The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

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Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Make Me Wanna Die. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. I'm burning in the light... The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die
  2. Great! Well done bitch!
  3. Metallica forever :)
  4. I'd plow her, but she seems so pretentious.
  5. awsome ....<3
  6. Everything looks better when the sun goes down
  7. These lyrics sum up how almost every teen/young adult girl in the world feels at some point (maybe guys too, I'm speaking from a female perspective) Society pushes you down over and over, trying to mold you into what they say is right, and her striping is implying that she striping everything away that isn't her. You have to read between the lines, not everything is as it seems. 
  8. Make me wanna die
  9. Much edgy, so individual, very 2kool4skool, wow
  10. Fuck your shitty music Belle__
  11. The fact that she hates clothes is so win!
  12. i don`t even like this kind of music but i really like this
  13. damn love the music
  14. I bet the person who pitched the concept for this video was some guy who really wanted an excuse to see Taylor strip lol! Love this band but I still don't get this video or the Miss Nothing video Really it just Taylor rolling around in her undies
  15. You make me wanna die ♪♫
  16. you fuck yourself!
  17. There are already too many pretty blonde girl on vampire diaries, but practically yes
  18. Ladies and gentlemen... CINDY LOU WHOOO! The vocals of my favorite band! ^_^
  19. Really an amazing song! ♡
  20. Diva , linda pft 3 ,,
  21. like if victoria's secret brought you here... :)
  22. This porn has good music.
  23. FUCK!
  24. She played Cindy in 'Grinch'. Puberty, you did it right
  25. That's not even slutty.