Traditional Irish Drinking Song, By Denis Leary, Donohoe & Grimes acoustic Cover

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We Have No Heads!! Jeff Donohoe (Tin Whistle/Slapped-Bass/Vocals) and Mike Grimes (Guitar/Vocals). Playing unplugged (except for the Bass). Drinkin and pukin at Jeff's place in Albuquerque NM on Feb. 25 2009. Nothing fancy, we just put a camera in the corner and played.

  1. Happy St Patrick's Day, laddies! 
  2. Omg. Very good. Muito bom muito mesmo. Parabéns isso alegra meu dia.
  3. I'm your fan, guys, just amazing!
  4. Give these guys a bottle of whiskey!!! :)
  5. That's awesome a song with my last name !!! 
  6. thanks for sharing if you get a chance please check out A local Bristol Artist and Musician Adam Myles Standish on YouTube Especially his original song “IN A PUB” think u will enjoy
  7. would like to make music with you!
  8. I must find the lyrics!
  9. fantastic irish folk greets from berlin
  10. I'm from Germany and like irish music, This was awesome. But tell me, who was O'Hanrahan?
  11. I like your version way more than the original.
  12. Friggin Awesome.
  13. sounds the chord progression for pirates Caribbean 
  14. has anyone pointed out the fact he looks like William Shatner?
  15. Wow!!!!!!
  18. @yairidy90 oh right now it makes sense to me lol
  19. Damn! Good answer! Ifeel naked without my Violin or my guitar :)!
  20. @95jjs Sounds like Elder Scrolls got the idea from this song, cuz this song's WAAAAAY older.
  21. still lovin it
  22. amazing
  23. Hey Ho, it´s a very nice song! And it´s great performed! ... Greetz from Sachsen- Anhalt(Germany)
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