T-ara(티아라) _ Lovey-Dovey(러비더비) MV(Full ver,)

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[ ♬ Download ] iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/funky-town/id492897147 Melon : http://www.melon.com/cds/album/web/albumdetailmain_list.htm?albumId=2058067 ▶ LOENMUSIC FB : http://www.facebook.com/LOENMUSIC.official ▶ LOENMUSIC TW : https://twitter.com/LOEN_MUSIC The music video for "Lovey-Dovey" is the follow-up drama version for the music video of "Cry Cry", starring Cha Seung-Won, Ji Chang-Wook, Jiyeon, Qri, Eunjung and Hyomin in the 22 mins long video. The music video also features the duet song with Davichi "We were in love", making the death of Cha Seung-Won and Jiyeon even more tragic. "Lovey-Dovey" was composed by Shinsa Dong Tiger and Choi Gyu-Sung. It is a club style music with electronic sounds and strong beats and the members are expected to present shuffle dance to the music. ティアラ(T-ARA)_ ラビダビ(Lovey-Dovey)MV 「ラビダビ」のミュージックビデオは、「Cry Cry(クライクライ)」のドラマバージョン・ミュージックビデオの続編で、チャ・スンウォン、チ・チャンウク、ジヨン、キュリ、ウンジョン、ヒョミンが熱演した22分間のミュージックビデオだ。ミュージックビデオに挿入されているダビチとのデュエット曲「私たち愛してたじゃない」は チャ・スンウォンとジヨンの死をさらに悲しくする。 「ラビダビ」は、有名な作曲家新沙洞(シンサドン)ホレンイとチェ・ギュソンが息を合わせて作った曲だ。エレクトロニック・サウンドとハードなビートが加わったクラブ風の音楽で、シャッフルダンスの振り付けも披露する予定だ。 '러비더비' 뮤직비디오는 'Cry Cry(크라이크라이)' 드라마 버전 뮤직비디오의 후속편으로 차승원, 지창욱, 지연, 큐리, 은정, 효민이 열연을 펼친 22분 분량의 뮤직비디오이다. 뮤직비디오 속에는 다비치와의 듀엣곡 '우리 사랑했잖아'도 삽입돼 차승원과 지연의 죽음을 한층 더 슬프게 만든다. '러비더비'는 유명 작곡가 신사동호랭이와 최규성 작곡가가 함께 호흡을 맞추었고, 일렉트로닉 사운드와 강한 비트가 가미된 클럽풍의 음악이며, 셔플댄스 안무를 선보일 예정이다.

  1. i didn't understand a word but that broke my heart.. music connects us all 
  2. I love the concept of a mini drama <3
  3. How come it's the first time i see this version.. It's awesome : D Qri with this haircut and the lenses just wow **
  4. that guy is the one who play in You're All Surrounded right?
  5. Eunjung is cool and hot tomboy Qri is sexy and handsome tomboy Jiyeon is badass tomboy
  6. Cha Seungwon!! I love this song it's so catchy xDDD
  7. 11:45 DAYUUUM XD 
  8. Now this is why kpop has a deeper story in their song than American music.
  9. @intoverstan it's we were in love
  10. she is awesome she can drive while watching him =) i would like to be able to do that too!!!!
  11. New fans and vistors, for more MVs of T-ara, pls go to their offcial company Youtube channel: coremidas channel or KTMUSIC channel (new distributor, not LOEN anymore). Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe. Cheers ^^
  12. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/03/tournament-battle-of-the-best-boy-and-girl-groups WE HAVE TO WIN
  13. Qri acting is very good but she aren't expert in cry or sad scene. Of course Jiyeon and Eunjung are the best because they are actress since a kid while Qri are actress since she enter CCM,In fact she already act in many dramas and movies before and one of them are historical drama. love t ara so much
  14. Qri face is so scary and fierce :) but she still so hot and sexy.........
  15. To see new T-ara's songs/MVs such as number nine, do you know me, pls subscribe to Coremidas channel (T-ara's official company youtube channel). LOEN will no longer distrubute T-ara's new MVs (no contract renewal). New distributor is Ktchannel.
  16. I don't get it... It's qri but, it shows jiyeon in the car and qri. 
  17. eh? what is the relationship between Qri and the guy ( 2:43 ) in this mv?
  18. What is the girl's name at 1:16?I like her!
  19. I really need the song at the end. 
  20. Can someone translate the video to English? Please, i love it but i think i didn't understand everything that happens
  21. I didn't get the part when Qri suddenly became Jiyeon during the car scene. Haha. 😝
  22. What is the name of the movie
  23. what is the name of the song a 2:33
  24. can someone help me understand what happened to T-ARA. i know i'm late in the news. is it too late to help? someone help me out here please. 
  25. I like Cha Seung-Won, wish he would do more romance dramas : D
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