Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo

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  2. tbh this video made me realize my bias was kyuhyun WHEN I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES
  3. 🐯 And This was The first Kpop Boygroup MV/Song that I really liked, and first Kpop Song from a boygroup that I downloaded lol ☆ *Super Junior_Bonamana* this Song is So Awesome!
  4. at 1:00 he said i will insert my wiener ??
  5. elfs lets increase the views ok^^
  6. IDK why, but the beginning reminds me of Bollywood even though this is not even close to Bollywood music. xD Anyways I'm a new fan heh. Still learning the names, but I already decided my bias...Ryeowook. :3 So hey. :D
  7. Super Junior bias? My (ultimate) bias is Siwon <3 
  8. Hahaha bons tempos ♥ Só gostei de SUJU msm depois que ouvi essa música!!eu amo tds as roupas desse mv!
  9. (I'm not an ELF) Fuckin' hell it took me forever to work out that it's Heechul behind the ridiculously long fringe :-P xD
  10. Those cheekbones...
  11. You can stole the crown from the Kings, but you can't erase the fact that the Kings deserve to win. Album Selling Charts can't fool people. Our motive is to let the Kings know they are not alone, to erase all their doubt about us leaving them for younger group, that we are still here to believe, support, love and protect them. I believe we have achieved that. And I hope there won't be any "ELF, please don't leave us" talk again. I have no regret spending all my money for 7JIBs nor regret spending my time viewing MV non stop and voting. You can stole the Kings crown but remember, karma does happen. One day, the crown will come back to their rightful owner. Just you wait... ‪#‎ELFareStillHere‬ cr: fb 
  12. SUJU love ya <3 <3
  14. 61,081,144 #BonamanaTo100M #LoveSuperJunior 
  16. this song has 58mil views,wow was this song really popular at the time?,what was suju most popular song when released?
  17. I was just jamming to this and singing then my mom came in and said "STOP WATCHING GAY PORN." then my brother came in and said "your a gay faggot for watching k-pop." should i kill them?
  18. Ahhhhh My eunhyuk is amazing in this video
  19. I love to dance their way they actually talented and wonderful melodies songs 
  20. 0:38 nigahiga?!
  21. Now those boys know the can sing .I hope they come out with another album soon I gonna have to get there songs .
  22. This is by far one of the most awesome dance step/choreography ever! :) #kyuhyun all the way!
  23. I really love this song, should I put it? It feels rather cheap. Even I could shoot in a room and angle light at my head for a music video.
  24. aaah this brings back so many memories!! back in 2011 i was 13 and in 7th grade and this was the second k-pop song I ever heard, the first being SHINee's Lucifer...ahh I love SuJu so much!! Im 17 and in 11th grade now but I still love this song... so many great memories!
  25. i remember watching this video a few days ago and I only recognized Donghae, Ryeowook, Heechul, Kyuhyun and Siwon. I didn't know who Leeteuk or Yesung were (I always confused them xD) and I never knew who Euhnyuk were and I also was like "wtf is wrong with his name why so difficult", and now he became my bia, even tho I like Heechul a lot too.
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