We Are Young - fun. - Mike Tompkins - A Capella Cover

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My a capella version of "We are Young" by fun. Download this version here: http://bit.ly/Il88DW Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/MikeTompkinsMusic
 Twitter: ‪http://twitter.com/mike_tompkins
 Web: ‪http://mike-tompkins.com Itunes: http://bit.ly/Il88DW Shot by: Robbie Jeffers Edited by: Josh Ebner We Are Young - fun. - Mike Tompkins Never miss a song: http://bit.ly/SJBzjh Check out more: http://youtu.be/G5NK8B-kM7A

  1. The Only Thing I'm Focusing Is His Mouth!! Sooo Distracting, But Beautiful!
  2. Is it just me or does the mic look like a 2D image? I know it's a real mic because of the shadow, but it looks like an image for some reason 
  3. I dont know why But after I saw this video Ive been hearing this song alot
  4. The songs fine and all but I can't stand the faces he makes when he's looking at the camera and I don't mean when he's making certain percussion sounds, that's necessary I understand but when he doesn't really have to focus on what he's singing so he makes some weird face with a smirk or a Bieber look and it just creeps me out. 
  5. That moment when a cover is ridiculously better than the original
  7. 2,918 people idiots who do not like this video :) I like this #and_you 
  8. Very cool.
  9. Idk I'll probably get some hate but w.e it's just to much going on for this simple song. And I'm not a programmer but I can tell there is a lot of editing going on here with your voice. 
  10. no hating on me now but is he gay?? just a question im not judging, and fyi yeah i am gay 
  11. He has really nice lips...
  12. Hey may I ask how do you make these? Whatt app do you use? x
  13. Does anyone else think that he looks like Gareth Bale? 
  14. How do you do that acapella thing? I've been very fascinated with this kind of stuff :). Is it a app? or..? I really don't know lol. So please tell me. Thanks! :D
  15. 2894 estupidos
  16. 노래가 넘좋네여 ㅠㅠ
  17. too much voice editing
  18. fantastic baby
  19. So amazing and talented!!!!! How did you even learn to make all these different sounds with just your mouth????? UNBELIEVABLE!! (Bowing down) 
  20. Your face looked funny when you wher doing the nanananananana part
  21. Was anyone else just staring at his faces the whole time 😆
  22. Mike is a master - you should release an album - I don't buy music but I'd buy yours :)
  23. 처음엔 입모양이 신기해서 봤는다 점점 빠지게 되네요. Whe are young 에 대한 노래도 찾아봤고 어느샌가 팬이 된듯..
  24. je demande a tout prix d'autres vidéos !!!!!! moi passionnée du chant aimerait avoir autant de technique vocale que toi !!! tu m'étonne continue !! bravo! I love you and I'm french
  25. Is there music made by an instrument in this video?
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