Somebody I used to know - Walk off the Earth playback

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Thank you to Walk Off the Earth & Gotye You inspired us a lot ;) Funny outtakes at the end :-) Actors : Léa , Léane , Louis, Evan and Noam I wanted to THANK YOU all for your nice comments, Kids are so happy for this unpredictable success. You warm our heart.

  1. so adorable ! ^^
  2. epic fail.
  3. this is fuckin stupid and dude ur creepy ur surrounded by children...settle down M.J......
  4. Génial!!
  5. do a metal song next.
  6. I'm not one for stopping people having their opinions, but if you dont like this video... turn it off!! If my kids ending up demonstrating this type of fun and willingness to have a laugh together and actually be rather cool then i would be a proud father!
  7. You are telling little kids that are just being kids to kill themselves. I think we can all see what kind of person you are!
  8. Ha ha !!! Good show ... Love Mo xx
  9. Fake kid dongs
  10. Dies sheiss ist so schlecht! XD
  11. She was closing her eyes until her bit because that's what the lady on the original did x
  12. Guy on right nailed it
  13. Awesome!!!! Should have put a beard on the kid on the right!!! LOL One million views is incredible... Great Job..
  14. that kid is about to cry he is being forced to sing or no playtime
  15. Almost 1,000,000
  16. being a fan of WOTE you guys's bastardization is so fucking stupid I can't hold my dinner down. Take your kids somewhere and leave us out of it
  17. You do realize that one of the people in this video is obviously ill and that this is a touching moment they took to have fun and it just totally went over your head because you are oblivious, tactless and must not have a heart.
  18. you are stupid ;)
  19. the grown man forced them to do it i just know it!
  20. O'RLY
  21. 50% are cool people 50% are cunts
  22. father with cigarett in his mouth bad example
  23. Brilliant vid. Your family are lovely!!
  24. yeah? you don't say?
  25. бред