The Wanted - Warzone

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Word Of Mouth is out now: Follow The Wanted: Music video by The Wanted performing Warzone. (C) 2011 Global Talent Records Limited, under exclusive licence to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

  1. They were on the peak of their popularity when 1D came in and ended everything and took over! 
  2. I love the wanted. I can't believe that 1D took over. Ugh I hate 1D am I the only one
  3. Love the song and video! ❤️
  4. Does anyone realise that all this is autotuned?
  5. I fucking miss they so much.
  6. My ex cheated on me, and then lied to me twice. This song makes me feel much better. Bros before hoes, amirite?
  8. Something about this song buys me in a, eh, come at me bro mood, xD I'll be listening to this song then my grandma will be like, you want a salad, and I'll be like hell yea, I want a fricken salad, whatcha gonna do bout it!? And she be like, damn calm down bitch you want a freaking salad, ok bitch... And I be like yea that's right you get my salad! XD 
  9. NO COMMENTS.......... 🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍😍😊😘😘😶😶😶😶
  10. Not sure whether it's one guy made all their girls cheat on them ..... or they're just against interracial dating :D 
  11. Buenas noches..............*No puedo creer lo que he visto, que la chica a la que amo me está engañando. Me has destrozado, así que te digo adiós, no voy a entrar en un campo de batalla, saldré de nuestra casa, de esta habitación en llamas y trataré de borrarte de mi memoria.*
  12. This was one of their best songs both lyrically and peformance wise, such a shame that it was underrated and so where the boys. I was, and still am fan, no-one treated their fans better. I hope they get back together soon
  13. if i was Nathan's girl i will NEVER do that...I mean,look at him.
  14. Is it just me or does The Wanted do a much better job at making music than 1D does
  15. I love this song! This band makes me feel quite nostalgic. Would it be too self-indulgent to mention that I have recently put up a cover of this on my channel and for anyone reading this comment to pleeeaaasseee check it out? :)
  16. i love One Direction but i also love The Wanted.I miss yall
  17. OMG !!!! ONE BLACK GUY CHEATS ON ALL OF THEIR GIRLFRIENDS . I quess its true what they say about black guyz . (JUST JK no racism intented)
  18. I ♡ The Wanted . I hate 1D . And I miss The Wanted . P/S : Am I the only 1 that hate 1D ?
  19. I listened to this song all the time in 8th grade.....i haven't listened to it since....I'm a junior in high school now.....
  20. The Wanted Rocks!!!
  21. Chills ran down my body !! That's how good they are !!
  22. I'm here only because some Supernatural Crack!vids. Anyone with me?
  23. That's damn messed up! Some Girls can be really messed up like shit I'm a girl and I would never do that, like shit
  24. +Cacie Medhurst u r not the only one one I reallymissthese guys it's so sad they r not a band no more but I still absolutely love them and in sorry for my bad language but I think 1D should just fuck of and leave TW alone I mean TW were like the biggest boybanduntil 1D came along