Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye Guitar Lesson Todd Downing

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This is an easy way to play Somebody That I Used to Know on guitar. Check out my 2nd channel tdowning1111 for more lessons. You Rock!!!!!

  1. poor guitar!
  2. just remove the capo and do all the cords, tho turn those A into Bb. that's it. That capo there is just to play it simpler.
  3. Thank you for showing the techniques step by step! That is really helpful for a newbie like me. You break it down nicely.
  4. dude my name is grace and i think its cool that u named ur guitar that and ur videos help me sooooo much ur a really good teacher i go to u for guitar, ukulele, and piano u make hard sounds simple keep doing what ur doing!
  5. Can you please turn up the volume when recording. Thank you
  6. without the capo it's just INTRO: D C 1ST VERSE: D C CHORUS: D-C-Bb-D
  7. You fall in love bro
  8. Your gonna kill the guitar dude :P
  9. @theaustinwestergom made it its own. just like his music.
  10. you make the best videos! :) Thanks for the quick lessons, :) You're the best
  11. Every day a cool lesson for us. THX a lot. With best regards from Cologne, GERMANY. HG
  12. I'm in love. You have an amazing voice
  13. I'm sorry but you have ruined your guitar dude
  14. is that a robert cray strat behind you?!
  15. pretty good job dude :)
  16. @TheAustinWestergom thats exactly what i was going to say ! lol!
  17. @smallpaperplane Guitar and piano are my best. Uke is third best and after that I can kind of play violin and viola, harmonica, banjo and bass guitar.
  18. Hi could you do a tutorial on Fair fight by The Fray?
  19. Coworker told me about this song today. Thank you for posting how to play. :p
  20. What the hell did you do to your guitar?
  21. you're awesome man
  22. Thanks!!! I absolutely love this song! It's great how you came up close to show what you were playing. Unlike others. :)
  23. Cheers!
  24. nice Guitar mate
  25. do plastic and metal string make difference cuz i got a guitar with plastic and one with metal?