The Horrors - Still Life

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The official music video for 'Still Life' (Directed by Oliver Murray), taken from the new album - 'Skying' released on XL Recordings July 2011. 

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  1. Both the song and the video feel like a 5am wandering in the city streets.You know,this time when the city lights blend with the light of the Sun...
  2. Today at work I enjoyed this at some point!
  3. Speaking of The Horrors, their album *Skying* was a favorite from 2011 and this song, *Still Life* was perhaps my #1 song from that year.
  4. When you wake up...
  5. I think I'm in love...
  6. Cool music video, bit of a boring song IMO though.
  7. Leaves you wanting more synth. I kind of think that this is a good thing.
  8. Slow to the party again. I kept hearing this song and thinking it was an 80s band that I never heard of. I finally got around to figuring it out, no they are a current band with such a good retro sound, for those of us who grew up listening to the smiths, echo and the bunnymen, talk talk, et al. Note: I have heard of the horrors for many years now, I just hadn't realized I have heard the horrors. The Horrors - Still Life
  9. The Horrors - Still Life
  10. The Horrors - Still Life
  11. In honor of +Demian Farnworth's fifteenth post about "The Education of a Writer." 
  13. Happy Tuesday! #thehorrors #stilllife 
  14. hip-sters
  15. Grabbed this song for free on the Amazon, today only: . Like it a lot. Napster tells me they're getting full streaming rights ... oh wait, today! Off to Napster!
  16. Free on Amazon right now... since it was slotted on the blog, I figure I'd mention it.
  17. The Horrors - Still Life
  18. The Jesus And Mary Chain. That's it.
  19. Sounds to me like a beautiful hybrid of Turquoise Days "Alternative Strategies" and Simple Minds "Alive and Kicking". If someone was in a coma from 1984-1985, this might be the soundtrack of their comatose psychedelic delusional dreams...
  20. (晚安曲)
  22. Reminds me of Simple Minds
  23. voice just like Jim Morrison)))