this or is this a remix of some sort? :O
  23. FFS This is Skrillex after losing his erection. Turn it off NOW !!!!!
  24. This is actually one of my favorite songs from the album itself. I think Sonny did a very nice job with the Audio and EQing :)
  25. I like this song actually it's more for females then males but it's nice to listen to with your girl while your by the fire place.its very calming and romantic in my perspective tbh