Tig Ol' Bitties - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

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DOWNLOAD THE MP3: http://bit.ly/jtABp1 OUR FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/urFavoriteMartian There's an Eminem reference, a Monty Python reference, and a Family Guy reference in this video. Can you find em all? ;)

  1. If your going to judge a woman based on her breast size then expect women to judge you based on your dick size. 
  2. I hate how SOOO many girls are saying things like "OMG this is so terrible. This just shows how all men think. Boob size doesn't matter." Rays a comedian you fucking idiots.
  3. I'm a girl and ??? what's the issue appreciating a part of the body? I relate to this song because sometimes you just see boobs that are. amazing. You just want to sing about them because they look so perfect. This isn't objectification, it's both satirical and very appreciative to the female anatomy! Maybe it's just me who realises that.
  4. You know, a situation like this happened at a school dance once, a girl started crying after a lie she told her male friend was revealed. The guy got hated on for making her cry. That pisses me off. If a guy cried, he wouldn't recieve nearly as much sympathy. What happened to equal rights? People say "oh, you don't say (insert phrase here) to women..." but that in itself is sexist. What people don't understand about equal rights and benefits is that it should also come with equal detriments. A woman should get just as much sympathy and respect as given to any man, but that also means if a woman pisses you off, she should get all the same punishment as given to any man.
  5. I like this song but I don't like what his saying... Wtf
  6. im a straight woman. I like bewbz, but not in a sexual way. I like staring at them and feeling them. Bewbz aren't even a sexual body part, I don't find this song offensive. Its just a boy who apprieciates bewbz. ( . )( . ) Who doesn't???
  7. I know I'm only 13 but my "friends" call me names like surfboard and bookie because im more flat chested. To see this and the crying girl at the end reminded me that I will continue being judged for what I have
  8. But boobs are gross! D: They're just lumps of… Fat...
  9. I am only offended by how fucking stupid and juvenile it is. You wanna sing a song about tits fine but I just stumbled upon this and man is it fucking stupid. It brings laughter to simple minded people who have a shitty sense of humour. Duuuumb
  11. Why does the douche song have 100k dislikes?
  12. I sent this to my mate at school can't wait til Monday now XD
  13. You stupid bitch shut the fuck up you good for nothing disgusting flat chested, worthless piece of shit. Its a fucking song its not any of our faults that you have nothin better to do because you see a video about big boobs and feel sorry for yourself because you have none. Go cry to yourself because no one wants to listen to you bitch and moan about your issues.
  14. My favorite song out of the channel, man i was 12 when this came out and me and my friend watched it on the old ipod touch. I'm 16 but came here for nostalgia's sake 
  15. I don't really think it's possible to compare boobs and balls
  16. "I like your boobs,prom with me?"... Best way to ask a girl to prom...
  17. yes, it is wrong to judge a woman based on the size of her boobs, but you do all realize this is a joke song right? you wouldn't say "omg this is horrible ray beats and kills kids" over the song "whip yo kids" would you? its all jokes, and if you don't think its funny, then that's just a difference between your sense of humor and others. im not a fan and its immature, but sometimes people want a little immature fun. its not a crime.
  18. I'd think the guys would be able to tell if she stuffed her shirt with that much tissue. It would be all lumpy and move around all the time and they wouldn't move when she walked... .-.
  19. Why are the ladies so offended? :c I'm a girl too, but I thought this was hilarious, in a way. Boobs are really nice, squishy, and soft ^-^. Unless you're flat chested.. but that's so cute as well and you can still be sexy without them. Anyway, some guys prefer big boobs, some don't. Why does it matter? You just make sure you feel good about yourself before you worry about what anyone else thinks of you, please. Either way, if a guy's going to judge our boob sizes, then just judge his dick size. After all, fair is fair ;3 Nice vid, man.
  20. Is it wierd I know that my mom would find this funny
  21. Okay thotties. Am I allowed to judge if my dick is above 6 inches? Cuz if so, let's get to judgin
  22. The principal said ''yfm and tig ol bitties'' wtf
  23. I get it, it is a joke and i like the video, but a girl should not have to feel like she need big breast for any reason. Be it to get a guy/girl or whatever. And just the idea of yelling at a girl when is a crying makes me so made. But whatever, girls just know you're beautiful. No matter what
  24. wow people are really complaining about this... its not that big of a deal just let people do what they want on youtube if you don't like it... THEN DON'T WACTH IT and if you found if childish, its not supposed to be a mature song you haters
  25. every time i walked through a school hallway someone would shout out "look! tiggle Ol Bitties" thanks to this song xc
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