The Dubliners - Song for Ireland

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The Dubliners - Song for Ireland Performed by Luke Kelly All rights are reserved to the original authors.

  1. the only love ther is I mis you Iwant to work wish you and ilove you iam sick my kidny s are sick the are posseysend peapole of ierland need you i love the dublinners in speasly nurs sibiona and nurs kronja we had so machts fun in amsterdam wans we had fun it was the sumer offed 89 we go to leeds and i co to endingburgh to Invernes and I wend to Inveryou a beautyful a sutrtopick garden i am a Botanicale Garderen Ilove tyohe natuer i love the the couttry to sigel i am i n love wiichs the moon i am the sun I fount the Holy Sartunus I Imis yooou My moon your real your my darling lot off love to al off you my friends we need the Dubliners to help us its oure fucher we love you ihopie see you soon al off you Iam how i am i love to be or not to be yes YES Iwil be and i can Ilove you all Thank you Regards
  2. Up the RA Tiocfaidh ár lá
  3. I'm a 21y old guy from germany and i'll go after one more year of school for about 3 weeks to ireland. i love the country and the culture, the music, and of course the beer :-) I can't wait to meet irish people. 2 weeks, i want to walk through the rough landscapes, just me and my tent. i'll ask for some work at farms. the last week i will spend in dublin. am amazing city. i'm looking forward to the next year. and please excuse my bad englisch. Be proud of your country!
  4. Free Tibet or Northern Ireland? It's a good question
  5. Sorry to see that this wonderful song is abused for political crap. May sense come to everyone, where men is accounted for 'just' being human and not condemned on forehand based upon religion, race, etc. Peace to you all.
  6. muy.bueno
  7. best vocalist ireland ever produced! the passion!
  8. Donegal is the only place in ireland which has so far not sold out to tourists and has the best scenery in europe 
  9. Such a BEAUTIFUL song. There is no sadness in it. This is a TRIUMPH song in tribute to IRELAND. Well done Sir...well done.
  10. Beautiful.
  11. fantastic RIP luke kelly pure legend 
  12. Happy St. Patrick day from Serbia.
  13. long live ireland. respect from croatia.
  15. Real son of Ireland
  16. my heart is with Irishmen , with honor , in Romania
  17. Good.....!
  18. go rest on high luke,,your truely missed
  19. Erin Go Bragh Luke! RIP
  20. Think this is one of the best songs ever wrote about Ireland, Ironic it was penned by an English man!
  21. weiter Irland-Musik...
  22. Class :)
  23. So positive song! Big fan from Croatia.