The Wanted - Glad You Came (Official)

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The new album 'Battleground' is out now on iTunes: Watch the brand new video for "Warzone" Buy the debut album 'The Wanted', out now on:  iTunes - • HMV ( • ( Follow The Wanted: © 2011 Universal-Island Records Ltd.

  1. Stop hating you 12 year old Directioners... They are different, their music style is different. When are you going to understand that ??? And stop saying TW is the "whatever" version of One Direction. Cause they're not. If any of these 2 bands is copying the other, then that band would absolutely be One Direction #NotHating .. Just stating the fact that The Wanted came out way before One Direction did.
  2. Wow the're like an actual talented version of 1D. Remind me again why One Direction is so popular? 
  3. They're the ugly version of One Direction
  4. Lá nas quebrada onde eu moro mano tem um ponto de ônibus e um vendedor de goiaba né? e ai um dia eu tinha 1 e 50, e eu tava morrendo de fome né? eu fiquei pensando caraca véi... será que eu pego um ônibus ou será que eu compro uma goiaba né? ai comprei uma goiaba bixo uma goiaba suculenta uma goiaba gigante, sim eu tava morrendo de fome a hora que eu fui morde aquela goiaba ai dois maluco ali na frente me chamaram falaram chegaichegaichegai mano chegai ai eu falei qualé que que foi ai o cara tasco a mão na minha goiaba bixo pego minha goiaba falei caralho mano você pego minha goiaba ai o cara falo ja era goiaba ai mano ja era goiaba ai pego mordeu minha goiaba mas eu falei você mordeu minha goiaba ele falo ja era ja era goiaba eu falei sai fora sai fora mano ai eu sai fora caraca vei o cara roubou minha goiaba.. ai sai fora né caralho mano o cara roubou minha goiaba .
  5. im not glad i came here, but seriously, ILMAO ! this is so awful, one direction is sooooooooo much better and always will be, #DIRECTIONERS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Is it just me or does the title and song sound a bit sexual?
  7. the sun goes down the stars come out [someone continue]
  8. they are so hot
  9. tuning up...................
  10. this boy band is a wanabe onedirection
  11. Me gustan las canciones de The Wanted, no soy fan. pero sinceramente estoy decepcionada de aquellas personas que dicen que ellos se parecen a 1D, y no, nada que ver con ellos, son una banda diferente y muy popular. y a causa de los problemas con las fans hicieron que se separara The Wanted :(... extraño a The Wanted :(
  12. Glad you came parody : Opening a 100k pack I close my eyes hear that noise look who pops on the screen tots messi open my eyes I scream so loud the Windows break I'm in so much shock I'm such a lucky bugger and all I've got to say is I'm glad you came I look on my Twitter I am not very happy it turns out I'm not the only tots messi trending on Twitter so many bloody people got him A FEW SECONDS LATER bang bang shot dead
  13. MC Donald's *-* :3 <3 #Lih 
  14. Im directioner and i love the wanted. Im directioner and i love little mix, pls give children grow.
  15. #Thewanted is awesome this is one of 5 of my favourite songs :) 
  16. yeah boys, be glad she came, its not an automatic thing you know? ;)
  17. J'adore cette chanson j'ai toujours crue que c'était les 1D qui chantais cette Magnifique chanson → ☻
  18. At 0:31 u can see her nipples :p
  19. Me alegro de que hayas venido = I'm glad you came. Good song = buena canción.
  20. xpertThief!
  21. love you music
  22. I love how some 12 year olds are commenting... 'OMG WISH I CIULD MEET ONE IF THEM I LOVE THEM AND WE COULD FALL IN LOVE TOGETHER... AGE IS JUST A NUMBER' like F*CK 
  23. I miss them. If only one direction didn't come along and ruin everything The Wanted would have still been a band.
  24. I'm sorry but from 0:10 to 0:14 they have the most dumbass looks on their faces XD
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