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bellissimo e introvabile video di uno dei pezzi di , a mio parere, uno dei migliori dischi di tutti i tempi. "violent femmes" del 1983,

  1. Another underground favorite of mine. The Violent Femmes were a mainstay at the underground dance clubs of the 80s. Brings back memories....
  2. Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone #newwavemusic 
  3. Check out this video on YouTube:VIOLENT FEMMES,,GONE DADDY GONE,,,
  4. how did they make a song this smart in the midst of all the crappy music of the 80s?
  5. A great band, even though they had the absolute worst drummer in the world (train wreck drum breaks on this and "Blistered."
  6. Ab so lute ly f-cking amazing.
  7. This band is great! The drummer is awesome! I love their style.
  8. <3 this shit. Time machine in my brain.
  9. Once you hear this song it will stay with you forever. Best band ever to come out of Milwaukee.
  10. would this be a good suicide song you think? anyone? I do.
  11. xylophone solo? ok, i'm in
  12. #ViolentFemmes #GoneDaddyGone
  13. awesome 3 piece band, great song and video.
  14. Up ;P
  15. un pezzo favoloso. il gruppo romano "cino e i cinici" che imperversava nel circuito romano nei primissimi anni 90 ne fece una versione in italiano dal titolo "via, è andata via" 
  16. ps saw them... dam -= keyboord it cont speel eeder.
  17. My first live concert,Christchurch,NZ circa 89........still brings a tear.
  18. grane som :)
  19. great song!