Wyclef Jean - Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) ft. Akon, Lil Wayne, Niia

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Music video by Wyclef Jean featuring Akon, Lil Wayne, and Niia performing Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill). (c) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

  1. I haven't heard this song in ages!! Brings back good childhood memories:) 
  2. Why are all of yall hating on lil wayne? if you actually listen to his verse it fits into the song perfectly
  3. Beautiful... this is the first word I could think of when I heard this masterpiece. People need to stop sleeping on Weezy. I know he has his bad moments but when he is his beast mode... he makes legendary music like this. Oh yea, wycleaf and akon did there thing as well
  4. This is so much better than those twerking talentless hoes you seen in every fucking video now.
  5. This song reminds me of the time when I was deployed to Afghanistan and got hit up with my ex with a Skype chat to tell me she's been cheating on me and she was pregnant by another guy she just recently met. She said she was falling in love with me before I left. But how was she in love when distance tempted her to go out and sleep with another man. Females will stay faithful with you until they are tested with temptation and thats when you will lose them.
  6. 2009 was like the best year for music...
  7. The only decent piece of music involving Lil Wayne.
  8. I'mma tell you like Wu told me, C.R.E.A.M! 
  9. Still gives me goosebumps after 6 years. It never gets old!
  10. This used to be my favorite song in high school
  11. like if still listening to this songs in 2015
  12. Luv this song still..
  13. if you miss real music like this, check me out... I'm no wyclef, but my mom did grow up with him in haiti haha. Cheers - iCEE
  14. This song represents so much. Only if people look at their situations... their situation is horrible, and human. All in all, we are ALL HUMAN. Putting a race, a color, a label, and an origin on someone does not solve anything. We should treat EVERYONE with respect, love, and kindness. Everyone should have an opportunity to live in America. Isn't that what we advertise? Sure, going about it the wrong way, is wrong. But denying someone's freedom, just because they hold certain attributes, and just because they come from a different place, is wrong, too. God Bless each and every single person on this earth. Give them peace within their heart, and warm their soul. Show them that You are King. And that You care about their situation. And that there is a way out, and in time, Your children will not be held by the World's, but Yours. 
  15. This was before Lil Wayne found out about auto tune xD
  16. I have so much respect for wyclef he is one of the few musicians in the rap game. This song is amazing. 
  17. It's a sad song
  18. Sweetest Girl ( Dollar Bill)
  19. gooooooooooooood
  20. In The Dollar we trust, and day by day it is by the dollar that billions fall. 
  21. Wyclef Jean - Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) ft. Akon, Lil Wayne, Niia: https://youtu.be/sXJXLq1lN7U
  22. Why do people focus so much on wayne and less on the song it self.......his verse was like 20 something seconds...... 
  24. good song till its lil waynes turn-.-
  25. Still bangin in 15'. This song will never die.