The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

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Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Make Me Wanna Die. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. cant believe this is little j
  2. i don`t even like this kind of music but i really like this
  3. The Pretty Reckless - Make me wanna die
  4. The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die
  5. Does she ever keep her clothes on? LOL
  6. I'd plow her, but she seems so pretentious.
  7. make me wanna fap
  8. I made a cover of this amazing song check my channel if you want!! thank youu!! :)
  9. These lyrics sum up how almost every teen/young adult girl in the world feels at some point (maybe guys too, I'm speaking from a female perspective) Society pushes you down over and over, trying to mold you into what they say is right, and her striping is implying that she striping everything away that isn't her. You have to read between the lines, not everything is as it seems. 
  10. Boo hoo I look like a fuckin supermodel my life is so hard
  11. someone said that this song reminds them of me... Can someone tell me how??? 
  12. So I just found out about Pretty little Reckless, and I have so far heard 3 songs first "heaven knows" then "going to hell" and now this song. And I noticed that they appearently made a timeline. "heaven knows" the most 80's hard rock song I've heard since the actual 80's, "going to hell" totaly a 90's hard rock song, and this a total 2000's hard rock song... If you haven't noticed, listen to them again, you'll see. They just don't wanna let go of the past appearently
  13. sex sells, end of discussion...
  14. Is this her real voice?!! her face doesnt match it
  15. . *I RARELY* hear a News Story about a *"Satanist/Devil Worshipper"* breaking the law OR causing harm to his *fellow man*. Meanwhile *"Men of the Cloth"* are being convicted (almost weekly) for *brutalizing children* & our elected officials (& the Military they employ) are *sending MILLIONS to their DEATH.* But wait! Satanists sacrifice animals! But so do many religions, plus the fact that animal/HUMAN sacrifice is mentioned in the Bible *repeatedly.* (I also suspect that more than one reader is currently chomping on some "Chicken McNuggets) *Long story short preaching about the *EVIL* that people who enjoy this music might do is *the epitome of HYPOCRISY.* Stop worrying about that *Goth Kid* next door & the kid with a skateboard wearing a Slayer T-Shirt and instead turn your eyes towards that corporate business man, the Televangelist asking for another donation and the Politicians deciding what foreign country will be destroyed next. *THAT'S WHERE EVIL LIVES.*
  16. Mark Dice sent me here.
  17. damm those legs;3
  18. Much edgy, so individual, very 2kool4skool, wow
  19. They have talent but use it for evil not good to bad what a shame 
  20. i cant believe this is cindy lou from the grinch stole christmas 
  21. Metallica forever :)
  22. x
  23. What is the concept of this video? lol
  24. wow - what an amazing voice that guy on guitar has considering he's "just" a backup singer