Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video)

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  1. This is a classic from 2008 
  2. almost 7 years past... oh god i feel old
  3. The running man... A dance move that's completely beyond me sadly. Oh how I've tried since watching this video, yet never to succeed. Thanks for posting though. Great tune too.
  4. 10 years before the "Millenium" episode of Friends where Monica and Ross nicked half these moves.
  5. Sat and had a Macd's with Tim the other day. What a top bloke, shit you not a proper top guy. 
  6. Remember when music was fucking great... and it took skill to create?!?! this is it! 
  7. Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video): http://youtu.be/oMLCrzy9TEs *НАЗЫВАЕТСЯ ,,ЭТО Я УДАЧНО ЗАШЕЛ!" САМА ЦЕЛУЮ СВОЙ ПЕРСТЕНЬ НА МИЗИНЦЕ, ЕСЛИ УДАЧНО ВСЕ! СЛУШАЕМ ! ВЕСЕЛО ЖЕ !!!*
  8. Brro haha this song is fricken awesome! So are those dance moves!! Lol.
  9. Is that bloke at the end Jimmy Savil?
  10. Just found out that the sample "something good is ...." is from the Kate Bush song Cloudbusting 
  11. ATY sent me here
  12. came here cuz of Diva Mizuki
  13. fucking MC Hammer at the end
  14. it was the freshest move ive ever seen :D
  15. Always loved this video ;) 
  16. 2014 still listening to this 
  17. That Benjamin Pew dude. I could hang around with him for days, chilling at pubs and disco places and party like it was '89.
  18. Bravery
  19. Who said white people can't dance?
  20. hahaha that was cool :p
  21. Dannyelle's friend is fuckin sexy (That hot blond)
  22. Its a shame the copy if this is so Grainy! amazing video but a better quality would of been appreciated
  23. I came here coz of Asa Butterfield :D
  24. Good music brought me here
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