The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (Original Version)

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This is Track 16 on The Who's Album - Who's Next. The original version of "Behind Blue Eyes" was recorded at The Record Plant in New York, on March 18, 1971 and produced by Kit Lambert. Al Kooper on organ. Previously unreleased.

  1. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (Original Version) :
  2. Wow... Their cover of Limp Bizkit's song is so awful.
  3. buon ultimo sabato del'anno!!!
  4. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes.
  5. Don't get me wrong, but I like more Limp Bizkit's cover. Agreed or not please don't be disrespectful.
  6. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (Original Version):
  7. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes - 1971 Das Original!
  8. Good, but not as good as its orginal version by Limp Bizkit... ;-)
  9. Hey, I'll see you all tomorrow...gotta go for now...
  10. #Rocktober Goodnight all! :-)
  11. For me and my blue eyes I relate to this song on so many levels. I have seen The Who live in concert 7 times. This song Behind Blue Eyes personifies this epic band that spanned more than 40 years. Roger Daltrey at 70 danced around like a 20-year-old kid when I saw him play at a concert in D.C. 2 years ago.Absolutely one of the best British invasion bands that came on in the 60s. I guess they blew awaythe crowd in Monterey, California and made a name. The fact is the rest is history.
  12. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (Original Version):
  13. I think someone once said something along the lines of "The Who are The Kinks for plumbers" and while that may have been intended as a pompous insult and if you were to put a gun to my head I might just have to say that I prefer the kinks between the two (though they're both in my all time five bands) ultimately I regard the statement as quite a compliment. They were the peoples band, with their powerful and angry songs, yet they also had great ambition and intelligence to them (their philisophical rock operas demonstrate this especially). They're still together of course, though without Moon and Entwistle they don't come close to the explosive magic the had during the 60s-70s. Not quite sure what any of this means but essentially I'm trying to say that the who are/were fantastic, an all time band who's music will live on for a long time to come. 
  14. I had not heard the Who, for a while until today, and haven't got them out of my head since!
  15. The Who - Behind Blue Eyes (Music Video)
  16. Hey!! its not shitty, its really good. If you prefer the original, thats ok but dont say other versions are shitty. Besides, everyone with a decent musical taste knows that this song belongs to "the who" .
  17. The rock section in the middle is the best part, and I kept waiting for the Bizkit to bust out with it
  18. Gentlemen, this is music.
  19. Kevin Walker brought me here-again!
  20. meek mill version goes in
  21. i cant sleep without listening to this song
  22. To be the sandman...
  23. Who is the "who" he blames?
  24. Well Batman will disagree but for me agreed
  25. I am a kid and I think todays music is garbage!