The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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The Tokens, Rock & Roll

  1. Lion Sleeps Tonight- I remember this song *:D*
  2. being a very long time i did hear that song
  3. Considering there are only guys singing, the falsetto are amazing. I never knew it was only men singing.
  4. The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight Return to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Daily Brew
  5. Jimmy Fallon & Billy Joel brought me here :)
  6. I heard this on another movie other than Lion King and can't remember the name of the movie. I just remember John Cusack was in the movie trying to get to his gf and her family. 
  7. music today cannot compare to the music of yester years. the golden oldies will always be here
  8. Solomon Linda A BLACK MAN wrote and created this song, like most blacks, he didn't get the credit for it, and died broke, whites took it, made a trickle down version of it, and got filthy rich without giving proper credit to the rightful owner, well, now you know folks
  9. +Joyce Donahue and +Lisa Josephsdatter planted this in my head, so I thought I would share.
  10. Sorry to say this description, but the tokens are not rock and roll(or at least the song isn't)
  11. Enjoy!!!!!!!
  12. Drew Carey was in the Tokens?
  13. lalalalalalalalalala
  14. will someone elaborate on the meaning of this song to me :) whats this song about exactly-thanks!
  15. You can't beat the original by the Tokens, but there was a singer by the name of Robert John, who made this song a big hit in the early 1970's and he did a great job. 
  16. GOOD MUSIC DOESN'T HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE !! It will last for all ages to come ! ART is meant to be eternal !!!
  17. I remember the days where this would be my lullaby in order to sleep, and it still is! :)
  18. I don't know how, but I could easily fall asleep to this.
  19. This is what they sing in Prison before going to sleep.
  20. (COPY AND PASTE)Solomon Linda&The Evenin WAS THE ORIGINAL FOLD AFRICAN, DEDICATED TO ZULU..Ignorance, deliberate or accidental needs str8ening. The song is a South African folk song commemerating the death of Zulu warrior king Shaka. He was considered to possess the spirit of a lion, under funded and at technological disadvantage, he kick much invading British ass. the sadness in the song is the mourning of the people. And now, tonight, the last great Zulu chief also sleeps. RIP Mandiba Mandela. :-).. Whites copy a song they know nothing about the spirit of, just to make a pop trickle down version of it, which it's not too bad, but when you don't give credit, it's a disgrace, SOLOMON LIVE ON BROTHER 
  21. White people: copying black people since 1961
  22. Ace Ventura =)
  23. Oldies ;)