Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye and Walk off the Earth Together (Side by Side Comparison)

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After hearing Walk off the Earth's cover of Gotye's song (with Kimbra) Somebody That I Used to Know - I was curious at how close they actually were to each other... great cover of a great song. ⇦ Stereo Left is WOTE/Sarah Blackwood. Stereo Right is Gotye/Kimbra ⇨ Gotye's Film of the song: Walk off the Earth's Version: Gotye, WOTE, Walk off the Earth, Side by Side Comparison, together, overlaid, wote, gotye, Somebody That I Used to Know, Kimbra, Sarah Blackwood, mix, stereo, same time, wote/gotye, gotye/wote, SarahBlackwood, cover, edit, comparison

  1. This song WILL NOT leave me alone! :S
  2. This is so cool :D...
  3. nice !!
  4. wow!
  5. Nice camouflage, but only if you are trapped in a weird future triangle word. Loved the sining though ;)
  6. I think gotye sang it better
  7. You guys are really good at doing song impressions you guys like the song it self
  8. The viral video that everybody loves just got more viral-er...
  9. +Gordon Murphy - thought you might find this interesting.. !
  10. Songs I like !
  11. 2 compare, love it now we have 7 people for one song
  13. Watch this video I made combining two peoples videos. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye and Walk off the Earth
  14. Both versions of *Somebody That I Used to Know* at the same time!
  15. Exactly what i was looking for, thank you!
  16. I love this version than this either of these. And could hear the difference by using earphone. Love them!
  17. @3:04 Best part by far
  18. muito bom
  19. someone must have you hate list for epicness.
  20. Cool! Nice job!
  21. actually if you write "gotye somebody i used to know walk off the earth comparison" you can find it. I know it sounds a bit weird though :D
  22. excelente trabajo!!!! (good job)
  23. DUETS!;P
  24. A group of Americans VS. Australians... Funny
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