The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight

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Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Just Tonight. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. It's all because of you
  2. I just reviewed The band's new album "Going to Hell" on my channel, check it out and let me know what you thought of the album!
  3. looks like little J not a little anymore . She changed too much . you know you love me Xoxo wqvasfgijsfiojd fuuuuck check my channel bitches 
  4. So she dipped flowers in paint.....
  5. Reminding me Avril Lavigne ,but ...more evil:)...just kidding.:) ,she is absolutely great!
  6. Taylor Momsen, will you marry me?
  7. PSA: Please don't feed the trolls :) Have a good day!
  8. what type of coal is she using as eyeliner ?! :P
  9. I dont know how you guys like this king of Sh++++++ music?? Come on its Satanic. Its so annoying and unhealthy for your brain. 
  10. Oh my God!!! She is the best!!!
  11. my inspration <3
  12. in love with pretty reckless know!! 
  13. Did I see some Beats by Dre by the candles... 
  14. I still cant believe your the little girl in the movie The Grinch. Love how you grew up. Love the music and keep it up. Your gorgeous and have great fashion sense. 
  15. random shots of product placement is fun seeing lol. BEATS YO...
  16. am i the only one noticing the creepy woman in the mirror and behind taylor? 1:27 and 2:19? i've already saw this video a couple of times and im always noticing her. why is she there?
  17. I never tire of hearing. ♥
  18. This is sad I miss the old girly her:( 
  19. my first fave video by these guys
  20. Oh her voice<3 I want it, I love it, I need it. I've been obsessing over Heaven Knows and I found this and now I'm probably going to start obsessing over this. (Just so nobody goes insane. When I say obsessing I mean like listening to it over and over and over and never wanting it to end.. Not literal obsessing)
  21. This remind me so much things :)
  22. Is it just me who saw the woman in the background at 1.28?! Watched this video quite abit but never noticed that..shat me up
  23. I love how her music seems so different from her apperence. When i first saw her in the pretty reckless, i thought it would be all heavy metal but when i listened t them, it was so different. This just taught me not to judge a book by its cover. I love your music <3
  24. By far my favorite TPR song
  25. She is so fucking perfect