The pretty reckless - You

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Written by Taylor Momsen, Kato Khandwala and Ben Phillips. Produced by Kato Khandwala. The Pretty Reckless (C) 2010 Interscope Records Lyrics: Letra: You don't want me, no / No me quieres,no You don't need me / No me nesesitas Like I want you, oh / Como yo te quiero,oh Like I need you / Como yo te nesesito And I want you in my life /Y te quiero en mi vida And I need you in my life /Y te nesisito en mi vida You can't see me, no /No me puedes ver ,no Like I see you /Como yo te veo I can't have you, no /No puedo tenerte, no Like you have me /Como tu me tienes And I want you in my life /Y te quiero en mi vida And I need you in my life /Y te nesisito en mi vida Love, Love, Love /amor,amor,amor Love, Love, Love /amor,amor,amor You can't feel me, no / No me puedes sentir,no Like I feel you / Como yo te siento I can't steal you, no /No te puedo robar,no Like you stole me /Como tu me robaste And I want you in my life /Y te quero en mi vida And I need you in my life /Y te nesesito en mi vida Lalalalala, Lalala Lalalalala, Lalala

  1. that smile at the end <3
  2. :(
  3. Amuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3 <3 <3 <3 
  4. this one's for me!
  5. mmhhh...
  6. love this song :)
  8. well that's the spirit! :D (Y)
  9. What A Great Song.
  10. taylor momsen of pretty reckless punk rocks i like the way you mellow hardcore into the mic i was there at terminal 5 and can,t wait to see you again at irving plaza preform back in new york.
  11. i love momsen
  12. for a second at the beginning it sounded like the A team by Ed Sheeran! I love The Pretty Reckless though.
  13. i'm totally in love with her ..
  14. She is amazing and pretty... One of my perfect girls! ♥
  15. im a lesbien stuck in a guys body
  16. I see you andré. i see the real you. <3
  17. What the...?
  18. @punchy9214 Taylor was one of the last three standing after goodness knows how many talented girls were cut. So no, that's not the reason. I think the deciding factor had more to do with image. But who knows..
  19. Yes. Always.
  20. This song makes me wanna cry . Damn you Taylor .
  21. this song is so pretty , love it
  22. don't mean to sound rude, but is this really their song, if so, she sounds incredible!
  23. @DenkouSoshiatae n.n thanks!!