South Carolina Cockfighting Bust

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The Humane Society of the United States' Animal Fighting and Cruelty campaign assisted Greenville County Sheriff's Department on what is perhaps the largest operational cockfighting pit in that state.

  1. All what govemernt want is their piece of the pie.. they can't stand people making money and not pay taxes on it.
  2. in the philippines cockfighting is legal. 
  3. It's a coulter
  4. Sadly, all of these fighting roosters will be put down. Such beautiful birds bred for this is just cruel.
  5. Animals fighting is disgusting, if you don't think so you have psychological problems, some humans are sick twisted monsters!
  6. All animal forced fighting is cruel, scum bag low life pieces of sewer dirt, need locking away for years
  7. the sport of schmucks
  8. Animals still have feelings :/ whether it's roosters chickens or even bugs ! 
  9. KFC tipped the cops. All they wanted was more chickens!
  10. Where could you find cocks or hybreed roosterrz that they are friendss..thats is the instinct kinds of the birds.they fight
  11. here we saw a spontaneously fight:
  12. aint no rehab for a game cock born to fight till death 
  13. Our founding fathers of this country were cockfighting. You guys should be more concentrated on dog fighting. Where dogs are train and bred to fight. 
  14. it kills me to see comments on here about how its so cruel and the birds get killed. The humane society takes them and kills them when they are confiscated. How are they helping this so cold problem. The food you consume in your mouth is treated way worse then these birds will ever be. Gamefowl are not cramped in pens so tight that they barely can shit out an egg, but your eggs you get from the store come from this type of situation. Male birds that are on an egg farm are grinded up the day they are sexed because to the company they are no value other than added to the feed that in return mixed back in for consumption of other fowl. Gamefowl are put on the best of food and in reality live longer than the chickens you feed your face with, because a meat chicken is only alive till 2-4 months then slaughtered. People need to ask them selves, would I rather be a Game cock or a meat chicken bacause a gamecock. I dont know about you but I know what I would decide.
  15. This topic never end!
  16. You guys are idiots people don't make roosters fight, they pretty much do it on their own, it's instinct. They fight all the time in wild. And if you ask me the living conditions of fighting roosters are a lot better than the ones in a farm, they also tend to live longer, I would know cause I have raised my own.
  17. Roosters fight naturally. Its in they're blood. How many chickens die a year just to be eaten. Humans dont train roosters to fight. 
  18. Hmm, I was a bit surprised with how seriously these people are against cockfighting. I mean we eat chicken with no problem. But I would like to respect their view. I guess it would depend on the country where we are raised. Cockfighting was introduced by Spanish in my country. I only have a problem with cockfighting because it contributes to the communities problem with gambling.
  19. cockfighting isnt even a cruel thing. you gotta respect that some do it because its a cultural practice. the way they butcher animals for food is worse than cockfighting.
  20. omg you guys are crazy what do u think when ur fat ass if eating chicken nugets
  21. I'm with you Jay Bird
  22. Fine rooster were born to fight even if you dont want them to fight they will still fighting.and what the police is going to do with them they are goin to kill them.
  23. That must be painful