Sugarland - Tonight: Amex UNSTAGED

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Sugarland performing the song "Tonight" from the album The Incredible Machine in New York City, October 18, 2010. Directed by Kenny Ortega. Part of UNSTAGED, an original series from American Express in partnership with YouTube and VEVO.

  1. Magnificent. 
  2. I will be seeing them in concert again in less than a month. I am so excited!!!! Sugarland is the soundtrack to my life <3
  3. @sugarwendyland109 its a tatto!
  4. I've seen Sugarland three times. The first time was with the orginal three. I have to say that Jennifer has been amazing each and every time. Her voice is unlike anybody's in music. She is so talented. What is so great about there music is we all can relate to there songs. The song I relate to the most is Make Me Believe. Take time and listen to this song we all live in that song.
  5. superb voice bought this cd today to put on my ipod for my forthcoming holiday and i love it never heard of her before think i saw a clip on uk tv
  6. Sugarland u are awesome! Amazing voice & amazing guitar!
  8. so glad i found this song. its been doing my head in as to what it actually was, its constantly played on co-op radio where i work!!!
  9. loving this song, i can see it being a soundtrack to a big movie :-)
  10. ahhhhhh wow Jen you do my heart wild
  11. @MsChemicalEngineer yep ill send you a link where you can stream it oh and her tattoo is the word believe :)
  12. @MsChemicalEngineer that tatoo on Jen's left wrist is the word believe.
  13. I Love Her and His
  14. @mastermyx Jennifer Nettles doesn't need auto tune...she is one of the best in the business. She proved it as she sang over Rihanna a few weeks ago. The only other female artist I have heard sing live as well as her is Melissa Etheridge.
  15. hey rinxsessh, your a hater and the idiot.
  16. gosh, her singing gives me chills :) i love this song
  18. and she's hot too
  19. Sugarland, Have a concert in Singapore! You guys are awesome [In Rocker Tone]!!
  20. Sugarland is so much ........
  21. the clock is ticking 4 2 night
  22. nice body
  23. @Rss122 Well, I guess I'm still caught into the song by...(can you guess?) it starts with her v
  24. Thank you for this beautiful music. What a pleasure listening to you guys. WOW.
  25. Hummmm...I watched the Red Dress version of Jennifer singing this same song and loved it. But this time....that's right ...this time...I couldn't help falling in love with her. You see my friends....Sugarland Is How I Roll....!!!