"Teenage Dream", by Katy Perry - Cover by CIMORELLI!

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Follow us on twitter and facebook! http://twitter.com/cimorelliband http://facebook.com/cimorelliband Hope you guys enjoy our arrangement of Teenage Dream! Dedicated to our friend Justin, who loves this song :D Hope you guys have all had a fantastic summer! LINKS: http://twitter.com/cimorelliband http://facebook.com/cimorelliband http://myspace.com/thecimorellismusic http://cimorellimusic.com We can't say thank you enough for all the amazing support! Thanks for all the comments, messages, tweets, the pictures you guys make, the birthday videos, everything! We're overwhelmed by all the love and support, and just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH :) :) :) - C I M O R E L L I (: Honors for this video (32) #42 - Most Discussed (Today)) #4 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Music #16 - Most Discussed (This Week)) - Music #76 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Germany #74 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Australia #36 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Canada #86 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Ireland #30 - Most Viewed (Today)) - New Zealand #58 - Most Viewed (Today)) #7 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Germany #3 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Australia #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Canada #10 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - United Kingdom #7 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Ireland #3 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - New Zealand #32 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Israel #2 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music #24 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - South Africa #54 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Spain #12 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Mexico #40 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - France #91 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Italy #29 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Netherlands #44 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Poland #45 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Brazil #37 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Hong Kong #27 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Sweden #16 - Top Favorited (Today)) #1 - Top Favorited (Today)) - Music #26 - Top Rated (Today)) #1 - Top Rated (Today)) - Music #14 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Music

  1. Like if your watching this in 2014
  2. Hello everyone! Today I am a stranger that has been watching they're videos for a great amount of time! And all I want to say to those people that are commenting : OMG Amy is sooooo short or Dani's voice sound like a dying bird. Then welcome to the world of uniqueness where everyone is unique and every way possible! The more different you are means the more special you are! Love: Jana Diamond xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Love you girls!
  3. I love the bloopers girls especially the Hallelujah part. All your voices together could cover a huge choir. Katherine's soprano was so high and I'm sitting right here getting chills. You are all amazing girls :) Love you Cimorellis.
  4. They sang the song lyrics wrong!!
  5. I remember when I saw this video for the first time 4 years ago. I was 10 just like Dani 🙈 Their acapella covers are definetly my favourites. I love their songs but in my opinion they should do more covers like this. Dani was so so small😂😍 This is my favourite Christina's hair style (and that... Kimono? Blue, is just 😍) Lisa was the coolest one in that time And oh... Lauren's bows on the head... I remember that I used to LOVE them. I found them so cool 😂🙈 Lauren and Dani are definetly my favourite girls I love them and I miss this type of covers😭
  6. :D AAAAAAAALLLLLLLELUIA! ALLELUIA, ALLEKUIA!!! :3 Lol ~Rossala, Delphine AKA GamingAddictionGurlz Gaming Channel
  7. Why is Lisa cimorelli so perfect 
  8. Omg I wanna pinch Laurens cheeks! She was & still is so cute! Same with Lisa. 😍
  9. How old here u guys in this vid
  10. Were is amy and wyo is the one in white shirt they all look different 
  11. Why can't I be tanned like Lauren or Lisa ?!. Is all I think watching this in so pale I get asked if I'm ill sometimes 
  12. Was the Hallelujah thing spontaneous? Because it sounded so well put together. LOL. 
  13. that (Not Bieber) tho hahahahahahaha
  14. Lauren, I think you're pretty without or with your make-up on :)
  15. The head band thing is sooooo ugly
  16. There song are awesome aren't they i love cimorelli cool lyrics 
  17. The bloopers are priceless! XD 
  18. I love the fact they changed the lyrics to more appropiete version. It says a lot about them, I love them :-)
  19. amy is awesome when she sing high
  20. who's the chick with the bowtie
  21. The slow down Katherine move. Chipmunk voices. Lol Bloopers
  22. KATY PERRYY👌👌💕💕❤️❤️
  23. Woah Lauren :o
  24. I LOVE THIS SONG ♥♥♥
  25. They were so young in this video! :3