The Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started

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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Let's Get It Started. (C) 2004 A&M Records

  1. Nick Webber sang this song first in 1986
  2. hi i hosting a contest for the top ten songs of all time. i want you to tell me your top 3 songs and i also want to know your favorite singer or group that sings that song. please share and comment.
  3. Does anyone else feel like when this song is on they need to get up and just go like a lunatic! XD love the song!<3
  4. Back when they were good.
  5. good afternoon everyone, black eyed peas estimate absolute xD
  6. Grate song I wish blackeyedpeas where back together 
  7. their best song imo :3
  8. What a great song i love it :D
  9. When i was watched this video in 2004 or 2005 i wanted that phone so much and i thoght the effects are real cool :D
  10. I prefer this version to the let's get retarded version because they don't mess with AplDeAps verse. When those gay ass peas join in on the third line it just ruins it.
  11. Happy 10 and a half year anniversary Let's Get it Started!
  12. the best song ever :)
  13. Reminds me of New Year's Eve somehow :D
  14. Apl.De.Ap<3
  15. best damn music video ever
  16. nostalgia
  17. Nice songg
  18. aqui
  19. Thumbs up if your still listening to this in 2013.
  20. I works if you don't like it or dislike it btw
  21. Mt to a dias procurando pelo nome dessa musica
  22. wonder why FERGIE has little participation in this song
  23. was it originally "let's get retarded" because on my old xbox (not the newer version) it say lets get retarded... maybe thay changed it?
  24. i remember this from Sims Urbz #Great times
  25. Every time i hear this i think of the Urbz