The Proclaimers 500 Miles (live 8)

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live 8

  1. i'm going to miss these guys, when we shut the border
  2. Fucking awesome! Thank you Scotland the Brave :D. Hail from Australia :)
  3. I never get tired of listening to this Classic !!!
  4. Wish us in lancashire could join this independence thing and fuck that London off to be its own little cockeneese country. Proud of you Scotland please don't think all English are the same as those southern wooseys
  5. Lol at all the bitter English people still crying about Scottish independence. It's like you're embarassed that some of us wanted to leave the UK. Like we've given you a showing up in front of the world. It wasn't about you cunts. It was about US.
  6. As per viewer comments, I hardly see how this song is political, other than the nationality of the artists. Music crosses all borders, as it is usually based on universal human experiences, like love, desire, loss, etc.
  7. I fucking love this song! 
  8. turnem ti ga majci 1312
  9. Só eu que queria muito ta aí nomeio dessa galera cantando "But I would walk five hundred miles, And I would walk five hundred more, Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles, To fall down at your door"?!
  10. The Proclaimers 500 Miles (live 8):
  11. Are they triplets with Frankie Boyle?
  12. It's becoming quite clear to me that when a scottsman is born, his/her mother introduces him/her to a: Whiskey and b: This song via breast feeding.
  13. The amazing Song ever
  14. Sooner it happens the better, fucking sick of hearing about it. Fuck off and take your share of the Trillions of pounds worth of debt with ya. We don't need you. We never have. England will take back all the warships, fighters, subs etc etc, you'll be invaded and conquered some tiny little island. Where will ya fairytale hero be then lol. 
  15. Is there an English version? Ha ha ha.
  16. Even though I am English....I love this song
  18. how i met your mother
  19. Marshall and The Fiero!
  21. *THE PROCLAIMERS-"I´M GONNA BE (500 MILES)" del Álbum Sushine on Leithn de 1988.* Es un grupo musical escocés compuesto por los hermanos gemelos Charlie y Craig Reid. Son especialmente conocidos por sus canciones "Letter from America", "I'm On My Way" y el éxito de este vídeo, su genero es Rock Folk.
  22. Love this absolutely brilliant sing along song been to Scotland twice great place and met some real nice people .... From an honest and proud Englishman
  23. I had chills throughout this entire video
  24. Marshall Eriksen & Ted Mosby + a Fiero!
  25. Great group