The Wanted - Glad You Came (Official)

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The new album 'Battleground' is out now on iTunes: Watch the brand new video for "Warzone" Buy the debut album 'The Wanted', out now on:  iTunes - • HMV ( • ( Follow The Wanted: © 2011 Universal-Island Records Ltd.

  1. Is it meor i always mixed it up with Chasing the sun? cuz of the lyrics. 'The sun goes down'
  2. ♪Turn the lights out now Now I'll take you by the hand [someone continue]♪
  3. years 2015 lıstenıng? :D
  4. I just want to say 1D are for younger girls while the TW are for the adult woman. BSB said that during their hay day of Millienium tour they were like 1D where as now they are more like the Wanted. Each of these guys have their own sound and lets not hate on other fans. Grow up and respect peoples choice of music. 
  5. The bald one is hot
  6. One of the few modern songs I enjoy
  7. Is it just me or does the title and song sound a bit sexual?
  8. Only reason why 1D is popular rather than The Wanted. 1D is actually wanted.
  9. 1 guys have big nose and and the other guy has a sharp one
  10. Wait! Can I meet the director because a guy named Director X must be awesome
  11. I'm sorry but from 0:10 to 0:14 they have the most dumbass looks on their faces XD
  12. it's a good song but I prefer the cover We Came As Romans did.
  13. GAYYYYYY!!!!
  14. 1D is the best but i like this song but i will always be a 1D girl no matter wat & thats juss my opinion
  15. jeez, these guys need to use sex to sell. no wonder, One Direction is better!
  16. One Direction are way better than the wanted ! This song is just repeating the same lines over and over again and One Direction songs are more mature
  17. I'm glad I came. <3
  18. hahaha the beginning 00:00 - 00:19 is like the perfect ending lmao
  19. haa gayyyyyyyy
  20. 第一次聽他們的歌 以後也會一直聽下去
  21. Where is that?! At the end, I would call that "after party syndrome". Party too hard where you crash out and might remember nothing.
  22. Ugly gays
  23. they are so hot