♥The Chipettes~California Girls//Dedicaded to my best friends on YouTube♥

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My official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Hannah1310Fan?ref=ts Hey! That's for some friends on YouTube. I hope, you'll look it. The names are: MissChipmunks2009 FanChipette2010 StopTheMileyPosers ChipmunksxxChipettes Julita14 punkmunk45 I hope, you'll watch and comment this video!

  1. you be quit ther cute
  2. cute amazing
  3. what!!!!!!
  4. a serio ? as mesmas fotos ?
  5. yeah right :)
  6. Listen to Bill Mckechnie Nutty Christmas using chipmunk voice changer
  7. you be quit ther cute
  8. no talent. just pitch shifted it up and did a shitty PS job. :(
  9. So annoing
  10. la parte de abajo de eleanor parece un pañal jajajajaja
  11. i love this song
  12. I cant get this song out of my head :3
  13. .
  14. alguem br por aqui
  16. זה גרועה
  17. That beat.
  18. porfavor quitenle los viquinis a las chipets eso no lo llevan las ardillas XD
  19. היה אפשר לעשות קליפ טוב יותר
  20. mmm.....
  22. daora muito
  23. GO CHIPETTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. so cute
  25. I really like this video