VaShawn Mitchell - "Nobody Greater" "Searched All Over"

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  1. Our God is unique. He is uniquely great, and uniquely good. There is no other god like Him or greater than Him. I praise and give you the glory Lord!!
  2. I don't even know why yaw want to go back and forth with the athiest, if he doesn't believe that's on him. Jesus didn't continue going back and forth with people who didn't believe in him, he's not a forceful God. It's amazing to me that every athiest that talks bad about Jesus has never even tried Jesus because if they did then they wouldnt' dare talk like that...all we can do is pray for these type of people.
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  4. In 2004 is the year when my life turned around, I was facing prison time I was running hard on drug I spend most my time living in the street as a prostitute selling drugs stealing lied lost quite a few my childrens as well God is restoring my family now restoring me everything that was robbed and stolen for me but I'm bless now, 30 60 100 fold there is a real devil out but we must know in our hearts there is a God in heaven and he is a great Heavenly Father who's really concerned about our life and wants to help us but we must be willing to change and go through all the trials and tribulations and never never give up once you sign up in the Army in the kingdom there's no turning back greater is He that is in you that in the world and you know your God is with you
  5. VaShawn Mitchell - "Nobody Greater" "Searched All…:
  6. "Nobody Greater Than You" ! l looked high an low still couldn't find nobody :-) :-) 
  7. You are the Great I Am, nobody's greater than you... 
  8. Singing
  9. I love this song
  10. BriAnna I agree with you there's so many people that are Atheist, and there's NOTHING we as believers can do to convince them Jesus is the son of the living God, Jehovah. What's ironic and sad, when their backs are against a wall danger to the point of death they call on the MAN that is the only one that can deliver them out the situation. One thing is for sure, if the unbelievers don't repent when Jesus Christ does return their SOULS will be sent to a place where they will remember and feel themselves being tormented FOREVER because of their choices, rejecting Jehovah God. Hades is that place.
  11. There are antichrist seeking to convert people and dispel the Word of truth. Beware of the antichrist - those that are enemy of Christ proclaiming there is no God. Moreover, the devil comes as an angel of light, be careful!!! Its either you believe in God or you don't. There is no point arguing the word with an unbeliever. The Word comes by hearing, and before hearing, speaking. Hence the importance of evangelism. As Christians we can only speak the Word of truth, but not necessary to debate with an unbeliever whose heart has been hardened as that of stone. You can pray for them. If you have doubt within you, then try praying to God and ask for revelation, and He would reveal unto you mysteries that you cannot comprehend. You have tried your atheist method and it probably is convincing, so give God a try and see if He can soften that heart of stone. The Bible says salvation is for both the Jews and gentiles and that makes me believe that even the unbelievers can go to God, and become saved. 
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  13. I'm an atheist but I still like some gospel music. This one is nice...
  14. Good morning world, and God bless
  15. There Is So Much JOY, In Loving the the LORD
  16. VaShawn Mitchell - "Nobody Greater" "Searched All Over":
  18. As an apostle of Christ Jesus, we are entitled to spread the Gospel, and when people have questions we are entitled to answer them, because they do not understand it. Not because of the mystery, but because they do not have the Spirit of God. If he asked why did God repent, first we need to explain what repent is which is asking for forgiveness of the evil we did towards God. Now to know God can't do evil towards himself, it is true that God never repented ever in the Word, but God did regret some things such as when he had to flood the whole earth and start over with humanity. But know brother that the God we pray to whom is Jesus, God came down to earth in the form of a man, to not only reveal his glory, but to start a whole new route for humanity, that we all accept his spirit which is eternal, to die on a cross, and come back alive and rise back into heaven to show that he is alive for ever, and he is real. Psalm 14:1 The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good." Now we know your not a fool, you are just searching for answers and God wants you to know you have searched in the right place, that he loves you, and no sin will separate you away from him. 1 Corinthians 2:14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 
  19. Nobody greater than our living GOD!
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  21. What a voice. Amazing message .Thank you!
  22. Amen BriAnna, that is so true. Jesus told the desiples to go into the world and spread the good news, and when people reject what your saying about Jesus they are not rejecting you they are rejecting Christ, aint nothing about us it's about Jesus.
  23. after you write a song like this, it's not toppable, your pretty much done as a gospel writer