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bellissimo e introvabile video di uno dei pezzi di , a mio parere, uno dei migliori dischi di tutti i tempi. "violent femmes" del 1983,

  1. De los pocos temas Indie que me gustan ! Este si es :Q_______
  2. cold as ice
  3. what is this?! so good
  4. wow, i think i'm in love.
  5. Fuck yes! I discovered the Femmes when I was 14, by fluke. Perfect soundtrack for teenage years. I discovered so many other bands because of them including the Dresden Dolls. 21 now and still think they kick ass.
  6. Forza Italia !! :)
  7. A marimba is a member of the xylophone family of wooden percussion instruments.
  8. Yeah but i'm only four. Everyone else I know is listening to Barney the Dinosaur.
  9. wow, so cool, so out there, because hating on hip-hop making u cool, like yeah boi!
  10. Gordon Gano ha ritratto l'adolescenza e tutte le sue varie sfaccettature con abilità degna di un poeta. E con una sezione ritmica alle spalle coi controcazzi.
  11. A childhood friend who moved away to live with his dad to Richmond Va. then came back in his teens turn me on to this band. His music selection was so strange to me then. The Dead, UB40, Vilent Fems and THe Dead Milkmen. I always remember visiting when I hear this by Grey Hound at 16. We spent a whole day stacking pool lounge chairs in the condo pools deep end and smokin up. In hindsight I wish I didn't do the smokin part as much maybe I would've remembered to take more pictures.
  12. Holy fuck! Is that an acoustic bass? I though those were just a myth!
  13. Awesome
  14. you went full retard.
  15. Theres nothing really better then sittin back chill and blastin this song TRUST me Nothin !! SO Do it!!! u fuckin slaves lol
  16. I'd have to say that Brian has got the "drunken horny sailor dance" down pat.
  17. great song, shitty video
  18. I'm gonna be diplomatic and say that I like both versions equally lol
  19. whatever.....i don't care
  20. buenisimo tema y muy bueno grupo
  21. Thanks! <3
  22. And he looks like Patrick Duffy as well.
  23. It's fucking VH1 you fucking morons!
  24. Hey folks it's a marimba, not a xylophone!
  25. we're not talking about the nba retard! fuck the nba! this is about music. if you wanna discuss the nba i suggest you go to a video to which it applies.