The Wanted - Glad You Came (Official)

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The new album 'Battleground' is out now on iTunes: Watch the brand new video for "Warzone" Buy the debut album 'The Wanted', out now on:  iTunes - • HMV ( • ( Follow The Wanted: © 2011 Universal-Island Records Ltd.

  1. I'm sorry but from 0:10 to 0:14 they have the most dumbass looks on their faces XD
  2. Is it just me or does the title and song sound a bit sexual?
  3. I am glad you came...:) -The Wanted - Glad You Came (Official) "I am Glad You Came" "Glad You Came" is a song by British-Irish boy band The Wanted, taken as the second single from their second studio album, Battleground. It was released on 10 July 2011. The dance-pop song was written by Steve Mac, Wayne Hector and Ed Drewett, and was produced by Steve Mac. It peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart and the same position on the Irish Singles Chart, as well as number two in Canada and number three in the United States, becoming their most successful single to date.
  4. Stop hating you 12 year old Directioners... They are different, their music style is different. When are you going to understand that ??? And stop saying TW is the "whatever" version of One Direction. Cause they're not. If any of these 2 bands is copying the other, then that band would absolutely be One Direction #NotHating .. Just stating the fact that The Wanted came out way before One Direction did.
  5. I just want to say 1D are for younger girls while the TW are for the adult woman. BSB said that during their hay day of Millienium tour they were like 1D where as now they are more like the Wanted. Each of these guys have their own sound and lets not hate on other fans. Grow up and respect peoples choice of music. 
  6. GAYYYYYY!!!!
  7. Wow the're like an actual talented version of 1D. Remind me again why One Direction is so popular? 
  8. ♪Turn the lights out now Now I'll take you by the hand [someone continue]♪
  9. im not glad i came here, but seriously, ILMAO ! this is so awful, one direction is sooooooooo much better and always will be, #DIRECTIONERS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I miss them. If only one direction didn't come along and ruin everything The Wanted would have still been a band.
  11. 1 guys have big nose and and the other guy has a sharp one
  12. The sun goes down The crack comes out And all that counts Is killing each other My heart will never be the same I'm glad you're dead I'm glad I'm dead
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  14. Only reason why 1D is popular rather than The Wanted. 1D is actually wanted.
  15. This is one of the best songs DONT make fun of us they staned up an sang that SONG so don't hate it we like it they done a fantastic job we got to stand up some times in sing a song n don't be shy if u believe in me just stand up be liven me if u ever see me n u listened to me I can tell u will say thank u in the girls out there if it an't a good song just still like it thank u derceter for that amazing song every one in my school Loves u ur doing a great job at ur songs peace out girls,boys don't make fun of my vids cause I'm the one that's telling u this
  16. Is it meor i always mixed it up with Chasing the sun? cuz of the lyrics. 'The sun goes down'
  17. Awh, I really liked the songs in 2011. :[ I have so many memories from this song!
  18. I hope all you females feel my pain one day. You will know how it feels to be me. How it feels to be bullied by guys and be threatened with physical confrontations. While I am being called a boy and guys are jealous of me. You females are being flirted with and checked out by guys. And my own mother, sister, and aunties are one of them. When I was being bullied you were all growing happy secretly. Congratulations you have all been cursed by me. Yes that's right I hate you males and females deep down and I hold a grudge against you. Your life won't go well from now on. This is just the beginning. You will go through trials and tribulations. There will be obstacles in your way to keep you from moving forward. You will go through misfortunes. You will never see happy ness. You will feel nothing but sorrow and despair. Your homes will be engulfed in flames. And you will end up heartbroken, cheated on, and used by your spouses. Thunder and lightning will strike you all down. And you will be hit with calamity. You will lose your youth, your beauty, your hair, and your growth. Hair and rashes will start appearing all over your body. You will catch many sicknesses and diseases. You will grow jealousy and hatred towards your own comrads.
  19. 1D is the best but i like this song but i will always be a 1D girl no matter wat & thats juss my opinion
  20. The Wanted - Glad You Came (Official):
  21. when i was little i commented on this song about how there hot and i told them my name and faceboook i was so stupid xD then someone hacked me
  23. "TW ARE GAY BLAH BLAH BLAH" uhm. watch this video. and pretty much every other video of theirs. now go watch 1D's videos. mmhmm. 
  24. essa porra fica tocando nos comerciais, depois não sai da cabeça o dia inteiro XD
  25. Top 5 of my favorite songs. For sure. Just too bad they broke up. They were making hits after hits