Susan Boyle performs Duet with Elaine Paige ( 13th / Dec / 09 )

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Susan Boyle fulfills her dream of singing with her musical idol Elaine Paige, performing a live Duet on an ITV television show, hosted by Piers Morgan " Susan Boyle's Story " charts her rise to fame..... ( NEW ) ( Screen Date: 13th / December / 2009 )

  1. SUSAN BOYLE a modern time CINDERELLA !!! and that too a REALITY rathar than a FANTASY !!!
  2. I think her face is not important but her voice her heart is more important. So i dont like many ppl said she's ugly.. u know u should close ur eyes 'n open ur heart to hear.
  3. How beautiful Susans dream comes true wow she's amazing :)
  4. OMG Why is she so ugly? Was she burned badly as a child?
  5. These haters are only hating on Susan bc theyre jealous of her and they themselves know that they're shit compared to Susan. Do people need to be pretty to be on stage? Why care only about looks? Being talented is 1000000x more important and better than just having mere good looks. 
  6. This is interesting. On Susan Boyles bgt audition she got so much hate in the comment section jur because of her looks. Someone said 'poor susan did hrr face get burned in acid as a child?' And replyed 'all i am saying is she is very vey very very very ugly, what's her singing got to do with it?' Now that she is 'better made up' as they say, people love her not just because of her voice and don't think her a joke like they used to. Why are people of the earth so judgemental over looks?
  7. She is so damn fat and ugly that she lives on a farm and sleeps on a pile of straw in her own shit and piss.
  8. Susan is very brave to appear on stage with her disfigured appearance. Her 'Quasimodo' like looks are quite offensive. 
  9. To the trolls : Hmm, lets see here, she started off with barely anything, and now, has made MILLIONS, and is a successful performer. And, so, YOU do WHAT now for a living? Hmmm..... Oh wait --- I know what u do for a living: you cyber bully people that you feel are more successful than u are in your own life, and feel that by bullying them your making a statement that your life is miserable ! That must make u sickos feel better doesn't it? Not for long. You cannot stand that others are more happier that u are!!! Instead of being happy for her, you need to bring people down to experience your own dam misery. You sickos find that entertaining doing what your doing. That says a lot about the kind of person you are and less about Susan. Keep typing nasty stuff about others behind your keyboards, cause remember employers read them and will know exactly the kind of person they wont hire. Nuff said.
  10. 本物のプロ歌手のElaine Paigeと同じ舞台に並べると、如何にSusan Boyleが下手糞で歌唱の何たるかが理解できてないことが良く判る良い動画だ。能無しSimon Cowellの考えた事だろうが、Susanが一時のお騒がせ女で終わったのが、手に取る様に理解できる。Kiri te Kanawaの言った通りに為ったな。今はSusan Boyleも田舎へ引っ込んで、近所の住人から訴えられる本当のお騒がせおばさんに為って仕舞ったね。Susan Boyleを褒めた人達は歌手の良否が全く分からない人達ですね。
  11. their voices blended so well. what a treat to be able to continue to listen and see them. A dream fulfilled for Susan.
  12. OMG Susans face is so very ugly.
  13. She's glowing...being on stage with her idol. Sad her mother couldn't see that beautiful moment in her life!
  14. Two beautiful women singing absolutely amazingly!
  15. Hihetetlen szep hang !!! gratulalok !!!
  16. Melodin från SCHESS Benno Adersson o Björn Ulveus!
  17. A beautiful arrangement for two beautiful and talented ladies!
  18. Darn it!!! I am fast running out of tears here. After the Susan Boyle audition to singing with the legend Elaine Paige, I am totally blown away. WOW, what more can I say?????
  19. Brilliant video. I hope Susan is around for many years to come.
  20. Susan is so lucky. At 53 y/o after her musical success she has found a boyfriend. Good things come to those who wait, aye? So happy for her!
  21. Susan Boyle I know, but who is Elane Paige?
  22. I love this song it's 1 of my fav songs 
  23. For those bothered by the comments made by trolls just report those comments via youtube report feature. And don’t step down to the troll’s level by making remarks about them. The whole reason they make those remarks is to fill up the comment section with people bad mouthing one another to the point that the comments is all about hateful remarks and nothing about the performance of the artists on the video.
  24. Dear LORD what an amazing duet really true VOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. People shut up! She's beautiful and no man is no good for her! She's perfect and beautiful! So what are you doing now? Reading this and arguing an 11 year old girl? Go on! Bash me! I don't care! You are the ones who are very ugly, out and in!
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