VaShawn Mitchell - "Nobody Greater" "Searched All Over"

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  1. I have question that I have to ask. If God is perfect, why does he repent so many times in the bible?
  2. When will black people let go of their slave masters religion?
  3. There are antichrist seeking to convert people and dispel the Word of truth. Beware of the antichrist - those that are enemy of Christ proclaiming there is no God. Moreover, the devil comes as an angel of light, be careful!!! Its either you believe in God or you don't. There is no point arguing the word with an unbeliever. The Word comes by hearing, and before hearing, speaking. Hence the importance of evangelism. As Christians we can only speak the Word of truth, but not necessary to debate with an unbeliever whose heart has been hardened as that of stone. You can pray for them. If you have doubt within you, then try praying to God and ask for revelation, and He would reveal unto you mysteries that you cannot comprehend. You have tried your atheist method and it probably is convincing, so give God a try and see if He can soften that heart of stone. The Bible says salvation is for both the Jews and gentiles and that makes me believe that even the unbelievers can go to God, and become saved. 
  4. Why are non-believers even on this page?! Take your atheist views to another page! Sheesh!... Nobody greater Jesus!!
  5. +Yerodin Kalu I see you in every christian music channel posting stuff about religion being a hoax...why is someone elses belief in something that you believe doesnt exist a concern to you? i get it can live or survive this earth without believing in some mystical or supernatural being...but realize that u are not the only one on this planet.Some people need some form of Hope; some form of reassurance and guess what some of these people find it this thing you pin down as a "fakery".... please live your life as u please but dont try to strip away someone's Joy that was found in a "Religion" ..a true ATHEIST doesnt give a BUCK about religion...but fake ones still have internal conflicts and like to engage in arguements just cause they WANT to be convinced or they dont want to be the only one on the non-believing side... Good luck with ur life.
  6. I love this song.
  7. Look, if you don't/won't believe, don't watch stuff like this. Because here is where the worshipers of the Lord gather to give Him praise. Don't believe in God? Fine, that's going to be between you and Him on Judgement Day. But don't come here and argue the comments of those who do believe and stir up debates. Were not here to debate. Were here to worship our messiah Yeshua Jesus who was, is, and is to come! Now if your here because your interested in the Lord, fine the Lord & the Body of Christ welcomes you with open arms and willing hearts. But don't come here if you know you'll never believe in what you call a "myth" or a "lie". That's a waste of both your time and ours. May you one day receive salvation...
  8. VaShawn Mitchell - "Nobody Greater" "Searched All…:
  9. I love You JESUS!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Nobody Grater than you
  12. @Yerodin Kalu @every negative response in order to do the devils work-God is a He because thtz how HIS VOICE sounded whn HE CALLED ME and saved my mind! His name is(Jehovah Jirah/Jehovah Nisi/Jehovah Shishkanew/I AM etc. He has many names.....!We were made in His image,every human being is man-which means originated frm(HE)
  13. I don't care what people may say, because There isn't no one greater than my God.
  14. god bless him so what you are bless my brother keep up the good work
  15. Christians we are not to celebrate easter, it is a pagan holiday and an Abomination to the Lord. Celebrating easter will be worshiping ashtoreth. Judges2:13
  16. how can some of you fools say god condone slavery ,he never did read your bible and understand ,the first thing he did to eradicate slavery is to lead his people out of ejip and he fought agreat battle on our behalf,
  17. every knee will bow to Jesus....EVERY KNEE! You cannot escape this meeting or God's judgement....but God Himself has made a way whereby all people may be saved from their sin and unrighteousness....BUT, it is your choice to receive God's gift of redemption via the very blood death burial and resurection of God's one and ONLY Son, Jesus Christ. it is a free gift but you must humble yourself and admit your need of this redemption. if you reject this gift, God will reject you from entering into His heavenly Kingdom. He does not desire that you not enter and proved it when He allowed His Son to die all alone on that terrible cross and took on the sins of all. but Jesus Himself said, He who comes to the Father must enter through the gate, I am the way, the truth and the life, all who come through me will enter into my Fathers kingdom. it is your choice to accept Jesus or reject Him. 
  18. yerodin you hold on to your religion and perish, and I will hold on to my slave masters religion and seek eternal life, for people with your thinking can never come before God that is why people with your thinking will and for surely perish, yes he is my slave master for he took the world of sin upon him even yours that through him all mankind even you may have eternal life, people like you are call anti-Christ and that is what you are, I cannot call you brother for only those who accept Jesus Christ through baptism is call brother, I will call you a child of the devil perish by yourself.
  19. Yerodin GOD is so awesome that neither your small brain or mines can contain it....Its like a beautiful LOVE until you experience it for yourself you will never understand it. The great thing is the door is always open to you....its yours to choose.
  20. powerful song brother.
  21. I don't even know why yaw want to go back and forth with the athiest, if he doesn't believe that's on him. Jesus didn't continue going back and forth with people who didn't believe in him, he's not a forceful God. It's amazing to me that every athiest that talks bad about Jesus has never even tried Jesus because if they did then they wouldnt' dare talk like that...all we can do is pray for these type of people.
  22. remember this AMERICA
  23. I thank you GOD for bringing my "VERY FIRST LOVE" back into my life. We have began to worship you together and we WILL NOT STOP NOW!!!! There's nobody GREATER THAN YOU!! I love this man because you saw fit that we belonged together even when I constantly denied it.......I'm all in now with you GOD as our head!!!!!