Walk off the Earth - CTV Interview

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  1. actually Marshall is the one who said the guitar was rented.
  2. I'm so happy that you guys are finally getting the recognition you deserve. Even if it is a quick three minute interview, you're on your way! You're all hilarious, goodhearted, and simply amazing people with beautiful voices to match. When you do become insanely famous, I'll happily be the hipster who keeps saying she knew them before they were cool c: Much love <3
  3. That was a great peformance for one guitar!!
  4. Yes Come to Beirut!!
  5. Such an AMAZING group of people in so, SO many ways! Not only are you incredibly talented musicians with a great ability to entertain, but you have such kind hearts, and think of others over yourselves, you are already HUGE!!! You all deserve every bit of fame and success that comes your way!! .xx. much love .xx.
  6. That was truly inspirational. Thank you WOTE! Thank God for WOTE.
  7. 1:31 superhero's aren't supposed to reveal his true identity
  8. whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaat good for them, long time coming!
  9. On the news! Noicee
  10. Mike Taylor is hot!
  11. Well done on your success. You deserve it.
  12. haha! finally i know the name of the beared guy: Mike Taylor..! xD
  13. hell yeah, i'm waiting here in Beirut :)
  14. Des Moines!
  15. Awesome guys! Keep those videos coming and your originals also! Take care.
  16. The one time I'm not watching CTV
  17. want to see the outtakes!
  18. Selling the guitar....Shut up and take my money!!!
  19. sweet good job u guys and girl. keep them vids comeing
  20. He also sang at 1:12 =P
  21. thumbs up if you're a band-wagoner and jumped on with the Somebody I Used To Know video! (just kidding don't thumbs up)
  22. Phil's interview was way better :P SourceFed FTW!
  23. and... That's how it's done lol, I love it!
  25. Congrats. Seriously cool.
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