Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye Guitar Lesson Todd Downing

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This is an easy way to play Somebody That I Used to Know on guitar. Check out my 2nd channel tdowning1111 for more lessons. You Rock!!!!!

  1. just remove the capo and do all the cords, tho turn those A into Bb. that's it. That capo there is just to play it simpler.
  2. Thank you for showing the techniques step by step! That is really helpful for a newbie like me. You break it down nicely.
  3. Can you please turn up the volume when recording. Thank you
  4. without the capo it's just INTRO: D C 1ST VERSE: D C CHORUS: D-C-Bb-D
  5. You fall in love bro
  6. Your gonna kill the guitar dude :P
  7. @theaustinwestergom made it its own. just like his music.
  8. you make the best videos! :) Thanks for the quick lessons, :) You're the best
  9. Every day a cool lesson for us. THX a lot. With best regards from Cologne, GERMANY. HG
  10. I'm in love. You have an amazing voice
  11. I'm sorry but you have ruined your guitar dude
  12. is that a robert cray strat behind you?!
  13. pretty good job dude :)
  14. @TheAustinWestergom thats exactly what i was going to say ! lol!
  15. @smallpaperplane Guitar and piano are my best. Uke is third best and after that I can kind of play violin and viola, harmonica, banjo and bass guitar.
  16. Hi could you do a tutorial on Fair fight by The Fray?
  17. Coworker told me about this song today. Thank you for posting how to play. :p
  18. What the hell did you do to your guitar?
  19. you're awesome man
  20. Thanks!!! I absolutely love this song! It's great how you came up close to show what you were playing. Unlike others. :)
  21. Cheers!
  22. nice Guitar mate
  23. do plastic and metal string make difference cuz i got a guitar with plastic and one with metal?
  24. i've seen a lot of your videos and just wondering how many instruments can you play? you're awesome and keep posting
  25. do you wanna kill your guitar !? nice job dude :D