Top 10 Piano Songs (HD)

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Top 10 Piano Songs (HD): 1) Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été - l'après midi 2) Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire 3) Yiruma- Rive flows in you 4) Carly Comando - every day 5) Yann Tiersen - Rue Des Cascades 6) Helen Jane Long - Expression 7) Back To Life - Giovanni Allevi 8) Wim Mertens - Struggle for pleasure 9) Dire straits - Tunnel of love (piano) 10 ) Linkin Park - Numb (Piano) You can download These images and more others from here

  1. You even know how to play Tunnel of Love ???
  2. They are ok, but are they the "top 10 piano songs"? What about songs like claire de lune? What about many of the older Tori Amos songs? Heck, there are a lot of video game songs (e.g. /watch?v=YUg6DSHQ_og) and video game song remixes on piano that are equally good or better than the ranks > 5 (e.g. /watch?v=mLr11BB7bn0). Yann Tiersen rulez, of course. I agree with number 1. Well, it's all personal opinion, I suppose.
  3. Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été - l'après midi Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire sont les meilleures
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  5. *____________________________________*
  6. Beautifully put together.
  7. great slides!
  8. what is 7:00 ????
  9. id say 504 people just dont agree with the list. Fur Elise? Clair de Lune?
  10. what the fuck?...
  11. You forgot "One Summer's Day" - joe hisaishi :)
  12. I love Canon in D yanni
  13. Hey guys. Yesterday i composed a piano song. I would like to know what do you think? Search for: Nivalis - Everything change Thank you :)
  14. River flows through you. One of the best songs i have ever heard.
  15. i can play the 1st one! I am only 12 but have practices 90 songs using my grand piano within 8 years of my life
  16. good job!!
  17. where's Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin? I admit that those are good songs
  18. Where's Debussy clair de lune ? Where's Chopin Ocean etude and Revolutionary Etude? Where's Rachmaninoff's Moment Musicaux?Where's Liszt Liebestraum ? this is 10 good piano songs :) NO THE TOP 10 piano songs!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. this is an amazing compilation
  20. Adoro musicas com piano!
  21. Last is from hachiko :/
  22. Thats EXACTLY what I thought, how has no one else noticed this?
  23. If we talking about [iano songs, watch than this Note: The girls is jyst turnt 9 Danny Wright and Emily Bear - Greensleeves /watch?v=elilaDs0IW8
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  25. I love piano! )))
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