The Pussycat Dolls - Bottle Pop

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Music video by The Pussycat Dolls performing Bottle Pop. (C) 2009 Pussycat Dolls, LLC

  1. I am still listening this song in 2014. But I dont know their names except Nichole. Red one and blonde long hair are beautiful too. Nichole is the hottest. But red one is the wildest. I like her.
  2. I've never understood what this song was about but I loved it 
  3. I love Nicole but this video is like Nicole and the dancers
  4. this group is totally trying to recreate Kpop bands....but with less clothes
  5. I love all song of PCD hope they can make new video
  6. i cant believe the Pussycat Dolls quit :( 
  7. Nicole - Rosa - Kim K ..... . . . Ready set go ~
  9. Would have love too see someone else singing then nicole
  10. The outfits are cool and all but it feels like they tried too hard. They should've went with something that was just as flashy but simple. Like, idk, shiny pants, short dresses, and shirts that are appealing and not as slutty. Kinda feels like they're inspired by the outfits in the Lady Marmalade music video.
  11. I like this song
  12. 1:17-1:24 i think that means she has an std...
  13. I m not gay but Nicole's body is perfect you guys !! : ) 
  14. When Nicole sings "Suddenly the Bad Girls" Melody pointed her eyes to her. hahaha 0:45
  15. Listening to this song with Dre Beats = an Erection instantly 
  16. Everyone keeps talking about them lip syncing, that's what you do in a music video. You lip sync so you can concentrate on choreography more and make the video really good. So people get over it and move on! 
  17. time 02:02. greatest music video ever.
  18. This is a pretty good commercial :)
  19. Nicole Ashley and Jessica should have quit and started their own group, they're aware at dancing and singing. Nicole is annoying She could of been by her self .
  20. nicole + ashley + jessica = best singers
  21. Nicole siempre a tenido la voz en este grupo pero aun asi me gusta mucho y en mi opinion creo que las otras se han hartado de su protagonismo y por eso han decidido separarse y ahora Schezinger hace su carrera en solitario pero es solo una opinion mia:)
  22. ♥
  23. ok so wtf
  25. Yes, she is from there. We all know Nicole is American but that doesn't mean you gotta deny where she originally come from. She's Hawaiian, Russian, and Filipino.