We Are Young - fun. - Mike Tompkins - A Capella Cover

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My a capella version of "We are Young" by fun. Download this version here: http://bit.ly/Il88DW Facebook: ‪http://www.facebook.com/MikeTompkinsMusic
 Twitter: ‪http://twitter.com/mike_tompkins
 Web: ‪http://mike-tompkins.com Itunes: http://bit.ly/Il88DW Shot by: Robbie Jeffers Edited by: Josh Ebner We Are Young - fun. - Mike Tompkins Never miss a song: http://bit.ly/SJBzjh Check out more: http://youtu.be/G5NK8B-kM7A

  1. The Only Thing I'm Focusing Is His Mouth!! Sooo Distracting, But Beautiful!
  2. Idk I'll probably get some hate but w.e it's just to much going on for this simple song. And I'm not a programmer but I can tell there is a lot of editing going on here with your voice. 
  3. would be nice to hear it without it being highly edited
  4. I dont know why But after I saw this video Ive been hearing this song alot
  5. LOL The first I knew him from this video .. 👍
  6. Обожаю эту песню в любом исполнении😱😱😱
  7. Your voice is amazing! I love this song! And I prefer this versin that the original! So you have done an incredibly amazing job!!
  8. זה הבנאדם הכי מגניב שיש!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! קוראים לו Mike Tompkins והוא עושה את כל השירים שלו רק עם הפה.. משהו חולה!!!!!!!!!! חובה צ-פ-י-ה We Are Young - fun. - Mike Tompkins - A Capella Cover
  9. I'm out of words to describe how amazing is your work, it's truly marvelous. I just love it!!!
  10. Amazing what you can do with autotune. Doesn't make it art...
  11. you HAVE to collab with PAINT OMG
  12. What editing program does he use?
  13. this is a good song to listen whe you are fearking out or something like that
  14. I loved it if he was my Facebook friend that would awesome
  15. nice its good i already subscribe you
  16. Gareth bell singing ? 
  17. Mike Tompkins should be a singer cos he is talented and he sings as well as other singers too! I'm impressed with his videos, my teacher has recommended us to watch this video she thinks that he is awesome
  18. And yet again, dude. From one dude to another dude. You are one talented dude, dude. 
  20. God you're awesome! I got to your channel from a meshup song with you and christian grimmie. You've got my subscription, like, praise and respect. Hope you and her are going to make more songs together!
  21. amazing my friend ^^_
  22. Realmenteee, sensacionaaaaaaaaal!!!!
  24. He's pretty good.
  25. Hello i'm sude Arabia and klo zg and kara hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kra قسم بالله اني فاضي 
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