The Chordettes - Lollipop

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The Chordettes - Lollipop (1958) very cool song!! cheers up people!!!

  1. I didn't realise these ladies were already so old ;-)
  2. I want a lollipop!
  3. Lyrics why?
  4. Is this genuinely innocent or is this a metaphor for something.. dirty? O__o 'Cause you know nowadays it would be.
  5. pop
  6. *Are you having a hard time pronouncing the /l/ sound in American English?*Remember to relax your lips and touch the tip of your tongue to the bump behind your front teeth. Then bring the tongue down as you send air out. If you are not used to making the /l/ sound, it will takes lots of practice. In addition to pronouncing words that start with l: ladle, love, live, etc. learning the Lollipop song can be very helpful. #ESL #Pronunciation
  7. Lollipop Chainsaw brought me here
  8. PEOPLE YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY "This is better than trash today!!1!!one!1" ON EVERY FUCKING SONG FROM THE 50s TO 60s! WE. FUCKING. GET. IT.
  9. Ba Dum 'POP' 
  10. This was at a time before women dressed like whores.
  11. Its a classic but they have nothing on the sistas haha black women just smash motown x
  12. This was the start of the golden era of R&R. So happy to have been part of it. It will never happen again...
  13. I love The Chordettes with all my heart
  14. trusty patches c:
  15. :3 <3
  16. Huckleberry, cherry or rye.
  17. OH MY GOD! This is legendary!!!
  18. cat brought me here
  19. cat vine "Don't even know what to call this!"
  20. Thank you John, from the writer of this song and a songwriter of many records and some big hits of the early wave of rock, Beverly Ross. I have a website, beverly you may want to see, and again thanks, and good luck man!
  21. I was 10 years old when this came out. Today I see and hear the charm and innocence of that period. How I miss it.
  22. this is so sexual >:}
  23. Me
  24. Beautiful song
  25. The Chordettes: naughty bitches : P