Sleeping sphynx kitten! Tracy Hosfelt Tracy Hoss

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Baby boy sleep walking upside down Tracy Hosfelt Tracy Hoss

  1. Wonder what that sweet little baby is dreaming about?
  2. Que es eso ???
  3. Okay it's a little creepy, however they are awesome cats very social & lovable.
  4. Why does youtube recommend me videos of malformed people near the sphynx ones?
  5. Your cat looks like an alien from area 51
  6. it looks like the monster from pan's labyrinth
  7. but this is the future of humanity.nuclear science has destroyed us.
  8. He looks so cold - can u buy him some cloths? and baby blankets? 
  9. Looks like the turkey we had for Thanksgiving.
  10. adesso e un brutto anatroccolo poi diventerà bello
  11. freaky is a soft word in this case...
  12. That is such an ugly cat.
  14. they are n o t ugly. only people with evil responses are
  15. cute!
  16. What are you doing
  17. That is one and only maybe one ugly cat
  18. 快来看看YouTube上的这个视频吧p
  19. An Alien?
  21. i belive this cat is one of the most awful things in the earth plz kill it XD
  22. that looks nothing like a cat
  23. the cat looks so derpy
  24. Who wants a cat slash alien 
  25. Did I say I loved *ALL* cats?
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