The Origins of Electronic Music

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A brief survey of the origins of electronic music.

  1. this is great
  2. interesting, thanks P.D: can you upload more musique concrete and electroacoustic music thanks
  3. Sylvester Stallone: 09:05. I had no idea!
  4. Great stuff!
  5. Great video.
  6. merci! très intéressent
  7. Elisha Gray invented the first electric musical synthesizer.
  8. THE SHADOCKS ???? Yes ! Pump! French crasy Cartoon ! Shure !
  9. very nice, only a shame ''Dick Raaijmakers'' (Kid Baltan) and ''Tom Dissevelt'' arent mentioned in this video, look for their track ''song of the second moon'' from the early 50's, that was electronic music way before stuff like Kraftwerk.
  10. What powered the Telharmonium? Electricity sure, but how much?
  11. The SHADoCKs ! Pump Pump Pump again !
  12. watch?v=HW-n6GWFAvI&feature=related
  13. I mean the beat. Not the actual synths
  14. Thanks a lot
  15. That was great! Do you have any Subotnik to upload by any chance?
  16. good work.... do some real documentaries. this is pure enchantment .
  17. that piano/theremin video is scary :(
  18. The first band of eletronic is Kraftwerk
  19. Lol so we went from this to deamau5
  20. youtube / itspersonalmusic
  21. Fantastic documentary. I have not taken my eyes off it.
  22. where's bruce haack?
  23. 3:30 -- nightmare fuel
  24. this is the most intense shit ive ever watched
  25. wow i can listen to this while reading creapypasta thank you