The Wanted - Glad You Came (Official)

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The new album 'Battleground' is out now on iTunes: Watch the brand new video for "Warzone" Buy the debut album 'The Wanted', out now on:  iTunes - • HMV ( • ( Follow The Wanted: © 2011 Universal-Island Records Ltd.

  1. linda!
  2. bella me la ricordo ancora 
  3. This song is terrible.
  4. 0:12, tom's face. he's like : NOT BOTHERED lmao!
  5. directioners make me laugh so much, they say they love one direction but instead of searching for their videos they search for the wanted videos to hate on them for fun. don't they have some better to do?plus their boys must be very proud of them since they made an antibullying campaign and their fans are the biggest bullies ever. well done girls
  6. glad u came :))))))))))))))
  7. when they will get first certificate music video ! 
  8. This fuckin' song is just a cover, the original is from Timeflies, and it's much better
  9. these guys are MILLION times better than one direction.
  10. i love this song i sang it to my BF 
  11. Way better music than 1dirction, yet because 1direction look like gay people (no offense to gay people i fell sorry for u having 1d in your community) they are more popular than the wanted, please, i say please give me some logic to work with here!?!?!?!
  12. they are so ugly but I love the song
  13. Better music than one direction and Justin bieber ! A lot better than them ! 
  14. Errr okaaaay.... bye. One Direction time.
  15. Mcdonaldssss
  16. I think it's the first time i hear one of theyr songs and i really like it; could someone recommend me some of theyr songs ? :3
  17. is it just me or does the 3rd singer look like asfJerome?
  18. This song is about orgasms, right?
  19. Now every time I hear this song, I remember McDonald's. PA RA PA PA PA, PA RA RA RA... XDDD
  20. This song sounds like songs in night clubs in croatia!
  21. They're the ugly version of One Direction
  22. Which one is Nathan?
  23. Amo Esa Cancion<3