The Wanted - Glad You Came (Official)

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The new album 'Battleground' is out now on iTunes: Watch the brand new video for "Warzone" Buy the debut album 'The Wanted', out now on:  iTunes - • HMV ( • ( Follow The Wanted: © 2011 Universal-Island Records Ltd.

  1. I just want to say 1D are for younger girls while the TW are for the adult woman. BSB said that during their hay day of Millienium tour they were like 1D where as now they are more like the Wanted. Each of these guys have their own sound and lets not hate on other fans. Grow up and respect peoples choice of music. 
  2. I'm sorry but from 0:10 to 0:14 they have the most dumbass looks on their faces XD
  3. One of the few modern songs I enjoy
  4. Is it just me or does the title and song sound a bit sexual?
  5. Wow the're like an actual talented version of 1D. Remind me again why One Direction is so popular? 
  6. im not glad i came here, but seriously, ILMAO ! this is so awful, one direction is sooooooooo much better and always will be, #DIRECTIONERS FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I miss them. If only one direction didn't come along and ruin everything The Wanted would have still been a band.
  8. they are so hot
  9. ♪Turn the lights out now Now I'll take you by the hand [someone continue]♪
  10. "TW ARE GAY BLAH BLAH BLAH" uhm. watch this video. and pretty much every other video of theirs. now go watch 1D's videos. mmhmm. 
  11. the sun goes down the stars come out [someone continue]
  12. I miss the boys making music,i went to their concerts in Belfast and they were amazing,i got to meet Nathan and talk to him the first time,the second time I got to meet Elyar Fox and he we super nice. I dont get why all directioners make fun of the boys, they r 2 different bands,always have been and always will be,like grow up and act ur age. (yes i know its a 1d song) but The Wanted boys didnt split bc of 1d they r jst on a break to do their own things :) btw im in both fandoms.. which is hard :P
  13. "I decided you look well on me" This sentence can take multiple interpretations...
  14. yo pienso que 1D y TW son muy buenas bandas y que desde 2010 me sacaron una sonrisa y TW no se tubo que haber separado por unos twets . yo no se cual elegir de los 2 , pero se que no se tuvieron que separar por 1D
  15. The wanted > One direction
  16. 1 guys have big nose and and the other guy has a sharp one
  17. Honestly, I would rather listen to TW rather than 1D any day of the week.
  18. Bloody fucking wankers they are, this is 'orrible.
  19. How in hells name did u get moar vews than pewdipie has subs huh and i thought it was impossible hm guess not
  20. Why did they stop making music?
  21. tuning up...................
  22. Do not compare to the wanted in one direction, one direction is good band and I say be directioner but not the only one there are many that have not been recognized with respect.
  23. Deserves so many more views .