Taylor Momsen "I Am Who I Am"

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  1. She looks so freaking long! 
  2. What a Goddess!!!!!
  3. You are so wrong. I mean no disrespect but I'm intitled to my own opinion. Taylor momsen may dress expressive or " revealing" but so what if she wants to she can. who cares. She's kind and loves her fans. and she IS a total rock chick. In this day of age she deffinetly is just because rock has change doesn't mean it's not rock.
  4. nice job covering up her voice with shitty music.. dickheads
  5. oh god she looks like a whore ! come on what would you think if you'd see a girl dressed like taylor in the street ?! You think thats fashion or good looking!? Shes wearing underwear with suspenders and high-heels...like a whore
  6. she is Cindy Lou Who on the grinch :)
  7. If Taylor just one day happened to see this, I apologize for my user name cause I know she doesn't like her acting backround nor is she as proud of it as her music career.
  8. i think she gets a lot of her lingerie from sex trash nyc, i know you can get a garter belt which she has
  9. She kinda remindes me of Christina Aguilera during her Stripped era.
  10. if the clothes were more colourful, no one would give a fuck. you see people prancing about all the time in what Taylor wears. Children don't know it's wrong anyway so it doesn't matter. She can wear what she wants
  11. ok her compared to the first season of gossip girl and looking at her now.
  12. Ever watched the Grinch? She was the female lead
  13. Her first sentence; that's how I feel about music :D Rosie O' Donnell said something similar :) x
  14. LOL yeah she did but it was a long time ago and it wasnt really to get taylor momsen offended ahahhaha
  15. Camera person is wayy too into her ass. Haha But I love how honest and, well, nice she is. "Not everyone is for everyone" is so respectful and a very good way to put down all the haters about her and about anyone. Being yourself is important and that's what she promotes. Kudos to her.
  16. ...Umm Since when did amy wear short skirts? she wears long tutu skirt -.- and tights?
  17. If I looked like Taylor Momsen... I would dress like that too.
  18. I love her outfit.
  19. Legs.
  20. Indeed. The owner of Sex Trash NYC recently tweeted a photo featuring the dresses that Taylor used in her concerts and events, so once you saw the wardrobe it made a lot of sense. It takes guts and heart to wear such clothing and few women can do it with such beauty and charm as Taylor Momsen does. She's a woman amongst girls.
  21. I love her laugh. It's kinda goofy and subconsiously nonchalant AND CUUTE <3
  22. how come rihanna's legs are secured in a bunch of bucks and not taylor momsens? those massive beautiful legs should be worth a fortune LOL
  23. as much as i love taylor and her whole "teenage angst" phase. she really doesn't need to get her cat out infront of everyone so much.
  24. 1:42 It's iJustine !!!!
  25. To be honest i'm quite scared of her...
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