Wyclef Jean - Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) ft. Akon, Lil Wayne, Niia

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Music video by Wyclef Jean featuring Akon, Lil Wayne, and Niia performing Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill). (c) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

  1. Best song ever❤️❤️❤️
  2. imma tell u, like WU told me? Who is WU?
  3. I used to love this song when I was 7.
  4. the good hiphop exists
  5. Wu Tang reference, Cash Rules Everything Around Me CREAM
  6. "Cash rules everything around me" ..
  7. lol at the end, thats why you dont fuck with Hatians 
  8. As a kid, when this came out, I had nooo idea wat it was about, but it was my most favorite song ever. Lls
  9. back when Weezy was true to rapping...
  10. the autotune makes my ears hurt...ew
  11. if you miss real music like this, check me out... I'm no wyclef, but my mom did grow up with him in haiti haha. Cheers - iCEE
  12. # 2 / 3 More Wyclef
  13. 952 are deaf
  14. SHE USED TO RUN TRACK AT THE HIGH SCHOOL, NOW SHE TRICKS AT THE TRACK RIGHT BY SCHOOL. Been listening to rap my entire life, absolutely, unequivocally one of the best lines ever. Fuckin Phenomenal
  15. Where in the world is Akon
  16. Rip good music
  17. <3 <3
  18. I love money get paid cash rules every thang around me blood 
  19. 2:05 best part of the song , akons voice makes this song 10000x better 
  20. these are photos of Ayabonga "0.3" , South African name meaning they (her parents) are grateful 
  21. I've search this song for like 2-3 years . i finally found it!! :D
  22. If only they would replace lil wendy with K-rino this would be even more fia.
  23. Still love this song, Cash rules everything around me