The Proclaimers HD - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) V Festival 2007

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HD - For higher quality, change to 720 or 1080p!! The Proclaimers perform I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) at the V Festival 2007.

  1. as simple as that, but as deep as oceans.. 
  2. Ich liebe diesen Song
  3. A wonderful song, my absolute favourite ever.!!! I just love to hear the Proclaimers sing it too..!!!!!
  4. Video Killed The Radio Star, Take On Me, Safety Dance, all by one hit wonders, all awesome songs
  5. Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i would walk a thousand miles for a certain someone.
  7. brilliant group and song
  8. im on my way
  9. Wow, fantastic image quality. Thanks for uploading!
  10. I would love to hear at practice: Uh guys, the mic is at full boost, can you sing any louder? I havenee' got the power! I'm givin' all we've got!!!
  11. the best song from how i met your mother scene
  12. I just love this song, Thank You!
  13. The most stirring song, my kids know this, cause I sing around the house! (before the advert)
  14. I think one-hit wonders are some of the best people because even though they only had one or two songs made, those one or two songs seriously shaped how we listen to music today...and everyone knows their songs....if you don't believe me, go youtube "Mad World" hit wonder, but how many movies have you heard this song in?? HUNDREDS!!!
  15. WHY THEY SO DARN PITCHY? What happened guys?
  16. the crowd is astounding
  17. @MrHemiGod : mad world? one hit wonder? are you saying that Tears for Fears are one of those meaningless bands that just hopped into history by chance?
  18. Did you see everyone there? all the way in the front at 0:30 I bet they were like "What are we listening to?" They sing so quiet! they were hanging over the stage to try to listen lol!
  19. I would walk a thousand miles for my love.
  20. That's what happens to all of us who do not die young, my twin brother & I are same age as these twins. It's just one of those things that we never see happening to us when we are's perception of time I think, at age 5 a vacation 1 week away seems like an eternity to wait, by 15 a year seems like an eternity, by age 50 we start looking at other 50-somethings & thinking "God, I am old! How the hell did that happen?" Seems like yesterday my twin & I were climbing trees as kids...
  21. @MrHemiGod I'm not arguing with you. You made a very good point. Tears For Fears, though, were hardly a one hit wonder.
  22. they grew old
  23. thank you very much for this lesson, learning never stops!
  24. There is a hairless guy at 1.32 in the middle. .. He is propably calling his best friend and sings this song to him :D
  25. 3 people can not walk 1000 miles ...
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