Snow White - With a Smile and a Song (Japanese)

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The Japanese version of With a Smile and a Song. Did I already say that I love Snow White's japanese voice :3?

  1. omg she sounds perfect
  2. Orginal Launguege is best
  3. She sounds like a loving mom <3
  4. cute voice^^
  5. Snow White's voice sounds so innocent. It reminds me a lot of Her English voice. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know when this movie was first released in Japan? I know it came out in America in 1937, so it must have been released internationally a few years later, right?
  6. Who's the actress as Snow White???
  7. Can someone please post it in English! I think I like this song, its just I havent heard it in Enlish for so long!
  8. American-made movie+Japanese voice actors= EPIC WIN
  9. COOL!
  10. OMG! She does a FANTASTIC Japanese version!!!! Who is that doing it?
  11. wow she sounds a lot like snow white,shirley temple xD
  12. i love her voice^^
  13. I grew up to this movie. it was my childhood favorite and she is my favorite princess ever since. I still have her dress and cape :)
  14. When she's like "Oh!" at the that the English version? It sounds JUST like her... On another note, this Snow White is...ridiculously cute.
  15. Well, this got Japanese dubbed in 1958. I guess (but I'm not sure) it was their first Disney movie. Then they dubbed Sleeping Beauty in 1960 and Cinderella in 1961 :)
  16. ザ 声 平らか 其れ故 余程 立派. 麿 恋仲 イット!
  17. Snow is my favorite princess. ^^ This language version is extremely well done. I love the Japanese voices they got.
  18. look up dandeliondarkangel she has it
  19. Snow White's Japanese voice is very cute...
  20. She sounds amazingly like the English Snow White.
  21. Oh, is so cute, but the best version is in portugues (Brazil)
  22. wow what a beautiful voice
  23. love she
  24. so weird hearing this in a non-anime cartoon
  25. her voice sounds like an incent litle girls voice.