South Carolina Cockfighting Bust

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Vote for our YouTube Channel to win a Webby Award! The Humane Society of the United States' Animal Fighting and Cruelty campaign assisted Greenville County Sheriff's Department on what is perhaps the largest operational cockfighting pit in that state.

  1. The University of South Carolina's mascot is the fighting gamecock. 
  2. Gamefowl Fighting doesnt meet the statutory definition of animal cruelty relative to other activities,arguably more egregious,that r currently protected by the law.The Humanr Slaughter Act of 1958 specifically excludes poultry from humane slaughter requirements
  3. look out KFC lol . what assholes chicken fights are a way of life in our nation . its sad some fag gets pms and trys to take more than his cock in his mouth
  4. The same people thinking this is cruel think that abortion aka jamming scissors into the back of an unborn babies brain or burning it to death with gases is a perfectly legitimate medical procedure. Long live cockfighting and PISS ON THE HSUS!!!!
  5. It's what there breed to do and have been for more that 3,000 year. There not trained to do that! 
  6. Long. Live cock fighting ! All the way from south Texas!
  7. Any cocker knows that there is nothing cruel about it. Those birds get cared for better than most humans. And anyone opposed to the use of gaffs and knives have never seen a naked heel fight. Naked Heel fights using the birds natural spurs are brutal- The birds will be so mutilated, and beaten that by the time the fight is over you will want to just kill your bird out of a sense of mercy. Artificial spurs keep the birds suffering to a minimum while the birds do what they naturally do- fight.
  8. I see nothing wrong with this.
  9. Game cocks are bred to fight
  10. What about the chicken that we buy in the market, they only live up to 45 days or less, while these rooster can live up to five years with love and care. Ship these birds to the Philippines can sell them from $200.00 to $500.00 each.
  11. idiotfest in the comments as usual. the great debate never fails me.
  12. Why do People gat mad that's are Mexican culture. What's more important birds or humans going to war hu
  13. The real tragedy here is so much wasted police resource on a handful of CHICKENS!. What a joke.
  14. This is so sad :(
  15. . The portrait of TEABAGGERS in South Carolina.! .
  16. The hsus deosnt care for these rooster.they put them down. If eny state would legalize cockfighting they would make millions of tax money that is needed for a lot of things
  17. "As long as the Almighty has permitted intelligent men, created in his likeness to fight in public and kill each other while the world looks on approvingly, it's not for me to deprive the chickens of the same privilege." Abraham Lincoln
  18. humane society dont know about caring animals, they kill them
  19. nothing is wrong with it they are not making the roosters fight and it is legal in thailand and all throughout asia 
  20. Animals are property. They do not have rights in the way humans have rights. They only have protections that humans afford them. Even though I am squeamish watching this stuff, I see no reason why roosters deserve any special protections. This is a great example of government making criminals out of people who are not harming anyone else.
  21. 1st,cruelty assertions r completely unfounded.Cockfighting has been stereotyped as an inhumane bloodsport amounting to animal cruelty.Nothing could b further from the truth.Gamefowl cannot b forced or trained to fight.They r genetically predisposed to fight.We r not discussing dogs.It is perfectly legal to feed a baby chick to a snake and film the carnage.
  22. Bunch of losers... they should focus their efforts on more serious problems in America!!. Cock fighting is like LAST on the list!. They're just stupid chickens!... they're plentiful!.
  23. cockfighting is nearly as old as man, why make something like this illegal, isnt it illegal for these humane society pricks to trespass on peoples land and find gamecocks, and what do they do with the rescued roosters... they kill em all... lets legalize cockfighting and keep these city girls off our land....
  24. you are a moron if you think this is 'natural' what so ever, okay yes maybe cocks do fight, but how is it natural if you are strapping knifes to their legs so they can butcher each other! the reason these birds get put down there an then is because they have no chance of getting rehabilitated or in general being a pet because they are aggressive towards other cocks, you're all idiots to be quite honest!
  25. god bless the raiders --- please lock these criminals up !! society is not going to take this cruelty anymore !! it's the same crime rate as pedophilia !!