Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable instrument!

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This is the link to his homepage: http://www.hanginbalance.com/ His cool Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/hedgemonkeya Go to my channel for more videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/Andyax/featured I found this guy playing along "Karl Johan" street in Oslo (Norway) with an unbelievable instrument! The sound coming out from that thing was amazing. I have never seen anything like this before. Update: Thanks for the comments that explained the instrument. It's called PANArt Hang. The guy playing this Hang is called Daniel Waples :)

  1. Nice,isn't it:)
  2. I be the keeps his weed in there :)
  3. these are called 'HANG DRUMS' as u may know.They just started making them in sweeden barely 10 yrs ago.They can run from 3000-7000 dollars each but WELL worth it if your craft is percussion.You can book solo gigs at small bar/grill's,etc..venues that are small & dont want the kinda volume a full band would bring,Still theyre just a havent been enough made to find a really good deal on say a used one-i got lucky & through guitar center found a guy who was moving back to europe & didnt want to have to haul it back.STILL you can find 'hangdrum' settings on Korg's 'wavedrum',roland v-drums,yamaha spd's,the 'octopad'-or the best elec pad on the market for 1000 buck's 'the mandala' pad designed by Danny Carey of Tool-you tube it,if i had it to do over i'd probably buy one of these instead of hangdrum,tablas,cajon drum,etc.
  4. No, this guy caught a rare Musical Spaceship. Its been known to be the Almighty Musical UFO. LOL
  5. Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable …: http://youtu.be/mS8eipuXYWg
  6. Thats really E.T. inside that spaceship playing that music. Then he flips it over and E.T is like WTF???? then flips it back over and he plays music again. LOL
  7. Этот человек очень позитивен, я улыбалась, когда слушала это и смотрела :)
  9. I know what that instrument was. One was the UFO while the other one was the mystical hamburger available at McDonald's for 5$.
  10. Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable instrument!: http://youtu.be/mS8eipuXYWg
  11. Fantastic. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Hang Drum with a tambourine.
  13. What the bloody hell is this man doing with a dustbin lid, get your hair cut. Bring back national service.
  14. and when he touchs the floor with his right foot he makes a special sound
  15. 1. Take big wok 2. tablespoon of canola oil 3. heat to 180 degrees 4. throw in half cup of popping corn 5. Same outcome
  16. E.T. wants his ride back. :) But seriously, he is a hell of a musician! Bravo, dude!
  17. So, you may have seen one of these already. The Hang (yes, that's what it's called) is probably my favorite new instrument (it was developed in 2000). It's basically a steel drum flipped upside down, enclosed, and played by banging it with your fingers. There's a good number of YouTube videos using this instrument, but this one is nice and short and is a great example of how the instrument is played. Also, apparently if you're white, wearing a knitted bag on your head is a prerequisite (watch enough of the videos and you'll see what I mean). Anyway, I ran across this video again while going down the YouTube rabbit hole and thought I share. Enjoy.
  18. I was wondering what happened to our wok ...
  19. looks like that dude from tesseract lol cant spell his name
  20. I have listened to this video many times for many reasons and it is always wonderful, always lifts my spirits. I thank the Gods that this man shared his talents with us all. You bring light to the darkness. Thank you!
  21. the car beeping at 0:46 kind of goes with the music
  22. where do i get one of these i am a drummer and want one so bad.... can anyone help
  23. beautiful
  24. *something new* Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable …: http://youtu.be/mS8eipuXYWg
  25. look up the price of a hang drum , it will make you go whaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!??????