The Dubliners - Song for Ireland

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The Dubliners - Song for Ireland Performed by Luke Kelly All rights are reserved to the original authors.

  1. I wish the IRA had actually killed Thatcher, the fucking cunt. That bitch will burn in hell.
  2. Question to the Irish: I am from Canada, but I really want to become Irish. What are the attitudes and atmosphere towards Canadian folk?
  3. i want to live in ireland with all of my heart! one day i will move out on the country side of ireland in peace.
  4. Luke has one of the best voices I have ever heard in any genre. God bless Lukie, you're sorely missed.
  5. Did they make more songs like Rocky Road to Dublin or are the rest of their songs this slow?
  6. Free Tibet or Northern Ireland? It's a good question
  7. Up the RA Tiocfaidh ár lá
  8. Beautiful man who died way before his time and a beautiful song that rises above the crass comments made here. I'm an Englishman born in Ireland, my mother is Scottish, so I'm a proper mongrel. I'll fight all corners(or 3 out of4), so I reckon I'll comment on the song .I was over in Mayo a few years ago with friends visiting family. we stayed at a pub at Belderig Beig (apologies for the spelling) One night a coach pulled up outside, it was full of youngsters going to the local club (30 miles away!) Anyway, they had called in to see us, as they had heard about us, The Singing English! Obviously we sat, had a few drinks and had a few songs. The highlight for me, of that evening and that weekend, was of a lovely young lady in a lovely part of a lovely country singing Song For Ireland. Hers was the best version I've ever heard, Luke's was the second.
  9. Please stop using this beautiful song for posting political crap about other countries, its a song for Ireland.. Up the dubs
  11. I'm a 21y old guy from germany and i'll go after one more year of school for about 3 weeks to ireland. i love the country and the culture, the music, and of course the beer :-) I can't wait to meet irish people. 2 weeks, i want to walk through the rough landscapes, just me and my tent. i'll ask for some work at farms. the last week i will spend in dublin. am amazing city. i'm looking forward to the next year. and please excuse my bad englisch. Be proud of your country!
  12. Beautiful song for a beautiful country. What's with all the politics shite in the comments? Leave it out. Just appreciate the song. Grá mór. 
  13. So join us now - PEGIDA - DRESDEN ZEIGT, WIES GEHT 
  14. Yes . . . yes. Thank you, Luke. And, thank you Phil ColLough for penning this.
  15. on this song Lukes voice resonates.God bless Luke.God bless Ireland
  16. I love it ! your fan in Algeria :) 
  17. Never thought Bob Ross had such an amazing voice!
  18. This is a beautiful song sung by a great singer. It's a shame that some of the comments on this page are totally uncalled for. By the way, it was written by an Englishman called Phil Colclough , who died on 12th October 2004.
  19. The great musican, always alive in his songs and our hearts.
  20. a great song, one senses the love of freedom,Up the RA 
  21. Sorry to see that this wonderful song is abused for political crap. May sense come to everyone, where men is accounted for 'just' being human and not condemned on forehand based upon religion, race, etc. Peace to you all.
  22. This song is pure beauty.
  23. LYRICS Walking all the day, near tall towers where falcons build their nests Silver winged they fly, they know the call of freedom in their breasts Saw Black Head against the sky where twisted rocks they run down to the sea Living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets, asked for more I stood by your Atlantic sea and sang a song for Ireland Drinking all the day in old pubs where fiddlers love to play Someone touched the bow, he played a reel it seemed so fine and gay Stood on Dingle beach and cast in wild foam we found Atlantic bass Living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets asked for more I stood by your Atlantic sea and sang a song for Ireland Talking all the day with true friends who try to make you stay Telling jokes and news, singing songs to pass the night away Watched the Galway salmon run like silver dancing darting in the sun Living on your western shore saw summer sunsets, asked for more I stood by your Atlantic sea and sang a song for Ireland Dreaming in the night I saw a land where no man had to fight Waking in your dawn I saw you crying in the morning light Lying where the falcons fly, they twist and turn all in you e'er blue sky Living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets asked for more I stood by your Atlantic sea and sang a song for Ireland
  24. this should be heard for what it is and not for anything else...haunting vocals and poetry at its heavenly best....keep the faith from the soul banks of the Mersey......
  25. ' Watched the Galway salmon run, like silver, dancing, darting in the sun. Living on your western shore, saw summer sunsets, I asked for more. I stood by your Atlantic sea, and I sang a song for Ireland', Dreaming in the night, I saw a land were no one had to fight. Waking in your dawn, I saw you crying in your morning light. Sleeping were the falcons fly, they twist and turn all in your air blue sky. This song is one of the the many reasons why I'm proud to be an Irishman!