Traditional Irish Drinking Song, By Denis Leary, Donohoe & Grimes acoustic Cover

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We Have No Heads!! Jeff Donohoe (Tin Whistle/Slapped-Bass/Vocals) and Mike Grimes (Guitar/Vocals). Playing unplugged (except for the Bass). Drinkin and pukin at Jeff's place in Albuquerque NM on Feb. 25 2009. Nothing fancy, we just put a camera in the corner and played.

  1. I must find the lyrics!
  2. I'm from Germany and like irish music, This was awesome. But tell me, who was O'Hanrahan?
  3. I like your version way more than the original.
  4. has anyone pointed out the fact he looks like William Shatner?
  5. Wow!!!!!!
  8. Awesome :-)
  9. Damn! Good answer! Ifeel naked without my Violin or my guitar :)!
  10. @95jjs Sounds like Elder Scrolls got the idea from this song, cuz this song's WAAAAAY older.
  11. still lovin it
  12. amazing
  13. Hey Ho, it´s a very nice song! And it´s great performed! ... Greetz from Sachsen- Anhalt(Germany)
  14. No tabs needed.. Here is the whole song "Em - G - D - Em" Then the chorus "Em -D -Em" I even worked out the little whistle and sitar parts but they are simple.
  15. ace
  16. do you guys doing any live shows in abq ? really would like to go watch live
  17. why do think of the skyrim dragon born theme song when i hear this
  18. "We have no tabs! No... We have no tabs!"
  19. FECK!
  20. great song and great cover.. greetings from brazil
  21. @generalowns100 hmmm... perhaps you should inform the people who made them and sold them to me...
  22. I play this song in standard tuning using E, G, and D chords - hope this helps
  23. That "Arrrr" in the end sends chills up my bones. I wish I was Irish, for once.
  24. is that william shatner on tin whistle?
  25. @guitarfreek009 Scroll through the comments, we posted the chords numerous times. Thanks for listening.