The Chordettes - Lollipop

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The Chordettes - Lollipop (1958) very cool song!! cheers up people!!!

  1. Yet another song from 1958 - had I actually listened to the radio that year how many records would I have asked my Dad to buy on his way home from work? This is another one of the fun songs from that year which I enumerated at # 3577, another nonsense song. The video is apparently from the Andy Williams show and he had as his guests a female group by the name of the Chordettes. They had many earlier hits in their career and just might pop up again on my survey (spoiler - but which one?). The fun song from 1958 is one to sing to the children - "Lollipop Lollipop" at # 3565. Probably used as music to a commercial with a name like that.
  2. wo ist der lutscher
  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO 50s !!! WHAT A LOVELY AND CHARMING SONG ! WHAT A FUNNY " POP " SOUND !!! Very Classy Ladies !!! I like the guy's laughing eyes and funny faces !!! June 14.
  4. +Melanie Mills You got me started ♥♥♥
  5. I didn't realise these ladies were already so old ;-)
  6. Anybody see this in "Stand by me"?
  7. The song of the day?
  8. Ihr wisst schon...
  9. Lollipop
  10. There is just something special about how 1900s music sounds
  11. I remember being a little little girl and hearing this in the movie Stand By Me.
  12. I don't know why but I suddenly love this song.
  13. what happend to the old music???? :(
  14. What is this song about?
  15. music was so great back in the day...I was born too many decades too late. save the music!!!!
  16. ハードなナンバーが続いた後には こういうコーラスが続くといいよね The Chordettes - Lollipop
  17. 12 yrs old when it was on the charts. Enjoy it as much now as then. Even more enjoyable now that it can be viewed via YouTube. Thanks
  19. Is this kinescope from the Andy Williams Show? That's him (ANDY) doing the 'pop'! WOW - and Don & Phil Everly standing with everybody at the piano at the very end, briefly.
  20. <:o shit
  21. Who's the guy doing the "pop" sound?