Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable instrument!

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This is the link to his homepage: http://www.hanginbalance.com/ His cool Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/hedgemonkeya Go to my channel for more videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/Andyax/featured I found this guy playing along "Karl Johan" street in Oslo (Norway) with an unbelievable instrument! The sound coming out from that thing was amazing. I have never seen anything like this before. Update: Thanks for the comments that explained the instrument. It's called PANArt Hang. The guy playing this Hang is called Daniel Waples :)

  1. So, you may have seen one of these already. The Hang (yes, that's what it's called) is probably my favorite new instrument (it was developed in 2000). It's basically a steel drum flipped upside down, enclosed, and played by banging it with your fingers. There's a good number of YouTube videos using this instrument, but this one is nice and short and is a great example of how the instrument is played. Also, apparently if you're white, wearing a knitted bag on your head is a prerequisite (watch enough of the videos and you'll see what I mean). Anyway, I ran across this video again while going down the YouTube rabbit hole and thought I share. Enjoy.
  2. What the bloody hell is this man doing with a dustbin lid, get your hair cut. Bring back national service.
  3. What kind of instrument is that
  4. not sure how good this is considering i haven't seen it before so no idea of the difficulty lol. he looks so happy.
  5. i love his hat! and nice smile too! very nice!
  6. I be the keeps his weed in there :)
  7. wtf is this clown doing ahahahaha
  8. No, this guy caught a rare Musical Spaceship. Its been known to be the Almighty Musical UFO. LOL
  9. This is not unbelievable at all I totally believe it But in all seriousness it's just an upside-down steel drum it's cool but not all that special
  10. good
  11. You were in Norway in some of these shoots right?
  12. El Hang es un instrumento hecho a mano en Suiza por una pareja, que sólo producen una cierta cantidad cada año.
  13. This instrument is called a Hang Drum. It's a new modern instrument hand made in Switzerland and it costs 1500€ because they don't make many .
  14. Video was too short
  15. I know what that instrument was. One was the UFO while the other one was the mystical hamburger available at McDonald's for 5$.
  16. Anyone happen to know the name of the song?
  17. I love musical street performers :) 
  18. what is that epic thing called? that sounds great!
  19. maybe there's still an alien inside this flying saucer !
  20. I love his dimples as well as his music :)
  21. Name of the song??
  22. wonderful music!
  23. Now, get a haircut and get a real job.
  24. Leave that turtle alone
  25. This is Space Drum..!!