The Wanted - Warzone

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Word Of Mouth is out now: Follow The Wanted: Music video by The Wanted performing Warzone. (C) 2011 Global Talent Records Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

  1. Why is this guy stealing all the girls like DANM make up your mind!!!
  2. Does anyone realise that all this is autotuned?
  3. I just gotta let it go...2 YEARS LATER --- let it goooo let it gooo can't hold it bak anymore XD
  4. Funny how all the guys who the girls cheated with were black, huh?
  5. plus who would cheat on the wanted. just saying.
  6. Nathan's voice is just so amazing ♥
  7. Every relationship is a war zone. When you meet someone, prepare yourself for the ultimate fight because once day, you will have to fight what was the most important thing in your life. There's no love. Only destruction. 
  8. Who is the one with the red jacket?
  9. Jawlines are so sharp xD 
  10. Bando de corno kkkkk
  11. at 0:49 seconds max looks like a creep 
  12. ❤️
  13. That bold guy with the nice beard is so sexy omfg my 0varies are going to burst
  14. Does The Wanted have a fan name? Like Directioner or Belieber.
  15. Nathan😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😙😚
  16. then they meet new girls on chasing the sun XD
  17. If he/she cheats on you,Fuck her/his best friend. C:
  19. Woman are bitches and that's all... ;)
  20. my favorite song of the wanted♥♥♥
  21. I Love this song! PrisonerForever💝
  22. This is the definition of angsty high school drama 
  23. 2:59 <3
  24. That bold guy with the nice beard is fucking sexy, my ovaries are going to burst
  25. Mi Love music 3