The World's Greatest Rap Song Lyrics (thecomputernerd01)

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  1. There goes two minutes of my life
  2. wow just wasted. my hole life on this wack rap i can do better if u dont beleve me come up to my school is 240 
  3. It's alright Josh but don't let other people to get in your way if you want to rap then keep it up i liked it to be honest with you:) xx
  4. fucking color
  5. You believing your self being a Great rapper. Oh well, fvc* STOP IT SILLY! 
  6. I was thinking it was going to get better 
  7. Lol
  8. It's good but not good from scale from 1 to100 I Will give a 80 
  9. This is no a poem or a rap them both have to rhym and this song is rubbish and you are not the greatest rapper ever you are the worst rapper ever 
  10. This is horrible
  11. its more like a poem but raps have to a beat to in and its supposed to rhyme
  12. That was just ..... Rubbish and your not the worlds greatest rapper 
  13. Dude What the FUCK ! O.o ! 
  14. dat sucks ass wtf dats not the greatest rap ever its the worst
  15. This song fucking sucks.
  16. oh man i slept hearing ur rap
  17. Ik it was suppose to be bad LOL it worked ahahaha.....was it if not keep up the good work ;)
  18. you suck your just embarassing your self.
  19. U SUCK!!!!!
  20. Stupid
  21. feliez zemdeges can solve the rubik's cube in 5 secounds, and even I can do it bra -_-
  22. uhmm?
  23. Cool
  24. u suck get a real job
  25. U Suck