Sleeping sphynx kitten! Tracy Hosfelt Tracy Hoss

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Baby boy sleep walking upside down Tracy Hosfelt Tracy Hoss

  2. Зародыш Яценюка.
  3. it looks like the monster from pan's labyrinth
  4. maybe some one fuck the dog
  5. Shave your kity and this is what lies beneath, heheh.
  6. I can't decide if this thing is cute or ugly, hmmm. #caturday 
  7. Happy Caturday everyone! #Caturday
  8. This cat should be put down, Theirs something seriously wrong with it if it doesn't have fur. Its clearly suffering. 
  9. what the hell
  10. hairless,looks creepy.
  11. I want one of these!!! nununu :D
  12. Фу фу фу фу 
  13. Haha the cats dick looks like a persons dick haha xD
  14. Wonder what that sweet little baby is dreaming about?
  15. why does it look like its half a cat half a human?
  16. what is this fuckness?
  17. Bet he looks sweet the other way up:) Are these cats really anti allergy or is that a myth?
  18. Ugh.
  19. It may LOOK gross to some. BUT if LOOKS is all you go after u might as well Marry the Devil herself. LOOKS are not the inside the personality. This cat is probably super sweet just like some UGALY people. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder I see the BEAUTY in this kitty :)) 
  20. Soo cute :) :(
  21. cute little hairless pussy
  22. i belive this cat is one of the most awful things in the earth plz kill it XD
  23. Young Yoda sleeping.
  24. aaaawwwwww!no animal is ever ugly!even the most hideous are gorgeous!and this little kitteh is so beautiful!he's so cute!i'd like to have one!i heard they get skin problems if not taken care of properly!is that true!aaawww