Utah Saints - 'Something Good 08' (Official Video)

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Download "Something Good 08" from iTunes now! http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=274875522&s=143444 For more Click Subscribe : http://bit.ly/MoStv PRE-ORDER 'SOMETHING GOOD '08' DOWNLOAD TO YOUR PC VIA YOUR MOBILE! Text UTAH to 78789 Utah Saints, Something Good 08 - this is The Van She Remix everybody is talking about -download from 3rd March (it was the 10th, but demand has brought it forward!!), in shops 17th March 2008. http://www.myspace.com/UtahSaints Having sold over 2 million records to date, recorded with the likes of REM's Michael Stipe, and performed with U2 and others on mega-stadium tours, Utah Saints remain one of the most trail-blazing outfits within electronic music. Following a self-imposed exile, Tim Garbutt and Jez Willis buried the Utah Saints name in the early Noughties (following unreleased albums and contract oblivion), vowing to return under that guise when the time was right. In the meantime they've produced and remixed under their Beatvandals moniker, DJed all over the world, and run the highly successful club night, Sugarbeat, in both England and Scotland. Now ready to take the world by storm once more, Utah Saints are back in 2008, recording new material for a studio album and playing gigs across the UK, with a mix compilation also planned before the year is out. 'Something Good 08 (Van She Tech Remix)' first saw the light of day last year, following Australia's answer to Soulwax, Van She's, reworking of the Utah's original 1992 Top 5 hit. Now signed to the all-conquering Data Records for a full release, expect it to follow the label's 8 Top 10 hits in 2007. Remixes come from High Contrast, Ian Carey, Prok & Fitch, eSquire, and Bart B More.

  1. ASA fave song haha stop tickiling me hahaha
  2. Floating on air....damn you YouTube for not letting me like this again!
  3. I came here coz of Asa Butterfield :D
  4. man, I'm on a nostalgia trip right now, going through all these songs from a while ago, so fuckn epic.
  5. Me too farawok XD
  6. Something Good
  7. Asa Butterfield <3
  8. #TheValleys
  9. I was looking for this song. I didnt know the name of the song so i searched "whats that song with the video that has a guy doing the running man in a bar and everyone joins in" and this came up.This is the song i was looking for...
  10. 2) Bhuttos assassination 3) Britneys divorce 4) Barack Obama president 5) Jennifer Anistons comments on JOlie 6) Wildfires in CAlifornia and many parts of US 7) ANne Nicoles death 8) 2008 Beijing Olympics 9) ANnouncement on Recession 
  11. I remember watching this 6 years ago and still amazing today 
  13. Kate Bush <3 
  14. I love this video. It's a masterpiece of budget music video production.
  15. 490 people can go do the running man barefooted on hot coals! This song and video is still great! 
  16. the girl with the yellow mini need her name for..research
  17. The best use of Kate Bush. LOL!
  18. I have no idea who this Asa Butterfield guy is but I came here for one, I was actually alive (12) when this originally got released and second, because its an awesome song
  19. Asa bring me here
  20. The Running Man's dances moves are the dogs..♥
  21. I like this song and my brother likes it to.
  22. I can't believe even the 'update remix' is now five years old.
  23. Jessica Grist! Hot bar maid.
  24. Asa butterfield bought me here :) ❤️❤️❤️
  25. They should definitely use this song when Wales score a try again! Those were the days!