Susan Boyle performs Duet with Elaine Paige ( 13th / Dec / 09 )

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Susan Boyle fulfills her dream of singing with her musical idol Elaine Paige, performing a live Duet on an ITV television show, hosted by Piers Morgan " Susan Boyle's Story " charts her rise to fame..... ( NEW ) ( Screen Date: 13th / December / 2009 )

  1. T_T Wow..
  2. With a tear in my eye-I still find the man in me to say that Elaine Still looks Foxy!
  3. Wait, who's who?
  4. Lovely, but it's clear Elaine is the BIGGER better singer.
  5. and she become more famous than Ellen Paige
  6. Who is that person singing with Susan Boyle? lol
  7. While I love Susan Boyle her timing was significantly off...and at first I was like eh, not bad...but it happened over and over.
  8. it's inspiring how Susan said when she auditioned she'd like to be like Elaine Paige and now you see them up there singing together! 
  9. Am I the only one staring at susans extra chin?
  10. nope no nope nope nope nah nope ugh nopeee
  11. Dream come true.....nobody knows what's happen in future....only God knows....
  12. susan is just a tad to fast. only talking a tenth of a second.
  13. Susan Boyle is a true hero for the masses. LOVE HER!!!!
  14. This is absolutely beautiful. Btw, could somebody tell me what song this is? 
  15. From the begging she wanted to be famous like Elaine Page and here she is getting her dream come true <3 truly inspiring to me.
  16. Elaine Paige has the privilege to sing amoungh Susan Boyle!!!
  17. Voices so crystal clear! Beautiful! I love Susan and now a fan of Elaine!
  18. Susan lights up hope to all ordinary looking people in the world.
  19. This was so nice. Whitney Houston sang this with her mother Cissy Houston once.
  20. SUPER...magnificent..need to record together....
  21. utbbers, u susan is not a model BUT she has the voice of an angel.
  22. So beautiful love you ladies from Kuwait
  23. For my Friends...
  24. I almost feel like I'm hearing this for the first time all over again. What a dream come true for Susan and she is so deserving. She's gone through so much in her life, was bullied, had unkind and untrue things said about her, and it makes me wonder, don't those fools feel great about themselves now!! Who has the last laugh? Yeah, Susan does, but she's a lady so she would probably remain kind hearted towards them.
  25. Susan was singing ahead of the music only becasue she must have been terribly nervous...remember she is singing with her idol...give her some slack guys!!!
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