The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight

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Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Just Tonight. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. To everyone saying they want 'Little J' back. Taylor is finally doing something she loves. She said in an interview that her mum forced her into modeling and actings at a young age and she never got a childhood that most kids get and she hated that. Gossip girl was just to get her more noticed apparently. It was a way to get her into music and now shes doing something she always wanted to do. Be happy for her.
  2. She looks like a goth version of Victoria Justice. Like it though
  3. she seems like a very troubled girl
  4. 1:26 Who the fuck is this woman behind Taylor ?
  5. The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight - ★★★★★
  6. Hollywood Undead + The Pretty Reckless. Do a song together!
  7. This is Cool and like mix of soft and Hard Rock and Amy Lee in the room for a second, I think they have the hots for each other..\m/
  8. reminds me of my last night with my Ex ... Sometimes its best to go on auto-pilot and just see where we go.... Shes now happy and im Free to worry myself effortless..
  9. Hi, I made a cover of this song! Check it please =)
  10. This is only song I like and probably only video of them where Taylor actually had some chlotes on xD I hated the thing she was acting in gossip gurl bcs she was forced and I'm glad shes finally doing something that she wants. ^-^ But I dont like a thing rest of band is just like nothing there,all atention goes to Tay ://
  11. ¿Alguien más notó la chica de fondo en el 1:26? o_o
  12. Just heard the Pretty Reckless for 1st time this year. I fully admit I like it. Taylor Momsem you rock. Yeah great sound great concepts both the videos and songs are a fresh voice. There is no disguising real talent and originality. Be yourself. Let others understand or not. You have a fan here.
  13. haven't watched this vid in a while! 
  14. taylor swift tim mcgraw
  15. I love the pretty reckless such a great band. And Taylor holy shit girl you can sing I love you and your style. People you need to let Cindy Lou who go that's not her anymore thank god. She herself now I'm so happy she found herself in rock and roll. 💋💋💋💋
  16. Guys are complicated... hurmm~ This song really shows how I feel right now..
  17. I like their new, harder sound better. But for this genre of music, this is right at the top.
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  19. She was 17 here 😱😘
  20. quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuero a taylor no Brasil POR FAVOR, YOU PERFECT I LOVE YOU 
  21. She's the new Courtney love. Total sex appeal and awesome voice for rock
  22. Love it <3 Just tonight I will stay And we'll throw it all away When the light hits your eyes It's telling me I'm right And if I, I am through Then it's all because of you Just tonight
  23. Buona serata
  24. #taylormomsen <3 :)