Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo

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  1. Whoever idea was it to have a shirtless Leeteuk I say thank you, thank you so much mate!
  2. tbh this video made me realize my bias was kyuhyun WHEN I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES
  3. 61,992,557 Suju is the best! #BonamanaTo100M 
  4. Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo:
  5. Super Junior Bonamana 63,543,772 #BonamanaTo100M #ThankU_Sungmin S2 #WewillwaitforSungmin #WillwaitforyouSungmin Forever!
  6. 2015 still watching this 🙊❤ #BestKpopSong
  7. I am now officially a SJ fan !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 64.081.832..... Fighting #ELF 😘
  9. شو رائيكم هاي اغنيت اختي المفضلة واكييييييييييد اغنيتي الي امووووووووووووووووووت عليهة ودوني طالع يموووووووووت
  10. I was just jamming to this and singing then my mom came in and said "STOP WATCHING GAY PORN." then my brother came in and said "your a gay faggot for watching k-pop." should i kill them?
  11. (I'm not an ELF) Fuckin' hell it took me forever to work out that it's Heechul behind the ridiculously long fringe :-P xD
  12. #superjunior mi vida #oppashermosos 
  13. Nobody seems to understand that if you post all of these comments asking SuJu fans to watch their videos ON their videos, you're not going to get anywhere. If anyone sees these comments, they've already watched the video.
  14. The video, the choreography is amazing! The beat! My Ryeowook oppa looks so freaking great in this video!! ❤️ Super Junior
  15. My new best friend introduced me to K-pop a few weeks ago and when she showed me Super Junior I started getting addicted to them XD the first song I listened to was Mr. Simple and the first one who caught my eye was Ryeowook because of his voice and adorable look (he kinda has a baby face) of course i didn't know their names then so i looked up in Google and it took me a few hours to memorize them XD for the voices, i can only recognise Kyuhyun's and Ryeowook's but when I listened to other songs, such as Sexy, Free & Simple, No other, Mamacita, Spy and many more, Kyuhyun's voice caught my heart and he's now my bias! Anyway, this song is my favourite of Super Junior. I just love the beat, the dance, everything! And I love Kyu's parts in this :D
  16. IDK why, but the beginning reminds me of Bollywood even though this is not even close to Bollywood music. xD Anyways I'm a new fan heh. Still learning the names, but I already decided my bias...Ryeowook. :3 So hey. :D
  17. Buenas noches unnies, disfruten de esta cancion de SUJU que me encanta
  18. 63 842 042
  19. Super Junior bias? My (ultimate) bias is Siwon <3 
  20. Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo:
  22. This songnis horrible and its already flop I can tell by the song.
  23. 1:46 Huele a zapato...
  24. ELf if u want to increase the views follow theses steps: -Download Google chrome -Then press Ctrl shift and N it will take you to a secret page -Go on youtube (Don't sign in) -Watch the video 720p HD volume more then 50 -WATCH IT UNTIL THE END NO PAUSING -When finish close the page and open another one if you want to watch it again
  25. Whats heechul doing these days? 
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