Tig Ol' Bitties - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

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DOWNLOAD THE MP3: http://bit.ly/jtABp1 OUR FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/urFavoriteMartian There's an Eminem reference, a Monty Python reference, and a Family Guy reference in this video. Can you find em all? ;)

  1. My Friend "Stop sexualizing women" Me: "Then stop being so GODDAMN SEXY!"
  2. Is this a true story? XD
  3. Big ol titties
  4. "Like my balls...REAL BIG" Damn it Ray xD
  5. :/ half the dislikes DONT have tig ol' bitties. i mean lighten up here of jokes? and, YEAH boobs are great!! :L throw a damn fit over that!
  6. 33 million views.... wow, I wonder why.... :P Pewdiepies vids don't get this many views... Understandable really...
  7. She kinda looked well better without them like that 
  8. Reading comments on YFM videos makes me want to jump off a building. Since when did all the fans become 7 years old? And there are so many idiots that are making up their own rumors as to why YFM retired, a lot of which are completely wrong. I wish Maker Studios would just disable the comments on all the videos, because this shit is just sad.
  9. Isnt this Ray? From =3?
  10. at least you got a cute girl friend...does it really matter if she has big tits?....
  11. #Merome brought me here... again.
  12. This is disgustingto girl and women it kind of sexualized much
  14. 2:25 did no one else notice the hint towards eminem?
  15. What about Axcl?
  16. 17,697 people dont have Tig Ol Bitties
  17. Im a girl, and I find this hilarious as hell XD
  18. She was still cute. I don't see why you still couldn't have gone out with her.
  19. No, just No.
  20. Those aren't boobs there lies Lol
  21. stop being so white
  22. Why didn't you revert to videos like these I mean when the new style failed, man you crazy just revert back :P
  23. Ray willam Johnson doe lol
  24. This is the one video that DeeJay and Benetar show their eyes/eye. And Axel isn't in here, they must have met him later in life in the cartoon.