Valentine's Day Google Doodle

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"Cold, Cold Heart" performed by Tony Bennett. Courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony/ATV.

  1. Valentine's Day Google Doodle
  2. Wonderful song!!! 
  3. Aw that so cute!!! And thanks to google for notice the LGBT people ^ ^
  4. Maravilhoso!...
  5. La canción es todo un halllazgo
  6. Happy Hearts....
  7. 1:05 gay couple!
  8. Mignon !
  9. Worst Valentine's Day for me, back then... Thanks Google. 
  10. This always makes my valentines day !
  11. cute vdo.!
  12. So cool!!!
  13. Valentine Day Google....,
  14. Happy Valentines Day!!
  15. Valentine's is coming!
  16. Love it.
  17. Anladığım kadarıyla iplemeyeceksin.
  18. fabulous..
  20. Ferris Wheel doodle you're pretty cute, but the 2012 Valentine's Day doodle was one of the best doodles of *all time*.
  21. #happyvalentinesday Google's 2012 valentine's day doodle is too good not to share with you all. No matter how jaded you are about this made up holiday, it will melt your heart. Have a happy valentine's day wherever in the world you are, whomever you choose to spend it with. .