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  1. this song rrminds me of my girlfreind
  2. This is soo beautifull!! im so happy skrillex made a dance song (dont get me wrong, i looove dubstep beats!!!) also, this song has ALOT of refrences from "kill everybody"
  3. "It sounds like" deadmau5. Well, "not exactly"... but it does...
  4. This isnt dubstep..
  5. Penny is Sirah?
  6. This sounds like deadmau5.
  7. *kock knock knock* Penny? 
  8. aqui é huehue br a zueira nunca acaba ;-;
  9. this song is what everyone sends to me just because im penny thief -_-
  10. name of the singer please!?
  11. my god, what happened to this skrillex? 
  12. This is actually one of my favorite songs from the album itself. I think Sonny did a very nice job with the Audio and EQing :)
  13. For some reason, listening to this whole ep now is like instant nostalgia...
  14. I've been hearing this song for years... Did Skrillex originially create this or is this a remix of some sort? :O
  15. This song makes me feel good vibes. Skrillex, you're the best! 
  16. 1.25 speed is great!
  17. Hey, I'm 16 and I produce dubstep and.... Hey, where you going? stop scrolling away damn it!
  18. I remember this sounding much better in my head. Is there any good remixes of this song?
  19. This really is the only Skrillex song I can appreciate ^^ Great music for in the kitchen I can imagine... That's all I can say.
  20. Dafaq llevo años escuchando esta musica y ni sabia que era de Skrillex .-. <3
  21. The sound at the beginning is from kill everybody
  22. The beat is sick but song is really gay factor. 
  23. good~ -///-
  24. one of his best song... since a long time i wish a person ''opens up a little bit more'' with me :)