The Wanted - Warzone

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Word Of Mouth is out now: Follow The Wanted: Music video by The Wanted performing Warzone. (C) 2011 Global Talent Records Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

  1. Does anyone realise that all this is autotuned?
  2. Bando de corno kkkkk
  3. Funny how all the guys who the girls cheated with were black, huh?
  4. You are amazing please come to Israel
  5. Every relationship is a war zone. When you meet someone, prepare yourself for the ultimate fight because once day, you will have to fight what was the most important thing in your life. There's no love. Only destruction. 
  6. Why does NATHAN have the UGLIEST girl?? And what is primary school
  7. Woman are bitches and that's all... ;)
  8. Does The Wanted have a fan name? Like Directioner or Belieber.
  9. 2:59 <3
  10. 1 in 5 adults suffer from herpes!
  11. Ok, a girl cheated with another guy is acceptable, but all five of you let your gals cheat on you by the same damn guy....f*ckin ey (This is a joke, not meant to be taken seriously) 
  12. 30,000,000 ... wow thats a big number
  13. I miss the wanted so so muchhhh
  14. I am such a big fan not I am blah blah blah sorry
  15. In this MV the one who actually a player is a black guy. Realize that he also cheated on girl with another girls?
  16. My favorite group..these guys are just perfect
  17. Beua
  18. É a minha música favorita! Eu gosto mt do The Wanted.
  19. È possível alguém trair eles pessoas???
  20. Love this song <3
  21. 1) Is Jay shirtless at 2:20 ish????? 2) Tom is so HOT here! 3) Why does that dude have his pants on? 
  22. Who would ever cheat on The Wanted...gosh those girls where total nimwads!
  23. Lol !! and say that One Direction is better, IS WRONG !!