Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo

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  1. I was just jamming to this and singing then my mom came in and said "STOP WATCHING GAY PORN." then my brother came in and said "your a gay faggot for watching k-pop." should i kill them?
  2. I really love this song, should I put it? It feels rather cheap. Even I could shoot in a room and angle light at my head for a music video.
  3. near 60M. Huza. Fighting! #BonamanaTo100MViews 
  4. BALLS TO YOU BALLS TO YOU N*GGER SEE ME NOW This song sounds so racist XD
  5. K-POP Super Junior(슈퍼주니어) _ BONAMANA(미인아) _ MusicVideo
  6. Uuuhmm they killed it? Like a lot? I cant handle it? Suju owmahgaahd!
  7. i like Korean music but i never understood why so many members were needed 
  8. Leeteuk looks like light yagami from death note
  9. Just me when listen to this song can't do anything except sing it?
  10. tbh this video made me realize my bias was kyuhyun WHEN I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES
  11. 59.035,525....woohoo!!
  12. Its 2014 and this is still my favorite suju song XD
  14. Hello E.L.F Are You Guys Sleeping WTF Why Don't You Vote On Super Junior On😡😡 And Suport Them Why are they only have one thing for best Male Groep and They are 5á6 On the Suport List So plz GO and Vote We Still Have 14 Days to Go!!!!!
  15. Guys I'm too late >.< this song is 4 years old and I'm barley getting into k-pop >.<
  16. Hola la verdad es q soy nueva y todavia no me considero una ELF ya casi 3 años q conosco el k-pop pero nunca vi SUJU ¿Me podrian pasar algunas canciones?
  17. at 1:00 he said i will insert my wiener ??
  18. How nice to see Yesung with other guys
  19. the best part start at 3:00 <3 and that slide kyuhyun <3 #ForeverELF
  20. this song has 58mil views,wow was this song really popular at the time?,what was suju most popular song when released?
  21. I LOVEEEE this song, do y'all have any other recommendations for songs by them that have a similar style? I'm new to Super Junior. I'm mainly a Shawol :)
  22. love the song~<3
  23. Where was Kangin in this?
  24. @Nina wherever Lo mismo opino, en especial Superman porque creo que es como el himno de Super Junior. También otros como A-cha, It's You y los demás que tienen pocas visitas :c Apoyemos en Super Junior-M también. GOGO ELF
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