Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable instrument!

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This is the link to his homepage: http://www.hanginbalance.com/ His cool Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/hedgemonkeya Go to my channel for more videos! http://www.youtube.com/user/Andyax/featured I found this guy playing along "Karl Johan" street in Oslo (Norway) with an unbelievable instrument! The sound coming out from that thing was amazing. I have never seen anything like this before. Update: Thanks for the comments that explained the instrument. It's called PANArt Hang. The guy playing this Hang is called Daniel Waples :)

  1. I didn't know you could play a UFO.
  2. Nice,isn't it:)
  3. Thats really E.T. inside that spaceship playing that music. Then he flips it over and E.T is like WTF???? then flips it back over and he plays music again. LOL
  4. Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable …: http://youtu.be/mS8eipuXYWg
  5. I be the keeps his weed in there :)
  6. Where I can buy exactly same hang? Tell me, please! It's important for me!
  7. *something new* Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable …: http://youtu.be/mS8eipuXYWg
  8. I know what that instrument was. One was the UFO while the other one was the mystical hamburger available at McDonald's for 5$.
  9. What the bloody hell is this man doing with a dustbin lid, get your hair cut. Bring back national service.
  10. This is not unbelievable at all I totally believe it But in all seriousness it's just an upside-down steel drum it's cool but not all that special
  11. Daniel Waples, street musician with unbelievable …: http://youtu.be/mS8eipuXYWg
  13. Belíssimo:)
  14. such a nice spirit…full of love and joy! Namaste brother
  15. Me quiero casar con él. Soy de Mexico, papacito!!! 
  16. Incredible!
  17. i love his hat! and nice smile too! very nice!
  18. 1. Take big wok 2. tablespoon of canola oil 3. heat to 180 degrees 4. throw in half cup of popping corn 5. Same outcome
  19. beautiful
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