Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye and Walk off the Earth Together (Side by Side Comparison)

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After hearing Walk off the Earth's cover of Gotye's song (with Kimbra) Somebody That I Used to Know - I was curious at how close they actually were to each other... great cover of a great song. ⇦ Stereo Left is WOTE/Sarah Blackwood. Stereo Right is Gotye/Kimbra ⇨ Gotye's Film of the song: Walk off the Earth's Version: Gotye, WOTE, Walk off the Earth, Side by Side Comparison, together, overlaid, wote, gotye, Somebody That I Used to Know, Kimbra, Sarah Blackwood, mix, stereo, same time, wote/gotye, gotye/wote, SarahBlackwood, cover, edit, comparison

  1. This song WILL NOT leave me alone! :S
  2. This is so cool :D...
  3. nice !!
  4. wow!
  5. Nice camouflage, but only if you are trapped in a weird future triangle word. Loved the sining though ;)
  6. I think gotye sang it better
  7. You guys are really good at doing song impressions you guys like the song it self
  8. Songs I like !
  9. The viral video that everybody loves just got more viral-er...
  10. +Gordon Murphy - thought you might find this interesting.. !
  11. 2 compare, love it now we have 7 people for one song
  12. Watch this video I made combining two peoples videos. Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye and Walk off the Earth
  13. Both versions of *Somebody That I Used to Know* at the same time!
  15. Exactly what i was looking for, thank you!
  16. I love this version than this either of these. And could hear the difference by using earphone. Love them!
  17. @3:04 Best part by far
  18. muito bom
  19. someone must have you hate list for epicness.
  20. Cool! Nice job!
  21. actually if you write "gotye somebody i used to know walk off the earth comparison" you can find it. I know it sounds a bit weird though :D
  22. excelente trabajo!!!! (good job)
  23. DUETS!;P
  24. A group of Americans VS. Australians... Funny
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