Tig Ol' Bitties - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

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DOWNLOAD THE MP3: http://bit.ly/jtABp1 OUR FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/urFavoriteMartian There's an Eminem reference, a Monty Python reference, and a Family Guy reference in this video. Can you find em all? ;)

  1. 33 million views.... wow, I wonder why.... :P Pewdiepies vids don't get this many views... Understandable really...
  2. stop being so white
  3. This is the one video that DeeJay and Benetar show their eyes/eye. And Axel isn't in here, they must have met him later in life in the cartoon.
  4. RIP 
  5. Big ol titties
  6. They laughed when is heart was broken
  7. For all you kids still in high school or about to enter high school. Rule # fuckin 1, don't ever look at the boobs when you're talking to the girl. Just go up to talk to her and try to be confident
  8. Yep.. Tig old betty.
  9. Is this a true story? XD
  10. they should had gotten back to Lady Bug Studios.
  11. From Russia with love.
  12. 17,697 people dont have Tig Ol Bitties
  13. best song about boobs i can think of
  14. RIP YFM You will be missed :'(
  15. the best kind of bees... Booobies! i will never stop laughing about this
  16. I mean switch T and B
  17. Actually, it does. Sorry bro.
  18. You Can.
  19. I miss this
  20. The sun doesn't rotate.
  21. Eminem;stains on my shirt moms spaghetti
  22. Well damn, I know some of my old classmates.
  23. ......
  24. its sad he said your crushing my dreams that's sad his dreams are a bunch of t***ts
  25. lol :)
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