Susan Boyle performs Duet with Elaine Paige ( 13th / Dec / 09 )

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Susan Boyle fulfills her dream of singing with her musical idol Elaine Paige, performing a live Duet on an ITV television show, hosted by Piers Morgan " Susan Boyle's Story " charts her rise to fame..... ( NEW ) ( Screen Date: 13th / December / 2009 )

  1. I think she's very natural looking and comfy. And has the voice of an angel.
  2. To the trolls : Hmm, lets see here, she started off with barely anything, and now, has made MILLIONS, and is a successful performer. And, so, YOU do WHAT now for a living? Hmmm..... Oh wait --- I know what u do for a living: you cyber bully people that you feel are more successful than u are in your own life, and feel that by bullying them your making a statement that your life is miserable ! That must make u sickos feel better doesn't it? Not for long. You cannot stand that others are more happier that u are!!! Instead of being happy for her, you need to bring people down to experience your own dam misery. You sickos find that entertaining doing what your doing. That says a lot about the kind of person you are and less about Susan. Keep typing nasty stuff about others behind your keyboards, cause remember employers read them and will know exactly the kind of person they wont hire. Nuff said.
  3. SUSAN BOYLE a modern time CINDERELLA !!! and that too a REALITY rathar than a FANTASY !!!
  4. I think her face is not important but her voice her heart is more important. So i dont like many ppl said she's ugly.. u know u should close ur eyes 'n open ur heart to hear.
  5. .......why all the hateful comments towards Susan Boyle..........??.......jealousy perhaps........because she has fulfilled her lifelong dream and the haters cant bear to see her so happy?????????????????................GO F@\K YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. She is so damn fat and ugly that she lives on a farm and sleeps on a pile of straw in her own shit and piss.
  7. Both ladies beautiful heartfelt singing!! xx
  8. Susan-buziaki z POLSKI!!
  9. Susan Much much better voice oh hell yes,so so naturel ,and she is as a person just adorable,and she is still the woman from that little village,xx
  10. How beautiful Susans dream comes true wow she's amazing :)
  11. OMG Why is she so ugly? Was she burned badly as a child?
  12. Why do people care so much about her looks, the title "Susan Boyle performs Duet with Elaine Paige" doesn't mean she's modeling with her.
  13. Susan is very brave to appear on stage with her disfigured appearance. Her 'Quasimodo' like looks are quite offensive. 
  14. Susan , I love your music, however I am a human being I would love to meet you, may be you could make my wish come true, we come from a similar back ground, so I know what it's like to be stigmatised. I have a beautiful flat in London and garden , if you are ever in the area you are more than welcome to stay with me, as lol ng as it's not for more than two weeks As I do like my own company,I'm very happy that you are now so successful , however I also do have vamoues friends, what I love about you . Is that you wear your heart on your sleeve , you have a great personality , and yes you are real, lol Always,FRANK 07549832728' lol
  15. its funny because she said in her audition that she wanted to be as succesful as Elaine Page. and here she is...
  16. To all the one's who made fun of her and bullied her and said to her she would be nothing, i guess she has the last laugh.. You go Susan 
  17. magnifique talent
  18. This is so heartwarming. When people first saw her they doubted her talents and then she gets the chance to sing a duet with her idol. <3
  19. Wow she looks good amazing singer
  20. This is my first time hearing Elaine Paige, and my opinion from this first exposure is... Susan Boyle is a *much* better singer... She had better control here from what I heard, and had a crisper and clearer voice than Paige, as well. It's ironic that Boyle always dreamed of singing with Paige, but appears to have been better than her all along. 
  21. Susan Boyle's voice actually makes me cry
  22. Elaine Paige and Susan Boyle wow I love you both. What beautiful voices!!!!
  23. Why do i cry when i see this!? Well first the beautiful Elaine...eah i am gay but my god what a beautiful woman, Sings like an angel. Then Susan to sings and so warm and a real lady to. This was heaven to me. Thankyou girls <3
  24. me older ladyt..we love that..
  25. Susan boyle, natural performance i ever heard in this world. When u singing is like an angel down from the heaven. Good job susan boyle from me ur biggest fans in Indonesia
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