The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing (with Lyrics!)

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I don't own anything! All rights to The Pretty Reckless. - - So I didn't find any clip of this song with lyrics and good quality in YouTube, so there you go. Hope you like it :)

  1. Little girl from The Grinch...
  2. The lyrics are censored in the booklet because the lyrics aren't misconstrued, it's mis-cunt-strued, and when they saw that in the song they told Taylor that she had to change it to misconstrued, and she was basically like "no, i'm not changing it. just censor the whole fucking thing because i'm not changing it."
  3. The song lyrics are censored in the book because she is not saying "misconstrued", in an interview she said that she is saying "mis-cunt-strued" and they told her to censor it, so she made them sensor the whole song. 
  4. Was, she was that little girl. Now she's who she wants to be.
  5. I think it's "I'm miss everything"...
  6. why is the song censored in the lyric book in her album????
  7. Chicky poo. Almost every word is wrong. Wrongly spelt and just the wrong words.
  8. @Maybe4433 thats true but then no-ones perfect and if she was she would probably make girls feel like they need to be perfect which can only do more harm than good
  9. Um it wasn't a comparison relax she was simply saying that she liked both bands.
  10. She grew older. People do that sometimes, you know? ;)
  11. oh that's such a different taste. I like you...
  12. Yeah she is in Gossip Girl, she plays Dan's sister Jenny Humphrey.
  13. E eu lá quero saber se a empreguete cortou o cabelo? Deixa eu ver minha Tay ♥
  14. misscuntstrewed
  15. Sounds like my life
  16. it is her look at her wiki
  17. I love Taylor as a rolemodel, she teach girls to dont care and have fun :)
  18. I am addicted to this song
  19. @RIPJIMMYSULLIVAN01 i was wondering why it said censored...kind of wish it wasnt lol...but its ok, im glad i know now, thanks!
  20. @Bloggen111 Yeah but imagine Taylor on Hannah Montana?! #LOL dancing around in skin tight corsets and caped in make up?! I love Taylor tho and 100% agree with you but would she wnat to be on that rubbish anyway? It would ruin her career. x
  21. that's probably also why all child stars end up doing drugs etc. because when they are very young there parents are the ones that decide everything for them, that they are gonna record movies and become famous etc. When they really don't want it.
  22. Not exaclty. It means be a man and looking like a women, or be a woman and looking like a man (sorry if my english is bad... -__-)
  23. Taylor Momsen looks quite like Katie Skadoske :l Amazingg song though!
  24. I love so so so so so this song!
  25. You're awesome girl and I like the music you guys make.