Sleeping sphynx kitten! Tracy Hosfelt Tracy Hoss

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Baby boy sleep walking upside down Tracy Hosfelt Tracy Hoss

  1. Why is it inside out?
  2. Why does youtube recommend me videos of malformed people near the sphynx ones?
  3. Stop breeding cat without fur. It's cruelty to animals. Fur is very precious to kitties.
  4. He looks so cold - can u buy him some cloths? and baby blankets? 
  5. Your cat looks like an alien from area 51
  6. "Kill me pls" 
  7. that cat is really ugly
  8. it looks like the monster from pan's labyrinth
  9. like a drunken ET
  10. Okay it's a little creepy, however they are awesome cats very social & lovable.
  11. Lord Beerus?!?
  12. Sphynx is like a baby so cute. I love this.
  13. 快来看看YouTube上的这个视频吧p
  14. cute!
  15. He Dreams of being a Dancer!!!
  16. the cat looks so derpy
  18. so cute :3. but without his ears showing it looks a little like an alien lol
  20. adesso e un brutto anatroccolo poi diventerà bello
  21. ježiš to je jak holátko
  22. Зародыш Яценюка.
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