Somebody That I Used to Know - (Gold Digger Remix) - Slow Children Crossing

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Slow Children Crossing perform a cover of Walk of the Earth's "Somebody that I used to know" cover of Gotye's "Somebody that I used to know" using five people on one guitar and Kanye West's "Gold Digger". We would like to thank Walk Off The Earth, Gotye and Kimbra, Kanye West and Jamie Foxx for writing such a beautiful song if you have not heard their Music please go and check them out. Please help us share this by posting it on your FaceBook and Twitter. If you enjoyed this video then.... Hit the "Like" button" Add it to your Favorites and of cuorse Sub to our channel if you haven't already Check out SCC on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Performers from left to right: Tiffany Thomas Saudia Rashed Brett J Butler Alem Sapp Destini Meshack Extra Tages: Walk off the earth wote slow children crossing scc kanye west gold digger

  1. The Beard Guy girl gets it dead on.
  2. I think this might be the best parody of this song that ive seen so far :D good on you !!
  3. umm they're a sketch comedy troupe
  4. :D
  5. hahahaha!!! this was funnnnyy
  6. i hope everyone knows that they arent playing...
  7. jajajaj
  8. garbage. wtf go do something useful
  9. somebody get do the klincky noise!!!!
  10. Pretty people, talented people, ugly song.
  11. q primos.. no tocan ni ellos la guitarra. ;)
  12. Vous chantez trop mal
  13. @VeggieScope "You're wrong". Uh, no, I'm not. They are clearly light skinned black people, dumbass.
  14. slow is about the only accurate part of the title.
  15. ummm guys its a parody....its a comedy group called slow children crossing..............seriously? are you all retarded?
  16. как можно пониматьтакие иероглифы? ахаха
  17. yeah fuck you february 13th
  18. lol, girl on the right is about 10 mins behind.
  19. we need tony! he does the clinky noise!
  20. This is incredibly bad.
  21. Err , are you guys trying to act like Walk Off The Earth? ._.
  22. this shit is hella funny
  23. Chick on the far right is cute. :)
  24. Lmao theyyyy're not really playing are they x)... And I love the chick too the far right.. She seems like she's enjoying herself x)
  25. 你们睡醒了没有啊???