The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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The Tokens, Rock & Roll

  1. Yes! 240p we meet again friend. Thy kingdom shall come and rise again!
  2. The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  3. *THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT* (But you won't once this earworm is in your head!) :) *The Tokens*
  4. I heard this on another movie other than Lion King and can't remember the name of the movie. I just remember John Cusack was in the movie trying to get to his gf and her family. 
  5. Considering there are only guys singing, the falsetto are amazing. I never knew it was only men singing.
  6. lalalalalalalalalala
  7. You can't beat the original by the Tokens, but there was a singer by the name of Robert John, who made this song a big hit in the early 1970's and he did a great job. 
  8. Jimmy Fallon & Billy Joel brought me here :)
  9. I really loved the Jimmy and Billy version!! still love this too :)
  10. music today cannot compare to the music of yester years. the golden oldies will always be here
  11. Finer than fine. Thanks.
  12. I couldn't get my voice that high even if I was kicked in the Cojones LOL
  13. I have these most all of them on 45's I love the oldies
  14. I've always wondered what a weemawack is.
  15. Didn't know Drew Carey was in this band
  16. That's Anita Darian on the amazing soprano around....female.
  17. Guy in the middle looks like Drew Carry... 
  18. pareçe comtenporanea, , 
  19. When your girl says she's alone at home. :p.
  20. All I can say is that I am innocent.
  21. mmm gibberishmm whima whap whap laal aaaahhhhaaa the lion sleeps tonight hup hip awema weema whap ooo waayyyy wwwweeeeeee
  22. bad channel. it's a lie! just a few oldies. 
  23. did he say the lion sleeps today
  24. "Friends" brought me here, especially Marcel... also "The Lion King"...
  25. That's my good buddy, Soprano Anita Darian (Broadway/TV/Film/Radio) singing the high vocal Soprano part in this tune! :-)