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bellissimo e introvabile video di uno dei pezzi di , a mio parere, uno dei migliori dischi di tutti i tempi. "violent femmes" del 1983,

  1. If there's one thing I never knew it's a violent femme...this is simple but coolish
  2. Thursday is slinking off into the questionable afternoon. I can almost see downhill into Friday from here. To celebrate:
  3. O jebemu, danas nismo svirali. Ajmo. When I see you Eyes will turn blue When I see you Thousand eyes turnin blue
  4. Most awesome acoustic rock band of all time. ALL TIME
  5. holy fuck the femmes were young as hell!!!!!! cc: +Michael Dezotell 
  6. holy fuck the femmes were young as hell!!!!!! cc: +Michael Dezotell 
  7. Oh yeah another great #flashbackfriday Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone.mpg
  8. Personally, I thought Gnarls Barkley did a great cover of this song. At least they stayed true to the original.
  9. *BY REQUEST +ALL for ... **+FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS** hosted by Sean Cowen* Violent Femmes - "Gone Daddy Gone" And now for something a little different. They were in a league of their own! *XYLOPHONE!* Yes! *I take requests all night long, and I like to play 80s hits/top40/pop/rock/dance/best of songs. Send in a request and I'll play your song!* #The1980s #80smusic #80srewind #fridaynightsessions 
  10. Remember when music was bad on purpose?
  11. Night Song: This one is weird since I'm not overly familiar with the song, but stuck in my head all night it was. Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone.mpg
  12. 1:51 I dated that girl, fucking whore...
  13. party music in a by-gone era
  14. Great song. A true classic. And that dance chick was smoking hot,
  15. *Violent Femmes* *Gone Daddy Gone*
  16. Never gets old.
  17. Hey, I remember this stuff too....
  18. Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone
  19. Zeitreise!
  20. awesome thanks love it
  21. Gavin and I are rocking out while I work over the weekend