The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

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Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Make Me Wanna Die. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. What a waste, she could have become a fantastic pornstar 
  2. So first thing when I go on the video I see an advert for Olly Murs, Nicki Minaj and One Direction? Yeah, when I searched for "Make Me Wanna Die" that wasn't quite what I had in mind.
  3. This one goes out to my school.
  4. Taste me, drink my soul..
  5. I only see girls complaining about her, grow up a little and pay attention to the music, forget the looks, that's just for show xD
  6. there are a lot of horny creeps saying they wanna fuck her. Dude, get a life
  7. i don't understand wtf all you fan boys see in this band if you ask me there is many bands that are a 10000000000000000 time better sound and vocals but they don't have deals how did this crap get a contract tell me I bet every fan is under 25 years old
  8. Fodia até o talo 
  9. Make Me Wanna Die
  10. Am I weird for getting a boner?
  11. you are telling me.. that she is 17 in this video ?... she was.... younger then me.. well that's depressing
  12. Iniciando la semana con buena energía :)
  13. Lyrics should be changed into ''You make me wanna F***..
  14. the very beginning of this song sounds really familiar but?? i cant place a name can someone tell me if those were tabs from another song or smth
  15. How many years before children will be sodomizing each other on mainstream pop music? How long before women will be f&^%ing animals on stage as the brainwashed, drugged-up, statist, heathen, dumbed-down, sheep cheer these harlots while conservatives are reviled as "intolerant". I would not mind if they all bore the cost of their devilish morality - but the real cost is born by their spawn: children raised without fathers - for whom I have to pay through my taxes. 
  16. Is this her real voice?!! her face doesnt match it
  17. Well making her a little less slutty would do this band good i think.
  18. *~Lord* #colorON 
  19. The Pretty Reckless is probably now my favorite. and i just started listening today.
  20. Does she ever keep her clothes on? LOL
  21. she has a cool voice, dont like all her songs.. but do love her voice
  22. ThePrettyReckless please come to Sweden Rock Festival next summer.
  23. Her voice gives me life. Thank you, signed rocking Black Girl 
  24. Is there any woman on this planet more perfect? My goddddd
  25. just learned that she is the little girl from "The Grinch"