The Dubliners - Song for Ireland

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The Dubliners - Song for Ireland Performed by Luke Kelly All rights are reserved to the original authors.

  1. Luke Kelly was a great singer and musician. I loved listening to him sing about my beautiful country. beannacht de a chara dilis
  2. Song for Ireland
  3. My father inlaw from Kilrush Co Clare, at 83 this is one of his favorite songs,he's been in America since 1956 Slainte, Luke Kelly had the voice he would often tell his sons!
  4. luke allways the best
  5. The one and only Luke Keyy! "Song for Ireland" was inspired by a trip the Colcloughs, who were british, took to the Dingle Peninsula. Described as a "modern classic" it has been recorded by numerous artists, including Dick Gaughan, Mary Black, Ralph McTell, Celtic Spirit and The Dubliners.
  6. #LEGEND
  7. Luke Kelly (Lúc Ó Ceallaigh), a founding member of The Dubliners, who died in 1984 at the absurdly youthful age of 44, sings A Song for Ireland. Ceallaigh is perhaps Ireland's greatest folk singer, certainly one of the top 3.
  8. God rest you Luke 30 years gone where does the time go
  9. Think this is one of the best songs ever wrote about Ireland, Ironic it was penned by an English man!
  10. Happy St. Patrick day from Serbia.
  11. Just a reminder. You don't have to be Irish to believe in culture, people, and freedom. God rest you Luke.
  12. Grew up listing to this music... My mum used to sing me traditional Celtic music, the same songs that her mum sang to her and so on. Traditional Celtic music is such a big part of my life... I love it
  13. Rest in Peace Luc, Slainte Eire!. From NZ.
  14. Love this song lukes voice makes me feel numb and nothing else around matters brilliant . I'm sure he's upstairs belting out a few songs 
  15. i wonder what you would have done if u had of lived longer peace i believe would have been your quest p i p luke.
  16. A powerful voice to sing my kind of songs.
  17. the best song ever made sang by the best singer ever to come out of ireland dont know why the translation on my other comment got mixed up 
  18. mighty mighty - strong medicine indeed - no x-factor - this mothfucker is for real - for real
  19. Every time I feel well or sober, I play this song, it is a song of memories good and bad, prosperous and poor. It is a song of hope and lost memory, future and past. It is a great song, no two ways about it!
  20. Can you feel the pull of the Isle?
  21. Nobody can equal him! Pity he died so young. 
  22. Gone a long time now, never forgotten. Beautiful voice,such a legend!
  23. I'm brazilian, but I love Irish Music. The Dubliners is the greatest music group *-*
  24. dreaming in the night ,i saw a land were no one had to fight .....
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