The Pussycat Dolls - Bottle Pop

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Music video by The Pussycat Dolls performing Bottle Pop. (C) 2009 Pussycat Dolls, LLC

  1. one of the blondes has ryan's hair from quest crew...
  2. I m not gay but Nicole's body is perfect you guys !! : ) 
  3. 1:17-1:24 i think that means she has an std...
  4. The PCD felt more like The Nicole Show that cunt didn't allow the rest of the girls to sing it was all about her. I'm glad they didn't keep up with her shit and left the group. We all know Nicole ain't doing as well and does not have the fame she once did when she was on PCD. Selfishness doesn't get you far piece of shit Nicole.
  5. Sure Nicole ran this group...but these girls are some of the hardest dancers in the game!
  6. When my bottle pop! XD 
  7. Everyone keeps talking about them lip syncing, that's what you do in a music video. You lip sync so you can concentrate on choreography more and make the video really good. So people get over it and move on! 
  8. I liked them as a group, but as with all groups someone gets the big head and before you know it their over. Being a Solo artist must be heaven when compared to being in a group.
  9. this is better than Nicki minaj's anaconda bushiit
  10. I love Nicole but this video is like Nicole and the dancers
  11. that was awsome my sister wacht it i heard it
  12. Nice song but you can tell who was in charge or tried to be. It is messed up that it was supposed to be a group but only one woman wanted to be in the spotlight for whatever reasons. If she was like that then they never should have created a female group. That is what you get when you try make a group with beautiful women. It will end up with jealousy, insecurity, selfishness and lots of drama.
  13. Why are they using cans if the song is called Bottle Pop?
  14. nicole + ashley + jessica = best singers
  15. Pussycat dolls the best song & dancer 😍😚😙😗
  16. Can they pleeeeaaassee get back together=(
  17. Once those guys show up the video is over.
  18. Eu acho qe o grupo estariia ate hoje, se a Nicole fosse um pouco menos egoista e deixasse todas cantarem tbm...!
  19. The Pussycat Dolls - Bottle Pop:
  20. When Nicole sings "Suddenly the Bad Girls" Melody pointed her eyes to her. hahaha 0:45
  21. Those splits are everything
  22. this song is so hot! when i get porn with weird ass music i mute it and play this and Wow i could cum without using my hands
  23. Who is the girl with red hair ? She's very pretty. ^-^
  24. this just stinks I mean it
  25. pfffffffffff