Traditional Irish Drinking Song, By Denis Leary, Donohoe & Grimes acoustic Cover

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We Have No Heads!! Jeff Donohoe (Tin Whistle/Slapped-Bass/Vocals) and Mike Grimes (Guitar/Vocals). Playing unplugged (except for the Bass). Drinkin and pukin at Jeff's place in Albuquerque NM on Feb. 25 2009. Nothing fancy, we just put a camera in the corner and played.

  1. would like to make music with you!
  2. fantastic irish folk greets from berlin
  3. I must find the lyrics!
  4. sounds the chord progression for pirates Caribbean 
  5. Friggin Awesome.
  6. I'm from Germany and like irish music, This was awesome. But tell me, who was O'Hanrahan?
  7. has anyone pointed out the fact he looks like William Shatner?
  8. Wow!!!!!!
  11. Awesome :-)
  12. Damn! Good answer! Ifeel naked without my Violin or my guitar :)!
  13. @95jjs Sounds like Elder Scrolls got the idea from this song, cuz this song's WAAAAAY older.
  14. still lovin it
  15. amazing
  16. Hey Ho, it´s a very nice song! And it´s great performed! ... Greetz from Sachsen- Anhalt(Germany)
  17. No tabs needed.. Here is the whole song "Em - G - D - Em" Then the chorus "Em -D -Em" I even worked out the little whistle and sitar parts but they are simple.
  18. ace
  19. do you guys doing any live shows in abq ? really would like to go watch live
  20. why do think of the skyrim dragon born theme song when i hear this
  21. "We have no tabs! No... We have no tabs!"
  22. FECK!
  23. great song and great cover.. greetings from brazil
  24. @generalowns100 hmmm... perhaps you should inform the people who made them and sold them to me...
  25. Would it be possible for the chords. I would love to learn this amazing song.
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