The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing (Behind the Scenes)

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Music video by The Pretty Reckless performing Miss Nothing. (C) 2010 Interscope Records

  1. But... what about all the people in the end? I wanna know what they're doing there.
  2. Taylor is gorgeous!! I love her style soo much!!!
  3. ♥♥
  4. My favorit song in world
  5. she is less skinny here
  6. "obviously a joke or something" honestly i don't even want to waste anymore energy telling you you're stupid because you're practically doing it for me.
  7. shes beautiful, amazing voice, sick style, shes hot..
  8. Taylor is hot, why can't she still be on Gossip Girl haha
  9. She somewhat looks like Gwyneth Paltrow!
  10. I gotta meet this girl
  11. @xXxImaMonstahxXx Yeah it might be but it's way better in this video..!
  12. it's weird how they're all so older & she's just walking in lingerie.
  13. @ShiningStar4Yno2 then watch gossip girl :)))
  14. drums boy scares the hell out of me with his "smile"
  15. @oliviarosenelson Taylor thinks Taylor's awesome...
  16. NEVER!
  17. Bitch knows what the fuck she is doing.
  18. I love the song! but not too much de video, she apear too much, I mean, I wanna see the others integrant cause I don't know nothing about them
  19. Taylor, let the man talk! Geez...
  20. @Laodie128 that is what i'm about to say. 'till u read you comment. i agree with you
  21. Wonder how that glass felt
  22. @canUguess23 Just like Paramore, i love them no offence.
  23. Taylor ♥♥♥
  24. Banda perferida! +.+
  25. i love her but she always looks miserable