Snow White-Heigh Ho-(French 2001)

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hear the dwarfs in French!

  1. Ay, Jalisco no te rajes! 1:12
  2. Oh it is really nice in Frenvh!! I loved also the Greek version!!!!!!!
  3. It's : "Hey ho! Hey ho! Rolala ;)
  4. they don't say "shit"! they say "pioche". It means "dig up" and then they say "he ho"
  5. Hole? are you guys serious? I laughed, but they miss the "LE" of hole to be complete, and their Hey is: "Hé"
  6. @tymail707 why pay em, they got a big diamond mine all to themselves. THEY'RE RICH!!
  7. я бы не хотел чтобы мне по еблу настучал ишак... честно не хотел бы
  8. lol A hole
  9. Can you post the Italian version?????
  10. hahahahaha!! a-hole!! LMFAO!
  11. eh hole? eh hole eh hole? hell hole in 3 line of heigh hh? hmmmm so confusing well goodjob tho uploading french version from the DVD or idk where
  12. LOL the french version is funny.
  13. Whaha :p never heard it in french! love it :) i have the dutch version if u like to hear :)
  14. good
  15. I didnt the title at first and I was wondering why I was only understanding some of it lol
  16. na chuj im te diamenty?
  17. французы же тоже чурки значит
  18. A Hole! On rentre du boulot! It just beggars belief! This is gross! C'est bien la premiere fois que j'ai ecoute la version francaise - et je dois dire que j'ai presque pete la vessie en l'ecoutant. Dieu soit loue qu'on nous a jamais passe ce film dans le cours de francais!!!
  19. It sounds like a Disney song o.0 Did some work on its dub job huh?
  20. I like the english version better
  22. 1:19 he says a hoe!!
  23. plin de souvenir j'avais 5 ans quand je regardait sa
  24. @rorokub And they marching down to get a bit of the lady ;)
  25. I love the French version sooooo much