Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo

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  1. K-POP Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo
  2. What with Korean Bands and huge groups. FIVE is enough.
  3. You can thank African American's for your Kpop and Korean Hip Hop songs, African American's started R&B and Hip Hop and Rock And Roll. Don't believe me? look it up. I love Kpop though but I'm giving credit to where it all started, the origin. 
  4. que videos de shinee y super junior me recomiendan, y que otros grupos me recomiendan ver
  5. Where's Henry? Or I'd he in a diff group? Solo? Watttttttt?
  6. I love love this song the first time I heard the super junior 
  7. in 2014 and i still freaking love this song <3<3
  8. whos the guy at 1:07?? Is that Shindong? Im new to super junior.
  9. Hola la verdad es q soy nueva y todavia no me considero una ELF ya casi 3 años q conosco el k-pop pero nunca vi SUJU ¿Me podrian pasar algunas canciones?
  10. can you tell me whats every ones position in SJ please 
  11. Name of the boy who sings at the beginning and the guy who sings at 0:54 - 1:02 ???? pm me, thanks :D 
  12. Guys I'm too late >.< this song is 4 years old and I'm barley getting into k-pop >.<
  13. can we make it too 100k ELF’s? yes we can...
  14. Are you guys waiting for this 7 comeback?! I've been watching the teasers, the pictures are promising! let's show them our support! 
  15. did kyuhyun say weiner at 1:00 :')
  16. Who's singing at 3:07??? Please tell me ;--;
  17. 4 year have passed but it still my fav ever ! #elf *-*
  18. who's the guy wearing the slip/"skirt" or whatever it is
  19. The more I hear this song, the more it has something about it that reminds me somehow of shinee's ring ding dong. It's driving me crazy! Is it just me?
  20. SJ DAY!
  21. No offense I like super junior ,but in this video they look like singing,dancing,good looking vampires
  22. DAMN! that was 4 years ago.. i remeber when i used to dance in this and singing it but now i don't even remeber the right lyrics.
  23. Listening to this bring backs the memories.
  24. i still like this song most
  25. @Nina wherever Lo mismo opino, en especial Superman porque creo que es como el himno de Super Junior. También otros como A-cha, It's You y los demás que tienen pocas visitas :c Apoyemos en Super Junior-M también. GOGO ELF
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